Uthena Sales Report May 2019 with Instructor Income and Affiliate Earnings

Are you ready to see the Uthena sales report from May 2019 with me, the founder of Uthena Jerry Banfield?

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I’m so excited to share this report with you because I’ve never seen anything that goes into so much depth like this for an online teaching as a business platform. Let’s see first what are we talking about by Uthena. Uthena is a next generation online course and business platform where students are empowered to get better deals than ever.

Uthena University and Hacking bundles

We’ve got the Uthena University with 174 courses is in it for currently $189, we expect to raise this price in future because you get all the courses that are on the platform plus all that are added forever for one-time cost. Similar format with these are the Ethical Hacking Forever Course bundle.

What makes Uthena amazing is we’ve got courses, course bundles -- by video course I mean video classes you enroll in, you watch videos, ask instructors questions. We’ve also got services and we’ve got email marketing all integrated and set up for instructors. You can literally have students that start a free preview of your class get added directly to your email list on Uthena  that you can sell services, courses and course bundles, all this in one spot.  As an instructor this is incredible, this is what I wish for years and I’m grateful to have the chance to make it here today with you. If you don’t see what you want in life sometimes you just need to make it.

Jerry Banfield Mastermind and Services
Jerry Banfield mastermind and services

I’ve got a teaching mastermind and this is what I love about Uthena. You can sell your mastermind, you can sell your courses, you can sell your services all in one place and I’m leading by example.

I’ve got a mastermind, I’ve got tons of different course bundles, I’ve got lots of video courses, I’ve also got services for example if you want to schedule a call with me or hire me hourly I’ve got that and I managed to sell one of those and one of the course memberships -- all this month.

Uthena realtime sales report
Uthena sales report for June 2019

I think transparency is incredibly important for something like this which is why I’ve made a sales report on my website.

You can see in real-time the orders coming in. I just love this, this is awesome. You can see each order directly as someone places it,  stripped of any personal information. You see the product, the price, the instructor earnings, the affiliate earnings and the Uthena platform percentage along with the time.

Uthena product list
Uthena Product List

You can see a full product list here as well to find the instructor and the course link, then there are links on this page and this is if you click on uthena.com sales report. What I am giving here is a detailed explanation and a break down of all the earnings of what essentially you can see in real time which I just set up a few days ago.

The real time report then we are breaking this down once a month and showing how all the actual money came in. 

As much as I love to see this on other platforms that level transparency I know I have to make this any way to know what to pay instructors and affiliates on the platform therefore why not just share it with you. 

So here we are, we’ve got it shared with you. This is the Uthena actual spreadsheet I’m using to see how much to pay everybody else. This is for May 2019 for all the orders in May, sorted by courses and for the purpose of the spreadsheet were calling everything a course instead of services, bundles, etc. 

Uthena sales repot May 2019
Uthena Sales Report May 2019

So here we are, we’ve got it shared with you. This is the Uthena actual spreadsheet I’m using to see how much to pay everybody else. This is for May 2019 for all the orders in May, sorted by courses and for the purpose of the spreadsheet were calling everything a course instead of services, bundles, etc. 

For example you can see this Ethical Hacking Forever course bundle, you can see the breakdown on it. What I’ve done is I’ve taken the total actual order amount here, then if there’s an affiliate put the affiliate codes in there and this only took me an hour or less to get all this set up and finish, which is awesome. 

Then you’ve got the Uthena 20%, the platform fee on Uthena is flat 20% of the total sale which account for PayPal fees, Stripe fees, hosting, email marketing, contract labor, keep this whole thing going, at cetera.

That fee for an organic sale is less than any other platform I know of and if you sell your own course you get 80%, also if you use an affiliate code plus 20% of anything else the affiliates account buys for lifetime. You got these affiliate 20% commissions in here that again are lifetime. You drive a sign up and you earn forever.

Then the instructor total. Now for a course bundle this is for all the instructors in the whole bundle, if it’s just something individual, for example they there Jerry Banfield ones then that’s how much I get. On something like Master Ethical Hacking or on the partner I get all of these because I get the Uthena platform fee as well. 

I’ll show you how all these earnings breakdown. These are all the actual sales for the whole month which I didn’t have the real-time reports set up last month. You’ll get to see these come in in real time from now on and you can see each course and how much it sold for.

If you bought a course and you see that it sold for less, just send us an email and we will be happy to give you a credit towards any other purchase on the platform. We will give you a custom coupon essentially if you bought something from more and you see someone else bought it for less just email us and we will give you that much off of anything else you want to buy.

If you want to get the very best deals that you will get those in the Uthena  weekly newsletter which will come with exclusive coupons not shared anywhere else.

That’s something we are just getting started with that so you won’t see much of that in this individual sales report. This is sorted or it was sorted by courses, I’m not sure how it is sorted now, this is the actual sales, every single thing we sold. You’ll notice a lot of this Ethical Hacking Forever course bundle, almost all of these sales were made by me, and this is my affiliate code which I’m using to make sure the affiliate program works and that gives me more than the Uthena 20%. That way I get 40% when I sell anything on the platform that I’m not just the instructor on, example of promoting something on my YouTube channel, and this helps me to verify the affiliate program really does work before I tell you you ought to join it I can see how well it’s working from me and you can total up everything down here.

As you’ll notice these Hacking courses and the Ethical Hacking Forever bundle were the main things we sold because those are the main things I’ve promoted on my YouTube channel. However we are starting in June to promote courses by other instructors on the platform that are going to start diversifying our sales a lot.

We also just set up a new email marketing system and a huge new course bundle that you can see above.

This will start getting almost every instructor on the platform sales and give us some outstanding diversity. 

My vision is that every instructor on Uthena will earn at least something every month. All you need to do is allow us to put your course in this big University bundle and you’ll get a slice of that, based on how many courses you have in the bundle.

My vision is that in time we’ll have thousands of instructors earning money every single month off Uthena. Right now there’s three, me and two others. That’s really good considering we just started this in February 2019 and this is a May 2019 sales.

I have shown you the list of the courses sold, you can see some of these are Matlab courses, there’s a Bug Bounty course, Java programming course, WordPress job, you can see Teach online, etc. You can see something besides hacking course sold, Android App Development I’ve been promoting on YouTube, Audiobook Publishing, here’s a Genius in 21 Days.

The partner program membership which is my mastermind with weekly group calls and is a fantastic value if you want to build your teaching business online. If you want to be really involved in Euthena, we’ve got our own Facebook group, our own Discord chat, weekly voice calls where you get to talk with me and the other partners each week. It is an outstanding support group for entrepreneurs.

I’m very grateful that one of the new instructors on Uthena invested in a partner membership and that’s the single largest sale on the website. Now the partner membership involves me doing a lot on an ongoing basis to support each partner and has a ton of reward so I’m very grateful we sold one of those this month. We sold two last month and I took away the monthly option on it because I like paying for stuff one time and $1,000 is a significant investment. 

It is our biggest investment in partner program is when someone is new thus it makes sense to match when most of the money comes in with most of what we need to give back although on an ongoing basis partners tend to need a lot of help to start and its varies.

Uthena total sales in May 2019
Uthena total sales in May 2019

So if you look here we’ve got the totals on all of this. You can see the total Uthena sales for May 2019 at $3,418.50 net, including two or three refunds. 

Then we’ve got the total Uthena fee, that’s the platform fee and that includes Stripe and PayPal fees and hosting and everything in there.

Then the total for affiliates, which is mostly me but also Joseph Delgadillo, and then the total for instructors is $2,228.85.

Instructors earnings
Instructors earnings

What I did here is I went and then put all of the individual courses that were not just me. Since I’m the founder and I’m the only owner of Uthena and everything that doesn’t get paid to someone else gets paid to me plus all the expenses are all mine as you’ll see in a minute.

We’ve got down here everything that’s not just me. I put in a formula to calculate exactly how much, I took the instructor earnings and multiplied by the number of courses in a bundle. Last month we had 10 course in the bundle, I had five, Joseph had three and Sac had two. We calculated the earnings like that off instructor earnings for each of these, then on some of these bundles Joseph Delgadillo and Sac were the only instructors on it and therefore they earned all of the instructor earnings. There’s going to be a whole lot more of these going forward where instructors besides me earn all of the sale.

Affiliate and total earnings

I put Joseph Delgadillo affiliate sales here as well, Joseph actually earned $35 as an affiliate as a part of his total $417 in income.

Finally we looked down here at the revenue and expenses. In the contract labor I simplified a bit as I don’t know exactly how many hours I paid for it specifically for Uthena. I estimated it cost me about $1,000 to pay for the contract labor for Uthena. 

The total Uthena earnings including mine before any cost is $2,817.32.

Joseph Delgadillo made $417.27 and Sac made $183.91, thus the total payout is $601.18 for other instructors and I imagine this is the largest number that will increase going forward.

The purpose of Uthena is to make it easy and to give you another platform as an instructor to earn on. When you take good care of the instructors the students will be able to get outstanding values like this Uthena University.

My intention is with Uthena University, for every instructor going forward with that, to Uthena University sales already this month so all the instructors in the bundle will be getting payouts next month.

For this month it will probably be an amazing thing in the future, wow one month on Uthena only two instructors get paid. I have perceived a ton of instructors, thousands of instructors eventually, getting payments every month off of Uthena.

To make this make sense I subtracted in my costs out of it. If you just look at this -- Jerry made $2800 that’s great of him but Jerry also paid the $499 hosting fee, $399 email feed, $550  to Zappier to support all thease integrations, $95 in Stripe fees, $97 in PayPal fees and about $1,000 in contract labor to get help with things like uploading a courses, make thumbnails for courses, getting the landing pages organized, etc.

I actually made less than everyone else on the platform when you consider all that I put in. However as you can see as more instructors build up and build things like this bundles and as they start to sell my earnings will go up very well as everybody else’s earnings continue to go up.

Because these earnings are somewhat fixed except the Stripe and PayPal.

Thinkific hosting shouldn’t go up much in cost until there is a lot more sales, same thing on the active campaign.

The contract labor may go up a bit but getting it started that shouldn’t go up too much faster than what we’ve already got. The Stripe and PayPal fees will scale as sales scale.

Thus I actually earned, if you count the profit, less than other instructors did but as we get more and more instructors on Uthena my earning I imagined will become ridiculous some point and then the earnings of all other instructors combined will be even more outstanding.

With each individual instructor getting to at least participate in the sales each month, as long as instructors agree to be in course bundles.

Thank you very much for reading my very first Uthena sales report which you can now watch on jerrybanfield.com/uthena-sales-report. The sales report you can get to up on the top of the Uthena page if you click on Sales Report

If you want to teach on uthena  just go to uthena.com, click on Teach and enroll in the course. If you’ve already got a Udemy course up we will get your or Udemy course on the platform. If you don’t you may need to become a partner in order to get your courses on Uthena.

If you want to become an affiliate click that Affiliates button, go to the affiliate course. 

If you want to hire me for coaching or help with your business I’m available right now on the Services tab. My hourly rate is as low as it may ever get right now as I’m more available than I imagine I’ll be in the future. That hourly rate will go up as anyone hires me and starts working with me on a regular basis.

You can see the sales report any time. I’ve created this so instructors that are on the platform can literally just refresh the page, see if any new sales have come in and review all the sales in the month instead of having to send out emails.

Thank you very much for being here.

I love you all, you’re awesome and thank you very much for looking at the Uthena sales report and I hope I will  see you on Uthena of this month.


Jerry Banfield

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