Have You Seen a UFO, USO, Alien or Weird Phenomenon?

There are many people around the world who have seen a UFO, USO, alien or weird phenomenon. You may not be one of them, but do you trust fellow human beings who have seen and reported them?

UFOs are “Unidentified Flying Objects” and if you don’t already know, USOs are “Unidentified Submerged Objects.” Obviously the same thing that can be a UFO also very likely can be a USO.

Have You Seen a UFO, USO, Alien or Weird Phenomenon?

Have You Seen a UFO, USO, Alien or Weird Phenomenon?

There are also been many reports of alien abductions of humans and animals for experimentation, people disappearing, and lot more weird natural or unnatural phenomena.

I personally have no desire to go out and seek out one of these experiences because I’m pretty happy with the normal life I have going on right here, and trust my fellow humans to give an accurate report of what they have seen.

Do you?

Secret UFO underwater bases

UFO sightings are also very frequent by the water today. Now, while there is not as many options to have secretive bases on land, that didn’t stop any country in the world from making secret bases. What is very conducive to a secret base, if you have advanced technology, is having it underwater.

While your secret base might stand out a bit on land where obviously the main of it is underground, there is a ton of real estate to have a secret base underwater. Now, in order to fold space you need to go out of sync with time and gravity, and that way your spaceship then can just move about freely, you don’t even have to worry about gravity.

Secret UFO underwater bases

If you have that level of technology you can fold space together, so you can jump from one point to another like warp drive, then it is pretty feasible you could easily have an underground or underwater base. It seems there are a lot of underwater bases where UFOs turn into USOs and hang out.

That makes sense.

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70% of the Earth is covered with water, and most importantly there is no humans underneath that water. Unless occasionally they go to investigate a ship wreck or something. That’s 70%, that’s most of the planet where you can put a base and no one is going to go mess with it.

No one is going to go drop a nuclear missile on your base under water. From an outside point of view, underwater is an ideal place to put a base on this planet that’s filled with insane humans on the surface. The logical place to do is to put the base under water where they won’t mess with it, or find it, or discover it.

Then you don’t have to put signs up like, “You’ll be shot on sight for coming into the alien base.” You just stick the base way under water and then you are good. Nothing to worry about.

The Bermuda Triangle

UFO and USO sightings are so common in some areas related to the water that some ship captains even intentionally divert their boats from sailing through certain areas. Where you have a lot of UFO and USO sightings, there is often weird things that happen too.

The Bermuda Triangle

Have you heard of the Bermuda Triangle?

It is a triangle where notoriously bad things happen to ships that sail through it, where there is a weird unexplainable phenomenon that goes on. The Bermuda Triangle is off the East coast of the USA and there are frequent UFO sightings. There may be a big UFO base or USO base underneath the Bermuda Triangle, which would account for some of the weird things that happen.

A ship sails over there and all the people on the ship disappear. Have you heard of things like ghost ships?

Ghost ships stories are very frequent. Something comes by and takes all the people off the ship. If you wanted to go study people, a bunch of people on a ship would make a great population to take, that then would easily be explainable, “Well, they went on a ship and never came back,” because whoever is here has a lot higher technological sense, and a higher sense of how things go on.

The Bermuda Triangle

Obviously they are aware that if you abduct people walking down the street in the middle of the town, everyone may notice. You don’t want to panic all the natives. If you want to take the natives and do some research on them, there are certain scenarios and situations that make it a lot easier because ultimately you don’t want the natives all up in arms, and with their guns.

You want them peaceful. You don’t want them to all be afraid and hurting each other, so there are certain situations that make it a lot easier to go bring someone up to the mothership.

In certain areas of the Earth UFO and USO sightings are so common that people avoid even going there, like the Bermuda Triangle.

The Dragon’s triangle

It is not just the Bermuda Triangle though, on the opposite side of the Earth in about the same spot, off the coast of China and Japan, there is a Dragon’s Triangle that’s over there that has many of the same properties as the Bermuda Triangle. Disappearing ghost ships and planes that mysteriously go missing.

The Dragon's triangle

Do you remember recently there was a plane near that area in Malaysia that just went missing?

Now, the news stories had a lot of fun with it. They didn’t know quite what to say because they didn’t want to sit there and say something like a UFO thing happened. Here is what happened. The plane was flying and it disappeared off radar. It just vanished. It didn’t go down and crash or anything that they could see, whatever its altitude was, there was no obvious problem, and it just completely vanished.

Now, sure there could have been some mechanical failure, and that could happen some of the time, but how many times where things like that happen is there something going on that we miss?

Even if 99% of things like that are truly just a mechanical failure, or something weird, now you would think if it was a normal routine mechanical failure, it wouldn’t have been so newsworthy. Often, these weird things do get noticed, do get reported on the news, and they are often conveniently labelled, “Oh, well, we don’t know what happened there. It might have just been a mechanical failure or something.”

The plane just disappeared and these things are actually very common. Now, it doesn’t have to be anything sinister involving UFOs, it may have been a natural earth phenomenon. UFOs and USOs seem to understand the natural things that happen on Earth, like these energy vortexes that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Time travel in sky vortex

There was a pilot flying a plane, just a regular guy with his own plane, he was flying something like Haiti to Miami or something like that. It was a several hour journey and he said a vortex appeared in the sky.

A vortex is like a whirlpool, what you might picture when you flush the toilet and the water swirls around down to the bottom. If you have seen a sink or a tub drain, and it gets a little like tornado-looking thing going, then that’s what I mean by a vortex.

Time travel in sky vortex

One of those vortexes appeared in the sky according to this pilot. The vortex appeared in the sky and he flew his plane into it. He couldn’t help it. It appeared right in front of him and sucked him into it. He said that he didn’t notice anything, he just kind of came straight out of it. What he did notice is that he had made an impossibly fast trip to Miami.

Now, this is a pilot, he had plenty of experience flying. He said, “According to my fuel, the flight I made was impossible.”

He had got just enough fuel for the trip because he knew exactly how much fuel he needed, and he said according to his fuel that he had made an impossible trip, that somehow the vortex had sped him up in time by about an hour, that he had about an hour worth of fuel left when he got back to Miami, which was impossible.

There is no way that could have happened with the normal flight. He flew into the vortex, so apparently he time-traveled about an hour forward. His plane couldn’t have been artificially accelerated because it was just a regular plane, it wouldn’t have been able to withstand getting accelerated fast. It probably would have crashed or fell apart.

He somehow time-traveled forward by flying through a vortex just an hour.

Now, imagine if you knew how that worked, and you could intentionally set your spacecraft up to work in line with what naturally occurs on Earth. The fact is we don’t understand hardly anything about this planet.

It appears most of the ancient people understood many more things about this planet. Things like pyramids set up at power centers on the earth designed to capture the earth’s natural energy, and put it into some kind of power grid.

Weird Missing Planes

These vortexes for flying things have led to a lot of weird missing planes.

In World War II times, the Air Force was doing some test flights and they sent out some flights off the coast of Florida towards the Bermuda Triangle. All of the bombers mysteriously went missing.

Weird Missing Planes

Now, these are Air Force pilots. These aren’t people fooling around playing a joke. These are people training to go to war and all of the planes in the whole flight went missing, all at once. I don’t know if they flew into a vortex or what happened, but they all went missing at once. The Air Force wanted to know what happened.

How did all of their planes at once go missing?

They didn’t all crash into each other. They didn’t all have a mechanical failure at the exact same instant. No one said anything on the radio, they all just instantly went missing.

Guess what?

They sent another group of flights out to take a look. All those went missing too. There are some weird things that happened on this planet often related to UFOs. If they are doing something that they want to keep private, then you will be going missing if you wander into it.

Flying a dragon to Heaven with angels

There are UFO reports in the mountains of the exact same kind of thing. UFOs flying around the mountain, everyone up there goes missing. Now, maybe they get to go on a trip to see some other planet. There are lots of reports especially in ancient times of people who were got into a dragon, who went to Heaven with an angel, who got to go see the stars, got to go see Earth from space.

Yes, there are ancient accounts of people who have seen Earth from space.

Flying a dragon to Heaven with angels

Now, how would that have happened?

How would someone be able to describe the curved earth? Things that you can only see from space.

How would someone thousands of years ago have got to do that? There are clear descriptions of it.

UFO sightings go way back, and they have continued to get more frequent.

Weird cow mutilations in US farms

There are also regularly UFO sightings related to cow mutilations. If you haven’t heard of cow mutilations, this is one of the weirdest things that I think happens related to UFOs.

There are a ton of these sightings that have happened. Here is how things happen:

Step one, the farmer sees weird lights out in his field at night, flying around shining beams down, and then going away.

Next day, the farmer comes out, finds mutilated cows, dead on his farm.

Sometimes one cow, sometimes it is the whole farm that will all be mutilated. Weird mutilations. If you have ever heard of cow mutilations it might be easy to dismiss it, and say, “Oh, that’s some crazy person that went up there and hacked of a cow or was messing with the farmer.” There are all kinds of things you could dismiss that.

Weird cow mutilations in US farms

Cow mutilations are one of the weirdest things that happens with UFOs because when you actually look at the cow, it appears to have been cut with a laser with surgical precision, something like a doctor would do, not something like some crazy running around with an axe, or a big knife hacking up a cow.

Often they will be cut in all kinds of weird unexplainable ways like half their face will be cut off, and it will be a perfect cut all the way through bones and everything else. It doesn’t make hardly any sense. The thing that does make sense though is that the farmers consistently see a UFO out there first, and then a cow mutilation happens.

What are they doing with these cows?

I don’t know.

Why do we have so many cows in the US as a part of everything we eat and do?

Why cows?I've heard that cattle mutilations are on the rise

Maybe it is because someone else wants us to have cows. Maybe it is because they need to do something with the cows, cut them up and research them, and take them up to the spacecraft to mess around with them.

If you are a skeptic, cow mutilations might push you over the edge. They are so weird, you can picture a psycho cutting up a cow, but can you picture this happening all over the world?

There are UFOs that fly around and cows that get cut up with lasers, killed, and dropped back down on Earth. They don’t think that they need to keep the cow mutilations secret. They don’t try and hide the cow bodies, and drop them.

They just take the cow and do whatever they want, then drop it right back where it was. Sometimes there are hundreds of these cows in one night. The farmer will see a UFO, then the next day he will come out to see his whole farm, all of the cows mutilated and dead, and some more extreme cases.

Often it can just be one cow of a few cows.

What are they doing with these cows?

The one thing that’s consistent though, the UFO sightings near the cow mutilations. I’m not going to go into the business of cow farming anytime soon, I will tell you that.

These things are quite frequent too, and yet it is just kind of taken for granted, and written off, and that’s okay. Everyone is welcome to their own version of life and history as we know it.

Why are UFOs seen near military bases?

Another place where UFOs are often seen is near military bases. More than likely, we as the US or world collectively as humanity, we have our own UFOs by now as well. Many of the UFOs seen today near military bases may actually be secret US spacecrafts.

There is a story of a guy that was allowed to get in and fly around in a UFO. He said it looked just like a saucer, and he got into it and the next thing he remembered he was standing outside of it again saying, “When are we going to go?”

Why are UFOs seen near military bases?

Apparently it goes out of sync with space and time, so I’m not sure how the pilots account for this. Apparently when you get in it, and get out of it, I guess if you are not wearing protected gear or however that works, you don’t remember anything. He didn’t remember the flight, but they had a video or the guy told him about it, and he flew all around in one of these saucers, and got out of it and didn’t remember it.

Maybe it is kind of like the Men in Black where “they won’t let you remember.” Maybe some of the UFOs have the memory wiper things, or maybe it is just like going out of sync with space and time inhibits your brain’s ability to put things into long-term memory, or short-term memory, either way. It usually needs to get in the short term first if it is going to be saved in the long term.

UFO sightings are rampant, there is almost every day someone seeing UFOs somewhere, and they almost all are certainly just secret government stuff.

Why are UFOs seen near military bases?

You might even think with the Cold War over, why would there be all kinds of secret government stuff?

Aren’t we in peacetime?

Well, we might be in a relative peace time on Earth, but as a part of the intergalactic community it may be a completely different story.

UFO technology in modern technology?

The technology in UFO seems to be a part of everything we have today. If we are allowed to have smartphones that are this good, what kind of computers do they have in the spacecraft?

UFO technology in modern technology?

They must have some amazing computers up there. The technology is so advanced in UFOs that as the US government has continued to recover more and more UFOs, it probably continues to get more effective in reverse engineering the technology also.

This is like a snowball effect, the more UFOs you recover, the more you reverse engineer, the more technology gets to be better and better across the board, the more you can start to replicate all these different types of USOs and UFOs. It seems that the UFOs have many different types of technology too.

In fact, many of the stealth planes the US Government has made, actually seem to be made out of the image of UFOs. Things like the stealth bomber made out of a UFO shape, those were frequently seen UFOs and the shape that the stealth bombers were then made in.

UFO technology in modern technology?

Some of the technologies that are likely used in those stealth bombers and stealth planes were likely found in UFOs as they saw how they were able to keep stealth based on their technology, then engineered that.

Floating cities and little balls of light

There is not just one exact UFO formula. There are UFOs in all shapes and sizes, the saucer one is consistent. There are also little balls of light that fly around. Now, these were seen at the end of World War II. There were tons of these over Germany. The pilots thought it was some sort of weird German weapon, and yet there were tons of these red ball UFOs, or orange ball UFOs that would be flying around, or hovering over the battlefields in Germany.

Floating cities and little balls of light

Many of the UFOs are just little fiery balls that fly around, and are independently intelligently controlled. There are some giant UFOs, huge mothership-looking spacecraft like you may have seen in movies.

Recently in China there was a huge floating city that was seen. An entire city floating in the sky, and there are many records of these in India in the ancient texts, which describe floating cities fighting each other. Duking it out with missiles, nuclear weapons and lasers in midair, one floating city fighting another. An entire floating city, how cool is that?

All kinds of people in China saw this giant floating city. Now, the saucers are pretty mainstream, but there are also lots of more UFO sightings that kind of look like what you might think of as just a normal aircraft. A big triangular or boomerang-looking UFO is very common.

Trusting UFO sighting reports

Now, of course there are lots of UFO diversions. Sure, there are lots of cases, I had a family member one day who thought they saw a UFO and the next day it was a cell phone tower. I have seen some white lights hovering in the sky that looked weird, and as far as I can tell they were all natural phenomenon.

Now, the thing that makes UFOs stand out are the weird movements they make. You might have lots of people who mistake a natural phenomenon, a weather balloon for a UFO, but it is pretty hard to mistake something that makes right turns at 2,000 miles an hour, whether you are watching it on the radar or you are seeing it in person.

Trusting UFO sighting reports

If you are reading this blog post and a little skeptic, doesn’t it make sense that someone somewhere has probably seen a UFO?

Doesn’t it make sense when all kinds of military, law enforcement and aircraft personnel, and all kinds of regular people have seen things they couldn’t identify?

Doesn’t it seem reasonable at a bare minimum that there are identified flying objects that are under secret government projects?

Yet, how would they have found out how to make all these advanced technologies?

Is it really as easy as just saying it was a UFO crash, and then the next day, whoops, it was a weather balloon?

“Now, I’m not sure how I confused the two of those. I’m not going to explain how I confused a UFO crash with a weather balloon, oh, minor detail.”

Well, you will notice before the 1940s that US newspapers often would report UFOs flying, and even after that many news stations have still taken the time to report UFO sightings.

UFO sightings are now very much a part of mainstream culture. Even if it is in the form of things like the “Men In Black.” Today I trust that many people have reported accurately UFO sightings.

Alien abduction and seduction

The UFO sightings that are combined with abductions are even more amazing. There are all kinds of reports of humans who have been abducted, and not always bad things happened to them.

Of course, I like the one report where a guy had a UFO sighting, and then these two beautiful women came down, one Asian-looking, one European-American looking, and both of them seduced him.

Alien abduction and seduction

Then, he could never find any evidence of them. They just all of a sudden mysteriously left somehow, and the one piece of evidence he did find, is one of their hairs. He got their hairs genetically tested and it turned out to have some very interesting anomalies on it. It had some very rare DNA in it. So some of the sightings are very nice. They are followed by an abduction and a seduction. Many others are not so nice.

A UFO sighting starts, often the UFO is seen maybe flying around, then all of a sudden there is a white light, or some kind of paralyzing light that just gets shined where the person can’t move at all, they are often floated directly out of their bed sometimes through hard structures. It is like a green or white beam comes in and they literally float straight through their roof into the UFO.

Alien abduction and seduction

Then sometimes women have reported being impregnated. Many times people have reported having painful things done to them. Many times people reporting lots of aliens looking at them, and talking to them. Consistently it is either grey aliens or sometimes there are grey aliens with a lizard kind of raptor green-looking alien supervising in the background. They do a bunch of tests and then send the person back down.

Some of the people have reported, like the matrix, they have had tracking things installed in them, so that the UFOs could come find them again later. If you have not had an experience with a UFO you can more than likely count yourself lucky. More than likely you wouldn’t get the seduction one, and even if you did you would probably feel bad about it.

The UFOs are all over the place, all over on Earth, and yet there is a funny thing, with how observing things work. Now, this all gets easier with trust. I trust that most of the time most of my fellow human being are honest, because most of the time I’m an honest human being. Now, if you believe everyone is lying, then yes, you can easily dismiss what all of your other fellow human beings have said.

Most ants will never see a human being

If you look at human beings as ants on anthills, and instead look at the aliens as human beings in a forest. In an uninhabited forest full of ants, most ants in their lifetime would never see a human being. In fact, it would be very rare in something like an uninhabited forest for a human being to be seen by ants.

Out of all the ants, perhaps only 1 out of 1,000 ants that existed, if not less, maybe 1 out of 100,000 ants that existed in a forest would see a human being in their lifetime.

Most ants will never see a human being

More than likely most all the ants who would see human beings would be in the same certain anthills. If there was a road or some human structure where humans came in a regular basis, the ants near the edge of the forest where there was a log cabin that humans lived in, they might see humans all the time, but most the ants in the forest would never see a human being in their entire life.

The only way they would know human being existed is if they trusted their fellow ants who had in fact seen human beings, and were certain that human beings existed based on having seen them with their own eyes. So the only way the majority of ants would know is to just trust another ant.

Do you trust your fellow human beings?

As it goes in the UFOs most people in the world have not seen a UFO before. Most have not seen a USO. However, there are people who have seen UFOs and USOs a bunch of times. There are people who have flown in them. There are people who have been abducted by them. There are farmers who have had their cows mutilated. There are people who have had family members and friends hurt and killed, then missing by UFOs. There are plenty of stories of ladies looking for their children who have been abducted and taken by UFOs.

Do you trust your fellow human beings?

Just because it hasn’t happened to you, you can feel really grateful for that. In fact, I would be perfectly happy to never see one in my whole life. I have never seen a UFO or a USO, and I would be perfectly happy to keep it that way. Although if I go back to the mothership at some point I will remember what I said.

The point is, do you trust your fellow human beings that they are doing their best, just like you are, to tell you honestly what they have seen most of the time?

Then, a few of your fellow humans are sick and will make up stories to get attention. A few of your fellow human beings might lie to get attention, but wouldn’t you think they would lie about something besides an alien abduction?

Some of them might lie, I’m sure there are some false accounts of UFO and USO reports. I can’t picture that being the kind of thing I would want to make up. I would rather make up some more down-to-earth gossip, honestly.

The things I have lied about, as I told you to begin with, they are pretty down-to-earth and boring, and I feel like that’s how most people lie, down-to-earth and boring. You lie to fit in, not to stand out, but I figure a few of my fellow human beings have lied. If government representatives have lied out of our best interest to keep the peace, out of not having people be afraid, I get that.

I forgive anyone who has tried to cover up the UFO and USO sightings. I understand a lot of reasons why you might want to do that, and I’m okay with it today. I’m grateful I have been allowed to see all of the evidence now by watching Ancient Aliensand by the incredible amount of information that’s available online.

If you are able to take a leap of faith, what you see can be so much greater than what you can see without it. I take a leap of faith every day and trust my fellow human beings. Occasionally I get lied to, but you get lied to wherever you are going whoever you are. The difference is, how much of the truth do you get to see?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I invite you to learn more in my book:

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