Are UFO Sightings Real or Hoaxes?

UFO sightings are incredibly common. If you want to go see a UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects), there are some places where you are pretty much guaranteed to get a sighting after spending enough time looking there. As with most things in life, if you look for it you will find it.

Are UFO Sightings Real or Hoaxes?

UFO sightings are so incredibly common that there is now something called “Mufon,” the Mutual UFO Network, for all the people who have seen UFOs to get all their sightings together.

Are UFO Sightings Real or Hoaxes?

Hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings

There are hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings all around the world, all back through history as well. What used to be called a fire-breathing dragon in ancient China very likely is a UFO. In fact, I was just watching the episode on China last night, the symbol for a UFO in China is a dragon.

When you hear all these things in mythology, about angels, dragons, flying cities, more than likely these are all descriptions of ancient UFOs. If you didn’t have airplanes flying around you, what would you call something that descended down from the sky?

Hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings

Often, any fiery burst with a loud thunderous noise, much like a spaceship, what would you call that if you had never seen a spaceship before?

If you didn’t have a word for it, you might call it a bird. You might call it a dragon. You might call it an angel with wings.

What would you call it if a person walked and got into one of these crafts, flew up into the sky, and then came back down and got out?

You might say they were an angel, because like an angel they had wings and flew up into the sky.

What would you say if someone got into a craft and went under water?

You might say they were swallowed by a giant whale, or a giant turtle, or a giant creature.

So many of these stories throughout all of history everywhere sounding like people are interacting with a spacecraft. With something that you and I might think of today as a space shuttle, or a Star Trek style advanced spaceship, even things like teleportation.

UFO sightings fall into that truth principle, if any person anywhere has accurately seen one UFO that is not from this planet, because if governments around the world have very advanced technology, which they certainly do by now, some UFO sightings are obviously secret government test projects.

Now, we have learned about things like the Blackbird that now has been public, and which was very secretive in the 50, 60, 70 era, I don’t know exactly which, but you can look it up online.

If we had that back then, what do you think the USA has now?

What do you think other countries around the world have?

It is incredible, in fact, some of the news stories you see about strange things related to UFOs or even indirectly.

Iran captured a USA drone

Did you see the news story about how Iran captured one of our drones?

Now, you might think of Iran as having nothing to do with UFO. Not having any advanced technology, and in fact, there have been plenty of UFO sightings in Iran.

Iran pilots chasing down mysterious ships that all of the sudden just disappear in the sky, and changes direction effortlessly in mid-flight. The interesting thing about Iran having captured a drone was that they captured a drone in perfect condition.

Iran captured a USA drone

How would Iran have captured one of our drones in perfect condition?

You might say, “Well, they could have hacked it.”

Maybe, I mean that’s possible, but if they would have hacked it, they would have had to also hack it so good that they could land it perfectly as well. I teach an ethical hacking course and although I’m not the expert teacher most of the course, I can say that hacking is pretty difficult. It takes a lot of skills to hack something like a military drone and land it in perfect condition, it seems to be pretty difficult.

Now, here is what the theories are, that I have heard and make sense. Iran somehow got a hold of a little tractor beam possibly from a UFO crashing or they bought it. Iran really got a hold of a tractor beam and Iran just simply flew a plane up next to one of our drones, and tractor beamed it. Or the tractor beam is on the ground, and when the drone came into a certain range Iran hit the flying drone with a tractor beam.

Tractor beams are fairly common when discussing UFO sightings. Tractor beams are things we have seen in “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” We take the tractor beams for granted in these scenarios, who got the idea to have a tractor beam?

Iran captured a USA drone

It turns out that tractor beams are more than likely real. Now, if you had a tractor beam it would be easy to capture a US drone and just bring it in unharmed, untouched, with no problems, no scratches, straight out of the sky, straight down and gently land it.

That actually is probably easier than trying to hack it midair because there is obviously a lot of precautions you can take against hacking. You can set up a whole bunch of things so the drone doesn’t get hacked, but what can you do against the tractor beam?

UFO sightings from credible sources

Whether or not you believe that’s possible, if one person has seen one UFO anywhere, accurately, that’s not from this Earth, that’s not some secret government project flying around, then there are in fact UFOs coming from other places down to Earth.

If one person anywhere throughout history has accurately seen one, now the odds of that are virtually certain. There has been so many. What’s cool about UFO sightings is that so many of them are from the most credible sources you could find.

Pilots, Air Force pilots even, and then pilots that formerly flew in an Air Force flying commercially. In fact, commercial UFO sightings are so common that there is now an active effort among pilots, and there has been for quite a while, to keep all their UFO sightings quiet, because they see them so often.

UFO sightings from credible sources

Now, whatever you think about the average person seeing a UFO, you have to believe an airline pilot, especially one who flew in the Air Force previously, an airline pilot with tens of thousands of hours flying. You would have to trust their judgment on seeing UFOs because they are experts in things that fly.

Obviously you could say, “Well, some of the UFO sightings are secret government things.” Sure, but some of the UFOs absolutely defy any explanation. They are giant, huge things that seem to be way past anything our military could have. UFOs that instantly turn on a dime.

One of the most common things in UFO sightings is that they don’t seem to have any gravity, they move around as if they are just jumping from place to place. They can make a right-angle turn at 2,000 miles an hour.

If you try to do that in a plane, the whole plane would fall apart and everyone would die. There are all kinds of radar reports watching these objects, they are clearly intelligently controlled, and they do flying maneuvers so far beyond anything that most of us have seen.

The only thing you can say is, “Wow! What was that?

Many of them have all kinds of different light patterns and some of them are little fiery balls. Others seem to have cloaking technology and move around, you can’t see them visually, but you can see them on radar.

Others have actually crashed into planes. There was a UFO that hovered above the Chicago airport one day. It just sat there above the airport for hours. All kinds of eyewitness sightings, and if at this point you are asking, “Why haven’t I heard of any of these things?”

Go look for them.

In the information age today the cool thing is that you can go find whatever it is you are looking for. Often, it is just you have never thought to go look for it and there are all kinds of videos online.

Are UFO sightings hoaxes?

There is a ton of UFO sightings consistently over in the Israel area, and it looked like one day a UFO came down and charged up whatever secret thing there is in Jerusalem. Whatever secret ancient device is there, it kind of dropped-down, charged it up, and all of a sudden just instantly shot straight into the sky.

Now, I remember when people were seeing footage of that live, back about 8 years ago, I was a skeptic. Of course, with most of these things the skeptics don’t hesitate to come out. Apparently that’s the general government strategy globally, among almost all governments, to debunk and deny, and point to hoaxes.

For all kinds of people who clearly got good footage of the UFO sightings and uploaded it to YouTube, then the general consensus often is, “Oh, it’s just a hoax. It was a trick of the light. See someone was shinning their flashlights out here.”

Are UFO sightings hoaxes?

It only takes one person to put out a flashlight or some other thing as in the Roswell case, a guy sitting there with a couple of pieces of aluminum that supposedly go to a weather balloon, and then lots of people feel like they have been lied to, but it is hard to admit a bold-faced lie right in your face sometimes. It is hard to not swallow and I got swept into the skeptics.

“Oh, that’s just a hoax.”

Sure, there are hoaxes that happen, but for every hoax that happens there is about 100 real things that happen. If you put into account all the people who have never told anyone about what they have seen because they don’t want to be considered crazy, or a lunatic, a lot of UFO sightings go unspoken. Now the more people that are willing to talk about the UFOs they have seen, the more others are coming forward.

The Roswell incident

Let’s go to the Roswell incident for a minute because I feel like that’s one that many of us have heard of. Now, Roswell is not special. In fact, things like Roswell happen on a regular basis. The US government, in coalition with other governments around the world, comes rolling in wherever a UFO crashes on the planet, and the men in black go grab whatever they want and take it back home.

Yes, you can have whatever opinion you want about that.

Things like Roswell seem to be very normal now, and while that wasn’t set up and down very smoothly in the 40s, since then a system has been perfected for collecting any UFOs that crash around the planet to gather their technology because that’s incredibly valuable technology sitting there.

The Roswell incident

Here are some different ideas about Roswell. So what happened in the news with Roswell? Apparently someone came out the day or so it happened or the day after, and said first that a UFO crashed. That was the initial story, and then the next day, “Oh, it’s just a weather balloon.”


The Roswell incident

So how do you start out saying it was a UFO that crashed, and then the next day, “Oh, it’s just a weather balloon?”

That is a pretty big change of events. Now, that’s something you might hear out of a child, “Oh, I went to get the cookie jar and knocked the whole thing down and it spilled and fell over,” and then the child just ends up saying, “Oh, my brother did it,” the next day.

Like wait, why did you say you did it the first day?

It is such a very childish looking lie, at least from what I can see. Now, I’m not available to prove anything that’s what it looks like. I might be wrong, but all the other people who see the same thing might be wrong also. I don’t know. I wasn’t there.

Here is what a lot of the people who were there said happened. Now, there is a couple of different ideas but the consensus seems to be the new radar station in that area messed up one of the UFOs that was flying by.

Because UFOs fly on the planet all the time, they are so common that 99% of the time there is not a problem. In this one incident, the one UFO got messed up by the radar station. Now, some of these UFOs fly extremely fast, so a little mess up if you are flying 2,000 miles an hour, and you are out of sync with time and space, a little mess up, boom, and you have crashed and blew up.

Now, there is that and it could have even been that one UFO actually hit another one, because they were both looking around at that radar station since it was a new radar station.

“Oh, what are these primitive earthlings doing down here with radar? Let’s take a look. Oh no, we ran into another one.”

There are many reports saying that even the radar didn’t mess them up specifically, but the radar drew them in the look and then the two of them hit each other. One crashed in Roswell and the other crashed a long way away, because they were flying so fast.

Roswell, NM

Now, there are all kinds of eye witnesses who were there that have now come forward. There were all kinds of people there who lived in the area, who saw the UFO come down and crash.

Now, a weather balloon wouldn’t make some huge fiery crash into the ground. It is a weather balloon, it is not an interstellar spacecraft. So you would have to think someone would have to be pretty stupid to confuse a weather balloon with an interstellar spacecraft.

Now, sure, I realize if it is just sitting there in the sky you might not be able to tell. I’m pretty sure that any person on Earth can tell the difference between a weather balloon and an interstellar spacecraft crashing into the ground.

The spacecraft crashed into the ground and it looked just like a saucer, and it smashed into the ground and a bunch of the locals came out and took a look at it.

Well, what happened?

The US military, the nearby military base got notified, they all sent their soldiers out there and told everyone else to get lost. Then, they collected the spacecraft. They took the spacecraft, they took the dead alien bodies out of it, which apparently were the little grey alien variety. Little grey aliens with big huge eyes and six fingers, the ones that you have probably seen in movies. They took the spacecraft and they took all the debris they could find, all the alien bodies, and they shipped them off to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The Roswell incident

The initial story went out right away, they just came forward honestly and said, “Yep, that was a UFO crash. We picked it up and recovered it.”

Then someone, once they saw the initial story, said, “No, no, no. You can’t tell them it was a UFO crash. We recovered all that technology, then all of the Soviets will be spying to find where we have all that technology.”

The Cold War was just about getting started and for the interest of secrecy they said, “No, go out there and tell them it was just a weather balloon. Don’t get into all this UFO stuff. We don’t want to have to disclose all of that.”

The next day they sent a guy out and he said, “Oh, look. It was just a weather balloon, don’t worry about it.”

Meanwhile all the other government agencies were very interested in what happened. There is actually a memo that has been declassified now, from an FBI agent. I think it was Hoover who was directing the FBI then, and he said, “Go tell me what happened there,” and the FBI agent went and asked what happened, and he came back.

The Air Force guy told the FBI agent that they recovered a flying saucer from there. Then the FBI gets all excited, “Oh, you got a flying saucer.”

Roswell was just one incident.

Kecksburg UFO crash, Pennsylvania.

There was another crash just like this in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in the 60s. The interesting thing is the consistency for which these events happen, so there is an interstellar spacecraft on fire often, or something happens to it, it crashes. The locals come out first, then here comes the military. The military kicks everyone out, takes everything they can get their hands on, and leaves and then says nothing happened.

Kecksburg UFO crash, Pennsylvania.

That happens wherever it is, and that often happens all over the world now. In Kecksburg, Pennsylvania it was interesting, this bell-shaped spacecraft crashed. It had ancient Egyptian-looking writing on it, according to the people who saw it when it was there, and that’s a cool thing.

Almost all these crashes, there is a bunch of people who get a look at it, and now most of those people who are getting a look at all these things have come forward. At least the ones who are still alive back in Roswell for example. In the Kecksburg Pennsylvania one, the bell that they found looked very similar to what the Germans were seeming to test as their wonder weapon, or Wunderwaffe in the 1940s.

Kecksburg UFO crash, Pennsylvania.

While we might have thought the Germans were doing atomic weapons for their wonder weapon, apparently the Germans were testing antigravity and time travel for their wonder weapon. They had this massive project out in the middle of nowhere that mysteriously there is hardly anything to be found of it today.

It seems possible that the German Bell, a bell matching the description of what the Germans were doing crashed 20 years later in Pennsylvania.

Now, was it the same one? Who knows?

There are UFO crashes all over the planet that have been reported just like this. Including the one I mentioned in the last chapter about the UFO that crashed in the black forest in the 1930s, that the Nazis recovered and then started reverse engineering the technology from that UFO into their military.

Space-Age technology

Now, if you look at the history of our technology in the USA, and I hope you can forgive my national affiliation at this point if you are not from the USA. I’m kind of stuck in my own point of view here, so my definition of History helps a bit with that.

In the USA if you look at the history here of the technology, look at the technology we had before the Roswell crash. You might say, “Oh, they researched a lot in the war.”

Space-Age technology

Yes, they did research a lot in the war, but what we have now looks like Space-Age technology. Incredibly advanced computers. It looks like it has been reverse-engineered from something that actually existed.

These things we have now are so complicated, they require so much work to unlock and learn all these secrets, and that’s just to reverse-engineer them. It is probably hard to even comprehend building these things from scratch, and to have built them from scratch in 60, 70, 80 years seems ridiculous.

Now, it seems very logical, you go capture crashed spacecraft, you look at what already exists and reverse-engineer it. That could be done very quickly like in 60 years, and supposedly that’s exactly what happened.

Apparently this was one of the first UFOs the US got a hold of, and as soon as the Roswell craft crashed and was recovered, the US then set all the pieces, took them, split them up and sent them to experts in their perspective fields.

There is a frequent report at Roswell of this little piece of aluminum-looking foil. It was thin as paper, you could wrap it up like aluminum foil, and yet you couldn’t cut it, you couldn’t shoot it, it was similar to what you might think of a Kevlar vest.

Somehow, you couldn’t shred it, you couldn’t shear it, you couldn’t shoot it, you couldn’t take it apart, and yet it was thin as paper. There is a little piece of that that got recovered at Roswell. Now we have things like Kevlar vests. Each of those little parts of the spacecraft, then, was cut up and reverse-engineered by the best suited engineers.

There are many reports of the people who received these things, working in a scientific lab, all of a sudden this little package comes, and delivered with instructions.

“Could you please tell us how this works and attempt to reverse-engineer it?”

“Don’t ask about where it comes from, it’s secret. Just do your best with it.”

Project Blue Book

These things were all over the country and that’s how the US government made an official investigation called Project Blue Book. They went out, and it was started by a guy who was initially a skeptic. Now, on the surface it looked like it was a response to the popular request to go out and investigate the UFO phenomenon.

Project Blue Book

Now, imagine if you already had recovered a spacecraft, you knew beyond any reasonable doubt that they were real, what other data would you want?

I will tell you what I would want. I would want to hear about all the other ones flying around. Project Blue Book went out and documented thousands of UFO sightings around the US, and you know what it did?

It carefully showed all the different kinds of UFOs that existed. All the different shapes, sizes, different flying styles, different locations they were frequenting. It provided a massive amount of data on UFOs, given straight by people that saw them.

The one thing you couldn’t do with any rationality is look at all of those and say they were all wrong. At the time they were done, it is very unlikely that the US government had any very advanced UFOs of its own. Sure, there were Blackbirds then, there were Stealth crafts then, but not things moving at 2,000 miles an hour with cloaking technology, massive bright lights, that could jump in and out of space and time, and fly straight up and take off immediately like a spaceship. It was very unlikely back then.

Why the Cold War ended?

There have been reports since then that now we do have those. That the US does have flying saucers, and in fact the US has a space fleet that patrols the earth. Now, if you look at things like why the Cold War ended, doesn’t it seem a bit mysterious as to why the Russians actually quit?

Why did they choose to quit then?

In my opinion, it seems like once they got enough intelligence on what we had, and once they saw their nuclear weapons were even rendered useless, that we really did have a missile shield, then why continue on with the Cold War?

Your best resource in the form of nuclear weapons is now useless. We literally have our own weapons in space and can literally shoot nukes down with lasers in space right when they get launched.

No reason to continue the Cold War, right? That’s it, we fold.

Ronald Reagan was probably talking about making a Star Wars program in the 80s to have missiles shot down by lasers. Now, no one that I can see said that definitely didn’t happen.

Why the Cold War ended?

Ronald Reagan actually had his own UFO encounter. He saw a UFO while flying on Air Force One, and in one of his speeches they kept trying to edit it out, and he put it in anyway. He made an illusion that we need to all work together as human beings because not everyone out there in the rest of the solar system likes us, or the universe or something. Something that alluded we all better work together as human beings because there may be threats from outside our planet. That sounds like someone to me who has verified knowledge of that.

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