Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

Are you ready to get hired on your next Upwork job?

What are some of the secrets to spend less time on wasted applications and more time actually getting hired for the best jobs?

I’m Jerry Banfield and I’m grateful that I’ve got a lot of experience hiring on Upwork that I’m here to share with you today.

As you can see I’ve got 177 reviews on Upwork, I spent over $100,000, I’ve hired 305 people there and this experience has helped me see what really works to get hired vs. what things to avoid in order to save your time.

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What will work to get hired on Upwork?

First of all! Look at each client before sending a job application. I can’t emphasize this enough.

It’s better to focus on doing a really good job for a small number of applications. Instead of trying to shotgun and just throw halfway done applications out all over the place.

The number one sign to me that I don’t want to work with someone if they very quickly applied and basically done the minimum answering questions.

This means for you, you want to validate clients as much as you can beforehand, I have an easy time getting great freelancers to apply because I’ve spent so much, because I give good feedback on the freelancers, I get the best quality clients to apply to my jobs.

As a freelancer, you really want to work with a client like me who you’re almost certain to get a good review, and who will like give you the best opportunity to work with the least interference.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

The challenge is how do you actually get in with a client like me when the other freelancers want to work with me also, the key is to get your application in well done, fully completed and uniquely focused on the job opportunity with me.

Get it in as soon as the job posting comes up.

What Upwork does it list proposals in order often and right after I’ve posted a job, I’m often most excited about it. Therefore, you want to focus your applications on brand new jobs that are posted.

Jobs that have been open for longer tend to have went a bit stale, and often don’t get looked at as much for applications.

In order to do this you can even set up systems to notify you when certain jobs come up, you can just check consistently throughout the day. As long as you get your application in within 24 hours, you’re good.

If you want to save your time, you will need to stop applying to any job that doesn’t excite you.

Yes, this can be scary when you’re desperate and you really want money online to say “I’m not going to even try for this job with someone who’s posted an opening that doesn’t look very exciting, that’s not very well written, you can’t tell anything about the client and it looks like it might be sketchy”

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

Just avoid those jobs all together and focus on working for people. It could be a new client to the platform.

I recommend make sure you work with an Upwork plus client also.

This is someone who is paying $50 or more a month to afford to have a job featured and clearly someone who is not afraid to spend at least a little bit of money.

It can be a nightmare working with clients sometimes that are afraid to put any money out.

You want to work with clients like me who aren’t afraid to spend the money and want to see what happens, you want to verify that a client is worth working for.

If their statistics over here, don’t tell you much, then look at the job a client has posted get to know the client’s business and see if that is truly a business you’d like to support.

What I do on my posts is I put a link to my YouTube channel in my posts and I put an idea of the kind of work I’d like to get done.

Watch the language that clients write the job description in.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

I will go through and show you some of these in real time now, to give you an idea of how you put this into practice after one more final principle on this.

Make sure when you actually fill out the questions in the application, you personalize it completely for the client, never use the copy and paste cover letter, especially a long one. Always just give the client exactly what they need.

Always put an hourly rate in that you feel good about. There’s no point in low balling yourself, I charge $270 an hour because I feel great about that. And I’ve learned the hard way, when I charge less than I want to for my time I don’t do good work, I resent it. And it always is bad for the long term.

Let’s look around now and we’ll browse some of the jobs on Upwork.

I’ll switch over to my Freelancer profile, which I don’t actually use here and I will look at some of the jobs up here and just give you some initial opinions on the kinds of jobs you might want to apply for.

You can see some of these have smaller dollar amounts spend, but have verified payment methods I recommend always look for a verified payment method.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

Don’t even waste time with someone who can’t be bothered to verify their payment method.

This just looking at rather than a payment methods verified and how much someone has spent. These tend to be better opportunities.

If you look at something like this that says “facebook campaign management”, they can’t even be bothered to capitalize the job correctly. Probably not a very good opportunity there

Me saying this doesn’t mean I’m right about, it is just my quick impressions based on all the hiring I’ve done.

I personally no way I’d apply to any job with payment unverified and I would hesitate to apply to jobs where clients haven’t spent very much so far.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

Always research the client and take a look at their reviews they’ve left for other freelancers, and the reviews that have been left out their profile.

For example, let’s look at “YouTube Ads Manager” actually a job I’d probably be perfect for.

If you look at this, it’s a very short description, I also don’t like those very much I’d like as a freelancer to see that the client has put some more thought into exactly what’s needed and describe it.

This does not look very promising to me because it’s so short.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

I’d like to see some more detail on that especially you can see there’s not a lot of proposals.

What does it look good on this is that you can see the review that was left before. If you see clients that are not leaving good reviews for freelancers don’t think you’re special, you’re asking to get another bad review from that client.

Avoid working with clients who are dropping one star feedback on any of the freelancers they work with.

Even if they are truly terrible. I’ve worked with some terrible freelancers on Upwork, and I don’t crush their profile and their opportunities with a one star review because I realized, hey, it might have been me. And that’s not all totally on them.

Let’s look for a job that seems ideal. You can see exactly how long these are posted for and you want to make sure to look at the time these have been posted for.

All of these have been posted recently enough that these are a pretty good opportunity in terms of how long since it’s been posted as 16 hours anything within the first 24 hours, you’re looking at a sweet spot.

If you start getting back past that, I don’t know if I would apply for a job. I also like to do hourly jobs, fixed price jobs are just asking for a disaster. A fixed price job especially getting started, you may need a lot of hours, you may need to figure out how to do it, a fixed price job, especially for a hundred or a couple of hundred dollars is just asking for frustration on both sides

I tend to like to do hourly jobs and I like to hire people hourly. Because all of us know, then you are getting paid this much for this amount of time worked. And if you do, you have time it’s do a good job,

I encourage my hourly freelancers do a good job and let’s learn how to really do this work well in the shortest amount of time.

Often starting a job is the most time consuming.

One of the worst things you can do is get involved in some stupid job for a small amount of money and get a bad review out of it, you want to completely see ahead to where that’s likely to happen. And avoid getting into that.

I also like jobs, where you’ve got a long estimated work time, I don’t even hire people anymore if I don’t think we’re going to be able to work together for years. Even if it turns out I’m wrong, I prefer to avoid hiring it all. If it’s just a short term job.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

And I think applying to short time jobs is also a waste of time, if someone thinks they’re going to need less than a month, just some consultation and advice. That’s probably a waste of time,

This “Digital Producer Experienced with WordPress, SMM…” this might be more worthwhile estimated time three to six months 10 to 30 hours a week. But you can see they’ve only spent $400, they’re looking to work with someone 10 to 30 hours a week, that’s a little bit of a risk.

This one looks promising in terms of the amount spent the time available. If you click on it, you can look at it. It’s a graphic designer, this has a lot more description, which is good.

You can see exactly what they’re looking for it you can see the exact skill set they even have tools they want you to look at. I don’t see why that you would need a bachelor’s degree in graphic design to do a job on Upwork.

And when you can figure out little quirky things like that about a client beforehand, you can make an educated decision as to rather you want to work with them.

On this, it looks like the feedback is consistently good from most clients, that is a good sign this might be a good job to apply for. As you can see, there’s already 10 to 15 proposals. Thus, the more proposals there are, the higher likelihood it’s competitive, and it might be just tough to even get noticed.

However, I consistently hire people out of a 10 to 15 proposal and it’s pretty easy for the best to stand out.

We scroll down here you can see some more, this digital marketing needed for….. but nope, that’s absolute dog poop, no way $3.15 and hour nope do not want to work for that at all.

40k spent, “manage messaging and creative for a B2B Ad Agency” this, the social media agency that this job they’ve spent a lot but, A one-line description? -Not, I wouldn’t apply for that you can see they’re already five to 10 proposals.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

They’ve already sent some invites on here you can see some kinds of negative feedback and some of the work history, I wouldn’t apply for that, that doesn’t look very good.

What you’ll notice the lot of these jobs don’t look very good and the keys to identify ones that do look outstanding, then sync your time into applying for the very best one.

This one “Ecommerce sales funnel” there’s good money spent on it, there’s less than 10 hours a week and less than one month needed. Let’s see the job description.

They do have a link so this is good you can actually go look at their company, they’ve got a lot of established hires this might be a good job to apply for. However, there’s already 15 to 20 on here.

This one “Facebook ad campaign management”, especially if someone says looking to discuss that might not be very good hourly decide if they can’t be bothered to write a job description up that’s very detailed then do you really want to work for them?

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

Now this one I’m liking the writing right away looking at it you can see a very detailed job description maybe too detailed of a job description, this looks like it’s copied and pasted straight off another website which is usually bad because then this company is probably hiring all over the place. You’re probably wasting your time trying to apply somewhere where they’re just copying and pasting it from somewhere else. I say no on that one.

As you can see I say no to almost all the the jobs that come up.

The key to this is really just watching the new jobs and getting in right away on one that you actually can say yes to,

for example. That’s no that’s crap. There’s, there’s no no the payments verified. There’s only 100 expand. There’s one sentence description crap, this one crap, no payment verified. I mean, most all these jobs are pretty terrible. Actually.

Most all these jobs just suck. You can see I haven’t worked on.

Most all these jobs are not good here.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

Now if you notice, this is a Featured Job and they’ve spent 30k+, let’s take a look at this one is the job description decent “Online Advertising Manager” that suggests it might be a good ongoing job.

I don’t like the language “must be able”, although it may just be their writing style might not be perfect and here note that their application must start with this sentence. “I’m an experienced internet marketer and here are the proof or my experience”.

No, come on, you can’t even write a sentence right.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

So look for those feature jobs especially look for the plus, this one might actually be a decent one because it’s a plus member and there’s a payment verified.

This could let’s take a look at this one. I should’ve title this Jerry hate on other people’s Upwork jobs.

Synergy in house marketer planning social media, maybe good must be familiar with MailChimp, and Spotify salary based on experience that might be copied and pasted directly from somewhere else.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

Therefore I’ve gone through this in pretty good detail. Now I have not found one job that I’m excited about.

Thank God I’m not looking on here.

Let’s look at this one, this is a featured job “Design and Develop a New Custom Law Firm WordPress Theme”. It is featured which is good, the payment is verified, there’s 20 to 50 on here, this let’s see what this one says looking for a freelancer that can take a website, communicate often and keep us finish the project in eight weeks and stay on budget.

Let’s see the URL the existing website will be provided. I don’t like that they didn’t provide the URL on here already. There’s already 20 proposals on this one it just renewed. However, this one might could actually be a decent one.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

It depends on what kind of work you really want to do.

This one, Facebook, this looks promising $50 to $100 an hour. There’s one actual hire by the client, this one actually looks pretty good good day fellow prospects.

This one actually might be decent. I really liked that this one says thank you for taking the time to read this post and apply.

If I was going to apply to a job. This one is you can see it. They don’t have hardly any feedback. They haven’t actually done very much. There are no reviews. There’s the low hire rate, the data doesn’t look very good at all, but they are a new member.

This one I might actually apply to if I was going to apply to jobs.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

There’s two specific questions:

  • Tell us about your proudest campaigns.
  • Why are you the best person for our specific need?

You can see they’ve already hired someone and there were less than five proposals they sent invites, and this one I’d say it was actually one of the more promising posts on the job feed here, even though it wasn’t featured. I like the writing, I really liked the writing.

“Thank you for taking the time to read this post and apply” I mean that to me seems like they’re paid some thought and consideration it starts with good day fellow prospects and you can see what they want on in here.

This one one of the better job posts potentially.

The main thing to do is just look through and be careful about which jobs you apply for.

The worst case scenario is to apply to some job that doesn’t work out that waste your time where you don’t earn any money or ,worse than that you earn a little bit of money and get some negative feedback.

Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

I hope this has been helpful walking you through in real-time, I did not look at any of those jobs beforehand.

I hope this has been useful for you, if you’d like more incredible videos like this, go ahead and hit that subscribe button turn those notifications on to see the videos and if you’d like to watch some more of these on Facebook and said I trust your go follow on Facebook put “see first” ON.

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I hope everything I’ve shown you here is helpful for you to get your next Upwork job a little bit faster without wasting as much time applying to those jobs.

I love you, you’re awesome!
Jerry Banfield