Use YouTube Location Feature for More Subscribers and Income Locally

The YouTube location feature is a great way to get some more subscribers and income on the YouTube channel.

I’ll show you how to add the location feature on YouTube and explain to you why.

Here you can see exactly what it looks like when you add the location.

If you click on this up here on the location, it will show you videos from the location. However, we don’t care about clicking on videos from that specific location, what we care about is drawing the extra attention of anyone that does care about that location.

Use YouTube Location Feature

I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. And this is a really easy opportunity to get anyone local to recognize —Oh! This guy’s local— because almost no one would think to consider rather on local or not without this location tech, meanwhile the alternative I could put up here is nothing which is in a lot of my videos, or hashtags, which are also kind of useless, because when you click on them, they go to a bunch of other search results which get people above your channel.

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This new location feature on YouTube allows us to get extra subscribers and income comments like extra interactions and interactions that people wouldn’t make otherwise.

I’ve already tested it on my channel and I’m putting it on every video now. Because guess what, when I put this on and seeing comments, —Oh hey, you’re from St. Petersburg— there’s a lot of extra subscribers and income available locally that people wouldn’t be interested in doing online.

When I can potentially meet somebody face to face, they’re more likely to subscribe, they’re more likely to follow, they’re more likely to make purchases and I might even see them around the end as some people might even realize with the amount of videos I have up —Oh I already know this guy— therefore putting those locations on a great way to get some unexpected opportunities.

I’ll show you how to do it right now in the new YouTube studio.

Unfortunately, you cannot currently put this directly on a video when you upload it instead you need to upload it, then in the YouTube studio under Videos go back over and click on whatever your newest video is.

Then you need to go into Advanced, then type the location in.

Use YouTube Location Feature for More Subscribers and Income Locally

Currently TubeBuddy does not have bulk edits on this location feature either which is unfortunate.

I imagine some programs for YouTube or extension will come out or it will be available soon.

Currently, I’m just adding this location feature on all my YouTube videos.

This is also handy when some of the monetization options don’t show up by default because you need to go back in and edit this.

Use YouTube Location Feature

Therefore I go back in and click on both the monetization to put ads during and after the video on by default.

Then in the details under Advanced put the video location in.

When someone watches the video, it will have the location tagged under it and trigger that local mindset

Thank you very much for learning how to use YouTube Location Feature for More Subscribers and Income today with me.

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