Is Udemy for Business Exclusivity Worth It For Instructors to Not Upload on Skillshare or Uthena?

Udemy recently published an update to instructor terms that now require you to go exclusive for your content. The purpose of this post is to discuss rather this is a good idea or not and using the data I’ve got from selling millions of dollars on many different platforms. What Udemy just did recently as of July 2019 is, your Udemy for business courses must be exclusively hosted for Udemy wallets on the business content collection. This does not apply to anything you’ve made available on your own websites like your own self-hosting existing contracts with third-party learning platforms or separate offerings like in-person training.

Now, what this means for the individual instructors is that if you publish a new course on Udemy and you’re hoping for it to be in the business catalog, Udemy is saying that you’re not allowed to put this course on a website like Skillshare, Stack Commerce, Uthena or somewhere else like that. Now, let’s take a look at my income from these websites in the screenshot above so that you can see. Now, I made a lot of money on Udemy primarily because I got in at a good time and I put a whole bunch of time and energy into it and used a huge digital marketing online advertising system to support it. What you’ll notice though is that I have a lot of earnings on other platforms, especially stat commerce, my own self hosted websites, but significantly on skillshare also. For some instructors, Skillshare is a good source of $500 to $1,000+ a month.

Now in reviewing my Udemy income, almost none of it was from Udemy for business while Udemy says this is a fast-growing part of the platform. If you look at the actual terms on it, it is paid for minutes watch. So, look for Udemy for business in the picture above. Udemy for business is similar to Skillshare. Skillshare pays you for minutes watched and Udemy for business also pays you for minutes watch. That means someone who subscribed Udemy for business actually has to watch your content for you to earn anything.

This means lots of times you’re not going to hardly make that much money on Udemy for business. In fact, out of everything Udemy for business earns, you only get 25% of that as an instructor, which is less than skillshare. Meanwhile, Udemy for business is only for business clients unlike skill share, which is for basically anyone to sign up for. Thus, this is a really small pool you’re in and you are getting a share of it. Most of the top courses in Udemy for business probably make almost everything. Thus, the key determination to make is one of the odds of you having a top-earning course on Udemy for business versus what are you losing by not putting your course out there somewhere else. Udemy doesn’t just put every course in the Udemy for business collection either. Udemy is only even taking according to these top courses for inclusion into the business collection. Therefore I have a suggestion for most of the instructors that, do not try and make your courses exclusive just hoping you’ll get into Udemy for business.

Now what you can notice in the screenshot above is, these are the skills that Udemy has said they really want in Udemy for business. So, some of the topics might be a really good opportunity for Udemy for business. It is off of their link. They keep them updated, so I’ll have the links to the topics in my Youtube video description. What you’ll see is a list of the topics Udemy wants marketing for. Any of these topics as can be seen in the picture above could be good core subjects in general in addition to Udemy for business.

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Now, here’s what I’m going to suggest. Most of the time for most instructors, Udemy for businesses does not worth it. While, occasionally for maybe 1 out of every 150 instructors, it might break even, pay you a little bit more or a lot more. Thus, for most instructors, if you look at the list of courses in my Youtube video description, those are the courses that are in demand often on other platforms as well. Thus, those are the courses which if you may go and put them on Skillshare, stack commerce, or Uthena (which is my platform) could earn a good income. Now think about this. Skillshare has a lot of subscribers. Anyone that pays $15 a month or $96 a year, can watch on Skillshare. You earn about 6 cents a minute on Skillshare. So, if you make a course about Facebook live, do you think it’s going to be better off putting it exclusively on Udemy and then not putting it on Skillshare, stack commerce or anywhere else where you can potentially earn thousands of dollars on those other platforms plus build students?

I guess the key question for you will come down to rather you’re completely focused on working with Udemy or rather you are interested in building a business that is not focused completely on Udemy. I learned the really hard way. I put everything into my Udemy business. I neglected every other aspect of my business. The only thing I did do is consistently get people from Udemy over onto youtube with educational announcements and then Udemy decides just because they wanted to, not for what my opinion was, any violation of policy. They decided with no state existing strikes to just remove my whole account. This has happened to other instructors. Not only that, but there are the instructors I’ve talked to on Udemy and there’s always a constant fear of losing the account. Thus, it does not seem wise to put all your cards into one Udemy basket.

That said, it did pay a lot, but then over the long term, if I’d have, instead of putting everything into Udemy, if I’d focused on my own course platform a lot more in the long term, the sales probably would have been way more than focusing on Udemy. Thus I’m going to suggest for 99% of instructors, do not go exclusive with Udemy for business. However, if you look at those topics, if you think it’s too much trouble to start putting your courses on other platforms, if you are a top instructor in your niche, you’re already bestselling and you’ve got a very good chance to get included for Udemy for business and you potentially could then earn thousands of dollars a month from Udemy for business. Then maybe you could consider the exclusivity in that sense.

Here’s what probably happens. Some business clients are paying Udemy a fortune every month. Went on and realized that a bunch of the course on Udemy for business are also on Skillshare, which is $15 a month and they could have literally just had all their employees sign up for skillshare instead of paying a fortune for Udemy for business. They probably got mad. They probably gave Udemy a hard time about it. Udemy comes back with this policy that says, fine, we’re going to try and stop people from putting these courses on both Udemy for business and skillshare. Thus, this actually to me makes a sales pitch for why it probably is a good idea to have your courses on Skillshare and other platforms because Udemy is trying to stop other instructors from putting their course on other platforms.

That said, if you’re in the exact right spot, if you’re on those exact hot topics that are listed, if you can do several courses on those hot topics, you might be able to earn a lot. So, I appreciate you reading this. I hope it’s helpful. I trust you will also subscribe to my Youtube channel. If you want to teach on Uthena, I trust you will to go to and click on “Teach” and you can apply to have all your courses on Uthena. I appreciate the chance to serve you today. I love you. You’re awesome. And I’ll see you in another post soon. If you like my Video on Youtube as well, hit the subscribe button or follow me on Facebook.