Uthena Sales Report June 19 – Today

Uthena.com Product List

Let’s Go!

What is Uthena?

Uthena.com is a complete business platform and marketplace online offering instructors and students a complete experience from free offers to video classes, course bundles, and services all in one place!  Students enjoy hundreds of courses today plus thousands added over the next year for a one time payment in the Uthena University Bundle at https://uthena.com/bundles/university while having the ability to directly connect with instructors via email and order services.  We are rapidly building our course inventory via $20 per course advance payments for Udemy instructors with approved courses willing to share the video files for us to upload on Uthena!

Our long term vision is to empower each of us to reach our maximum potential in service to others especially in our ability to work together productively and creatively online!  Our values are love, hope, faith, charity, and tolerance which guide us to always consider how we may serve and give back!  You can learn more in videos filmed by our founder on YouTube about Uthena below!