Udemy Instructor Group Coaching and Free Advice for Teaching Online

Are you looking for Udemy instructor group coaching? A place where you can connect with other online teachers and get some really good advice how to build Udemy and online teaching business to a point of full-time income, and even hiring other people.

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I am Jarry Banfield and I am the only one in the world that offers Udemy instructor group coaching. We have weekly calls every single week, we have instructors consistently earning 10 plus thousands a month and before we go any farther if you haven’t seen it before I’ll show you my income based on my results.

Jerry Banfield Income Report
Jerry Banfield Income Report

I’ve earned over $600,000 on Udemy in about two and a half years. I have helped several others earn 0 to $10,000 a month consistently on Udemy and over a hundred thousand in total sales. I’ve also learned about a million dollars total teaching online. I have my own teaching platform that offers $20 per course advances to instructors that upload on Uthena.com. We also have a $20 per udemy instructor referral program to bring new instructors on my platform. I’ve got a huge amount of experience on Udemy and I’ve consistently, for the last three years, worked with others as I was doing so well on Udemy -- I was a top 10 instructor, you could hardly go on udemy.com without running into one of my courses.

I got to be such a big deal that Udemy just couldn’t take it and they asked me to leave their platform. Now I just help others to build their business on Udemy and I am building a platform today that I see as a potential to be a competitor to Udemy and Skillshare over the next few years.

If you want group coaching calls there are few people in the world better qualified to help you than me. I’m on the group coaching calls every single week. I can help you with a ton of different things on Udemy. Things like basic questions and answers, how do I promote my course, how do I get more people to enroll, how do I get more sales, how do I get more students that are already in my courses buy my new courses, which courses should I film, how do I hire others to make courses for me how, how do I start setting up my own course platform, how do I get my courses up and making sales on other platforms like Stackskills or Skillshare, which platforms are the best, where can I put up previews of my courses on YouTube, how do I do that, how can I just give you my courses and you can make money and sell them.

I have an outstanding community that we built within the partner program where we do  group coaching calls every week. We got instructors who think differently from me, who don’t agree with some of the strategies I suggest, who suggest their own strategies, for example I suggested, after my experience of suspension on Udemy, to not use any of your own resources to promote Udemy. I suggest to always promote your own platform, for example your own hosted solution or some other solution, maybe like Uthena, where you can earn much more when you promote it.

On Udemy, according to my data, half the time when you promote your course somebody will go and buy another course and will not buy your course. I was able to test that with tens of thousands of the samples in terms of Google AdWords remarketing and half the money I made on affiliate commission is from people viewing my courses and selling courses to the affiliate program. When people go to my landing page that go and buy somebody else’s courses, even though I had a bunch of courses that were ranked at the very top of their niche. Like you when you promote with your own instructor coupon you’re likely losing at least two-thirds of the potential income and that’s just assuming you sold the course of the same price in your own website.

You’re actually likely to lose anywhere from $50 to s $1,000 sending someone to Udemy versus sending them to your own platform where you might be able to sell a course at higher price up, upsell another course, upsell the coaching and get some regular clients out of one student instead of sending them to Udemy where they go by somebody else’s course and never remember you again.

This is my consistent advice, however others in the group calls will say things like -- Jerry just send people to Udemy, go for the best seller in your niche and then just stay on top of it, keep promoting that, get them over into a Facebook group and then you can upsell from there using educational announcement. 

I know a ton of different things you can do on Udemy. I think one of the key reasons they suspended me is I was telling everyone all these things I’ve learned about how to absolutely crush it and ranked higher than everybody else, for example how to get student emails from Udemy, completely legit without violating terms. I just made it look really easy, how to sell your courses for less using a free coupon on your own website. I know a lot about Udemy including what not to do. Things that might not be against policies but they really don’t like and you should stay away from. I can help you learn things that you will want to avoid, that will waste your time and get you in trouble with Udemy.

Jerry Banfield Partners Program
Jerry Banfield Partners Program

If you’re interested here is how you join. I have a Jerry Banfield partner program, I sell it directly myself. It is $6,543.21 for a lifetime membership. You get group coaching calls, you get access to all of my video courses for life, one payment today for one lifetime of returns. We currently have 31 members in the partner program. I am very grateful that partner program is giving me an opportunity to apply all of the experience I have at Udemy on consistent weekly basis. 

I am transparent on my website, my platform is uthena.com. I have a teaching application also where you can apply to be an instructor on Uthena using your Udemy courses.

Uthena Sales Report
Uthena Sales Report

I also have a sales report showing exactly how many sales we’re making on Uthena. When someone goes and buys the partner membership you will be able to see it right here. I’ve just got this up as of June 2019. You will be able to see when someone has actually bought the partner membership. You can affiliate sell the partner membership and earn 20%, that means you could earn over $1,000 selling the partner membership. If you are thinking, wow, do you have some kind of sales call or something to earn more? 

Why yes, it’s not even a sales call though. I have three 30-minute calls where my intention is to help you as much as possible. I don’t have to sell you anything because I already have enough money, I have an outstanding business and I’ve been on sales calls with other business systems and I hate -- the pressure, there’s no genuine help of your business and it’s all about selling the product.

Schedule a call with Jerry Banfield
Schedule a call with Jerry Banfield

You can jump on a free 30-minute call with me even if you know you’ll never be able to afford the partner membership. You might realize you can but you can hop on a free call with me and I’m happy to answer any questions you have and give you some valuable feedback.

On the downside of the free calls is that everyone is welcome to schedule a free call with me and they are only available up to week in advance. Only one call a day, that the healthy boundaries for me after I thought about setting it to three a day. One call a day, 30 minutes, anyone can stretch schedule it. If you see there’s no times available that means every single day is scheduled. The next 7 days I have called every single day, there’s only been one day since I launched this where someone did not schedule a call even though I did not promote it. outside of just initially putting a little thing on my website. After promoting it there’s only been the one spot.

We have our calls on Zoom, you can give a free 30-minute call with me a try, see what it’s, like ask me really specific questions. My mom told me a story of how she had a divorce attorney that really helped her out even though she never ended up working with,  he gave her some really valuable advice and that’s what I tried doing these calls, also to give you some really valuable advice whether or not you ever do anything else.

Jerry Banfield Mastermind
Jerry Banfield Mastermind

If you do want to become a partner you will see right on my homepage --  I’ve got a link up for it. It’s $6543,21 and from what I see is that this amount of money, when you put into it, it is an amount you will take seriously. It’s the amount that shows you you’re serious about your business, that is enough money to make you highly motivated to come to every single call and to participate. We have video calls on Zoom, we’ve just started doing these. I’m at every call currently but as partner program grows we may have more call times with other people. We set different call times to make sure everyone can attend.

I went on about this long enough, if you want to join I trust you will go to jerrybanfield.com or Uthena and sign up.

Jerry Banfield

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