20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

Are you looking for an amazing affiliate program? We have got one for you on Uthena.com with 20% lifetime affiliate commissions. That means when you get someone to sign up for Uthena with your cookie you get 20% for life of anything they purchase.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

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20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

This is really good because once you get them to sign up we have got the automated email marketing and promotion in place to bring people back over and over. We are putting tons of new courses on Uthena.

We have got 80 something courses in the first month of getting this launched and we have a ton that you are going to love affiliate selling. Let me show you what you can sell on Uthena. Here is the very best strategy you can also use to drive sign-ups.

While you see these courses on Uthena that are $9 and $17, some are $4, some instructors offer free coupons to some of their courses. I offer free coupons to some of my courses. You can literally use a free coupon plus your affiliate code to drive a sign-up.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

Once you have got the sign-up that person is tagged with your affiliate code for life, which means you never again have to do anything else with them at all. You keep getting 20% affiliate commissions indefinitely.

You can literally find a free coupon, share that with your affiliate code and earn indefinitely off of literally just sharing one link, but it gets even better than that.

We are paying to produce more new courses all the time. We are driving a ton of traffic to the website and we are bringing in lots of new sign-ups ourselves, which means more instructors, and consistent platform growth.

The bigger the platform gets, the higher the lifetime value of every single customer is, which means that getting started with this will continue to have more and more options for what to promote.

For example, we have got course bundles.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

These have sold really well as I’ve seen on other websites.

We have got an Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle,” which is $48.81 where you get every ethical hacking course we add forever to the bundle without having to pay again.

I intend personally to get at least twenty courses in this over the next few years. I’ve already put several in it and any other instructors that join with ethical hacking courses can add their courses in and get a percentage of sales.

This means when you buy the bundle all the courses that are added, the new versions, you don’t ever have to pay again as the bundle gets bigger.

I’ve also got a forever course bundle for myself and other instructors are putting up their own forever course bundles on here.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

Twenty percent on this bundle, for example, would be $36 in affiliate commission.

You might wonder, do you have even better things to sell?


You can affiliate sell our membership on Uthena.com.

The one requirement in order to be an affiliate on Uthena.com is to be a partner. We do not just accept anyone as an affiliate because we have twenty percent lifetime commissions, we want people who are actively collaborating with us.

We are not interested in having affiliates that are just throwing out links everywhere without considering if their link is relevant.

We don’t want affiliates spamming links all over just trying to earn. We want affiliates who are smart, who think about the best way to promote this.

“How do I get this in front of people that might really want to see it?” and not just “How do I spam this and get everyone out there?”

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

We also collaborate closely with our affiliates.

When you are trying to affiliate sell for us, then we want to know what you would like to sell in the future. We want to see what’s working really well for you and intentionally make things that you can sell even better, how you are driving registrations.

Not only that, we want to help you get started. Most affiliate programs don’t help you get started at all. You are totally on your own. Here is a bunch of links. Here are a few things to read. We have voice calls each week where you can ask questions.

You might say in the voice call, “Jerry, I’ve gotten started. Where would you recommend I begin with the affiliate program?”

I recommend you begin by taking an inventory of what you are doing and seeing if anything on Uthena matches well with it.

Some of the things on Uthena can earn so much as an affiliate that you might not need to share links all over.

You might be able to just message one person and say, “Hey, this Uthena partner program looks like exactly something you would appreciate.”

You can make hundreds of dollars referring one person to the Uthena partner program. That’s the only requirement to be an instructor, to publish on Uthena and to be an affiliate because this gives us the ability to work closely with you.

If you are an affiliate, it’s a very logical sell to invite someone else to be an affiliate. You might have five other friends that you think you guys would be perfect to do affiliate marketing on Uthena. You might be able to make hundreds of dollars a month indefinitely just inviting your friends to join Uthena by affiliate marketing the Uthena partner program directly to them.

We even have a Uthena Franchise that I have a coaching system and I go through and show someone how to set up their own version of Uthena.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

You can make almost $2,000 affiliate selling this. Even if you sign someone up with a free offer and in two years they decide to get their own Uthena franchise, you can still make the $2,000 then.

On top of that, we also have services on Uthena.

You can sell my coaching on Uthena.

Auret, my graphic designer, you can sell her graphic design services and make $200.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

We are really excited about Uthena because we just launched Uthena and we have seen rapid growth, we have seen instructors adding courses on, we have seen thousands of new accounts in the first month.

This is going really well because there is nothing like this out there and what people have really gotten excited about is the affiliate commissions. I have done a lot of affiliate marketing online and I’ve hardly seen anywhere where you actually get lifetime commissions when you get the customer to sign up, you do get lifetime commissions on everything they sell.

The one program I’ve seen that’s doing this seems to be doing really well because when you bring somebody in, that’s a big fish and you can earn thousands of dollars every year on their costs, and it is huge in affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for the very best opportunity in affiliate marketing, getting in early on Uthena is ideal. The later you get in on Uthena the more people will have already signed up. The one big weakness on the Uthena program is that if you drive someone who is already signed up, you get nothing.

That means, the earlier you get in and drive sign-ups, the better it is for you.

The later affiliates, for example, on some websites you can just join right in and start selling, even though someone already has bought on that website a hundred times, you drive them in with your affiliate link again and you get a commission.

On Uthena, it doesn’t work like that, you have to drive the original sign-up. If you drive someone in whom already signed up with someone else, you get nothing, which means those who become affiliates with us first have the very best opportunities.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

The platform on Uthena is also non-profit itself, which means that it doesn’t make any money as a platform. My primary angle as the founder of Uthena is to sell all of my own stuff as an affiliate, which means when I sell and drive a sign-up, I get 20% of everything bought by anyone else.

Therefore, I don’t need the platform itself to make me any money because just putting my own courses like these courses that I’ve produced on here, both myself and as an executive producer, selling these courses with my own affiliate code, I have a massive earning potential because as the platform is new and I’ve got a big audience I promote to relentlessly, we are getting hundreds of new sign-ups a day, anything any of those users buy for life, I get 20% of.

Thus, I am drinking my own Kool-Aid, so to speak. I believe in this very heavily and I’ve set the platform up as a non-profit because I can see as an affiliate I can make all the money in the world that I need. The platform itself doesn’t need to make any additional money for me and it makes the financing very simple. All the platform does, is pay for the hosting on the services it needs and pays for any critical contract labor like help with support, etcetera.

Once that’s paid for, the affiliates get 20% of anything they sell, then if you have put up a course, you get everything else after that, which is awesome.

This allows me to do things like online ads to bring people in through my affiliate code, then I’ve already affiliates sold almost every instructor within the first 28 days of doing this. I’ve already affiliate sold almost every instructor’s course on this website, which is incredible.

Getting something started is usually really hard, and for some instructors, I’ve affiliates sold several of their courses already, even though I didn’t even use my affiliate code the first two weeks.

The affiliate marketing, this is a really, really, really hot, really good opportunity for you today, and it’s so hot that I’m not letting just anyone come in and spam links all over the place because that’s where we get problems.

When people use systems that are dishonest and come in and just throw links all over to drive sign-ups, that is not how we want to do things, and what I see is, I trust that if you are willing to pay $48 a month to join us or drop a $1,000 for life, you will do a good job.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

In my experience, that is a significant enough barrier to entry, that you giving something up front generally demonstrates that you have good intentions. That you want to build the platform, you want to help me earn and you are willing to do things in a way that’s sustainable.

We want Uthena to be here indefinitely. We want the affiliate marketing we do to be honest, to be helpful, not to be spammy, and annoying, and just all over the place like you have seen lots of affiliate programs online.

We want it to be smart, helpful, directed.

We want Uthena to be a platform people are really excited to discover right when they need it and not one they are sick of seeing affiliate links spammed into Facebook groups, spammed all over on links on forums and spammed everywhere.

That’s why we have got it set up like this and when you are ready to join us, we are ready to work with you, we are ready to help you earn.

I want you to succeed as an affiliate with Uthena.com.

I imagine helping you build your business with this affiliate program, and the beauty of this is, you can even put your own video courses.

I highly recommend, if you want to be an affiliate on Uthena, that you also upload your own video courses, free offers and services because this is the easiest way to drive sign-ups lots of times.

20% Lifetime Affiliate Sales for Video Courses, Free Offers, and Services on Uthena.com!

But if you don’t have your own courses, offers or services, you can get started immediately with any course or any service or any free offer on Uthena including any instructor’s free coupons.

We handle, we do the work to bring people back to Uthena via email marketing, via YouTube videos. We work really hard to bring people back to Uthena over and over and over again once they have been signed up.


I think I’ve gone on about this for quite a while. I think I am probably about done now.

Thank you very much for learning about the Uthena affiliate program with 20% lifetime commissions. We are very grateful for the chance to collaborate with you today.

Will you please use this link when you are ready to sign up and be an affiliate with us today on Uthena.com?


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.