Udemy for Business vs Skillshare

Let’s take a look and compare Udemy for Business vs. Skillshare.

Each of these can be outstanding options for a business to trai employees to learn new skills, you can even be a solo enterpeneur and train your contractors using these if you wanted to.

Each has different ups and downs which I’ll cover for both, students/business versus being a teacher on either of these.

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First let’s look at Udemy for Business.

Udemy for Business is a select subsection of courses available on Udemy.com, according to their marketing materials, Udemy says you get unlimited access to 3500+ top-rated courses, which compared to buying them for $10 each seems like it’s a really good deal if you want to have your employees be able to have a broad section of curriculum to learn from.

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On the downside with Udemy for Business, it’s at least $1,000 total because it’s 5 to 20 users, $240 per user per year. That means you need to have at least $1,000 to spend which really isn’t that much, I have a family member who was trained by a place they work but $30,000+ on a trading program.

This really is a cheap in the world of business training option to get your employees trained.

That’s $240 /year/user for Udemy for Business, you do not get access to the majority of courses on Udemy, and if you’re an instructor Udemy, you have to agree not to put your courses that are in Udemy for Business anywhere else -which I think firstly- I did a whole video on this is not a good deal for you most of the time as an instructor.

Let’s take a look now at Skillshare.

As you just saw Udemy’s pricing was $240/yr per user, therefore a minimum of over $1,200 -based on what it says- 5 to 20 people on a team.

Skillshare by comparison is a lot cheaper and has a lot more classes, Skillshare has over 30,000 classes within the premium catalog.

Skillshare has a two month free trial so you can see if you actually like it and the Skillshare billing is just $99 a year. And there’s no minimums.

If you just want to do yourself as the student you can sign up on Skillshare, if you want to use my link you can help me earn $10.

If you want to have your team sign up you can click on “Learn more” on Teams.

It starts at $99 per user per year and you actually get volume discounts for organization you might even be able to get it less than $99 a year for your team on Skillshare

The Skillshare premium option, therefore is a much lower cost option for training compared to Udemy for business. However, you might have a higher quality experience in theory on Udemy and it might actually help to have a smaller selection of higher quality courses on Udemy vs. Skillshare where it can be difficult sometimes to look through Skillshare find a course you really like and watch it.

I’ve bought courses on Udemy, I’ve taught a lot of courses on Udemy, I’ve have a Skillshare premium membership, I’ve watched courses, I teach courses on Skillshare and, I can say that Skillshare in terms of financially is a lot better option.

You might find Udemy for Business attractive if you want a smaller selection of some of the top-rated courses on Udemy so less selection of better quality versus Skillshare that can be a lot of low-quality courses you can run into on Skillshare since there’s no review process.

I’ve given you the basics of comparing Skillshare here vs. Udemy for Business.

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