Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

If you sell your course with your affiliate code, your Uthena course earnings is 95% of the sale which is on par with Udemy and way more than you’re going to get on Skillshare.

It is almost the same as you get selling it on your self-hosting.

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

If an organic sale happens with no affiliate code, you earn 50%. Therefore, any sale without an affiliate code is considered an organic sale because if I promote the courses on Youtube, I use my affiliate code to make the sale.

If a sale happens with a different affiliate, you get 25%. Let’s say, I sell your course, you get 25%. The nice thing is, you can set your course price at whatever you want.

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If you could set your course price at $100 and if I sell your course, your Uthena course earnings is $25 for that sale without having to do anything.

Thus, it’s very good for just like passive income because here’s how our course bundles work. Our course bundles are actually done on a number of courses while Skillshare is done on minutes watched.

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

Our courses are done based on the number of courses you have in a bundle.

Therefore, you can upload your courses to bundle on Uthena and you just really passively earn. Once you get the course in the bundle, you earn indefinitely off of the bundle sales.

Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

I’ve launched a platform this year named Uthena where you can start teaching and get the benefits of self-hosting and a marketplace all in one platform. You can set up your version of Uthena. If you want to set that up, you can go to my resources page on jerrybanfield.com.

Click on the resources page and you can set up your version of your course hosting platform.

If you want to learn more in detail, click on the video down below.

The downside with your course hosting platform is, it can be difficult to get anybody to buy it and less like me, I’ve got 150 courses. I’ve filmed about half of them and I paid to produce the other half of them which gave me enough single-handedly to start Uthena.

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

The problem is if you try and have your course hosting, you can make really good sales and a lot of money doing it but if you’re not very good at/or experienced at marketing, you’ll find that you need a marketplace like Udemy or Skillshare to bring people to you but Udemy and Skillshare don’t give you very much and they’re not reliable in the long-term.

So, we’re looking at an alternative to Udemy and Skillshare today that is set up for your success as an instructor.

How to get started on Uthena?

How you get started is,

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena
Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

Currently, there are 2 ways you can become an instructor on Uthena.

1- You need to have an existing course published on Udemy and based on the reviews, the students in your course and the course content, we decide if we are interested in bringing you on to Uthena. That is available for free and that is open to anyone.

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

2- You can also publish if you don’t have a course on Udemy you can just become a partner at Jerry.tips/partner. You can become a partner also if you don’t have any courses on Udemy. The partner program is filled with some successful Udemy instructors and full-time entrepreneurs online.

If you don’t have a Udemy course and you can’t be bothered to create one then you need to have some coaching and some help in order to be successful. Join the partner program and we will help you be successful and set up but the partner program is paid, You can essentially speed into Uthena with the partner program if you haven’t got on Udemy yet.

However, if you want to do it for free, just make a course on Udemy and get some good feedback on it and you can join for free.

We have a Udemy account verification using coupons because believe it or not within the first few weeks of this somebody submitted one of the top Udemy instructor profiles on here fraudulently. So, we used this little simple verification system to prove it’s really your profile.

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

We will upload the video files for you if you want us to or you can upload them yourself and have direct access to make sure everything’s right.

The main way we make sales on Uthena is with course bundles. For example, we have 419 courses for $419. We’ve got different topics in specific bundles. The Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle is the best-selling bundle on the website currently all off of my youtube organic promotions. It has 33 courses and this bundle has made more than almost all the others combined. The more courses we get, the better the bundles we’ve got.

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

So, I highly encourage to participate in bundles. That’s easy income and we will sell your courses for you on YouTube.

Which langugage/software did I use to create Uthena? How much time it took to develop it?

I’ve got video tutorials on that on my youtube channel. I’ve got a playlist that says Teach Online With Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, Uthena, Thinkific. This playlist will show you exactly how I created Uthena.

Long story short, I use Thinkific to host Uthena and then we’ve went through and uploaded all of the video courses on it. We’ve got services. We even have a live sales report on there.

The key thing, we’ve put a lot of time. I’ve spent something like a hundred thousand dollars this year to pay instructors advances to upload their courses, to pay to have contractors help me make more videos and to make more video courses to get up what you’ve seen here to lay a strong foundation for Uthena that then we can build on going forward.

Do you have to be an instructor to earn affiliate commissions?

On Uthena, we are open to your feedback on that. Right now, instructors are automatically approved as affiliates and then we are looking at anyone that wants to become an affiliate on a case by case basis.

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

So if you’d like to become an affiliate but you are not an instructor, just send us an email. Go to Uthena.com, go down to the contact page and you’ll find our email addresses. The e-mail address is, michelle@uthena.com.

Uthena Course Earnings | Set Up Your Own Version of Uthena

If you’d like to be an affiliate and you don’t have any courses, yes, we are very excited to get some affiliates involved. Some of the big deal websites might love the idea of making 50% lifetime affiliate commissions. You will love your Uthena course earnings.

However, we don’t have any integration outside of Uthena. The only way to see your earnings is currently in Uthena. We also have 419 courses which are a good number of courses and at the same time, it’s not 30,000 that Skillshare has or whatever Udemy’s up to.

Therefore, if you’d like to, you can just email at michelle@uthena.com to be an affiliate without having courses.

Start your Uthena course earnings today!

Jerry Banfield