Super Simple Steps to Verify Your Facebook Fan Page

I’ll show you here how to get a verified Facebook page. It’s very simple.

First, go to this link on Facebook to request a verified page.

Right now, Facebook is only selecting people with big sports, media, and entertainment pages to be verified. I will give you a solution to get more likes on your page using Facebook ads if you don’t have them. For right now, I will assume you have them.

Once you do and your page is set up as a public profile you click the “Select Page” button and select your page.

Next, attach the files they ask for. I attached my driver’s license and I put a link to my website which is

Finally, I sent it. It took about 5 – 7 days and then my page for verified.

What if your page is not set up as a public figure?

If you don’t set it up as a public figure you will have to change the type of page you have. Go to your about tab and then change your category to people

verifiedfb-1Once you set it as “People” it will match up to what Facebook is asking for its media, entertainment or government page. Select the best description that describes you, I selected teacher, and save that before submitting your page.

What if your page is under a different name, like the name of your company?

If you have it under a different name, you can submit a request to change your page name.

If you need to change your page name, just go to About and edit the company section.


After you change the name to your name, save it and then you can  also change the URL to match your name also.

What if you don’t have enough likes on your page?

Facebook is not likely to verify your page if you don’t have very many likes. If you don’t have many likes or you need help with Facebook, I have a comprehensive course on Udemy that shows you exactly how to get that set up and how to get your likes for 1 cent each using Facebook ads. I’ve spent about 10,000 or more on Facebook Ads for my page and I’ve got tons of cheap likes all over the world. I got all these likes using the information I show in my Facebook Ads course.

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