3 Ways to Enjoy Video Calls with Jerry Banfield on Zoom

Do you want to schedule your video call with me? Would you like to talk to me as much as every day, once a week or just one time for free?

I’ve got 3 different ways by which you can talk to me. This is the best setup I’ve ever had and the highest quality experience for communicating with me. I’m so excited to present it to you. So, let’s get straight to it.

How you can have zoom calls with me? What is Zoom? Zoom is an application I use with which you can call in on your phone with video and/or audio. You can use it on your computer and even on your iPad. The number one way you might be interested in booking a free call with me is right on the home page at jerrybanfield.com. I’ll tell you exactly how it works.

I’ll open up the calendar and give you a quick look at it. What you can do is pick a time slot that’s available as you can see in the picture above. I only accept free calls booked up to one week in advance. I only accept one free call a day and there has to be an open spot in my schedule with at least a total of 11/2­ open in my schedule, 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after. Now, if you don’t see any appointments that’s because other people have booked all of them. What you can do is, just keep checking back and I bet you will find an appointment. We have a call almost every single day that’s scheduled. Now if you want to talk to me for free, the main limitation is only 1 call per person for life that is totally for free. This is to give everybody as many chances to schedule in there for free.

If you’re wondering why you might like to talk to me about anything? You can talk to me about my Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, Podcast or Blog. I probably can help you really good with that. Now, if you’d like some more regular conversations with me, there’re 3 basic ways to do that.

Number 1: If you want to build your business online, I find it’s really helpful to work with a coach. Any area I’m struggling in, I work with a coach on it. For example, struggling to relax, a therapist who shows me how to relax, struggling to do like a focus active meditation, get some insights or work with the hypnotherapist. I find every week for me tends to be the most effective. I see my hypnotherapist every week and see my massage therapist every week. Whatever I do every week, tends to be really effective.

Number 2: If you want to build your business online, I have a Partner Program in which we have group calls with me and with the others who are in the program doing similar things every single week. You can go to jerry.tips/partner or you can just click on the partners button on the top of Uthena. You’ll find the partner program there. It is a one-time cost of $6543.21. I imagine you will earn back a hundred plus thousand dollars as a result of investing in this with me because of all the follow-up. You put in the money, you put in the time and energy to get connected, build a relationship with me and other partners over time. We will help you in ways you can’t even imagine right now. We will help you stay inspired and this is what’s happened with existing partners who are consistently building $10k+ a month businesses online. Sometimes they start from zero or just a few hundred dollars a month, other times starting from earning a few thousand.

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3 Ways to Enjoy Video Calls with Jerry Banfield on Zoom

If you want to focus on building your business and you want to talk to me every week, the best way to build a relationship with me is to join the Partner Program. I get really excited when I see the sale come in. I recognize that’s a lot of money and it means a lot to me. It’s a big help to me so, I really appreciate it. I’ll be extremely grateful when you will join the program. We’re all really excited to help you and to figure out how to make your business successful. The main way we do that is with our weekly video calls on zoom. Most of us put our cameras on. We all talk and help each other out and it’s amazing. I launched this platform on Uthena off of these partner calls. This group has helped me a ton, it’ll help you a ton.

Number 3: If you just want to talk less frequently than a week or if you don’t have six thousand dollars in a bank or if you just want private one-on-one help then, here’s the other option to do it. You hire me. You can use jerry.tips/hire or you can just go to hourly services by Jerry Banfield on Uthena. You can just pay to talk to me hourly. My hourly rate is based on my availability. This has been as high as a $1,000 an hour in the past. So when you want to talk to me, you can get credit for hours and then you can have a much more flexible and open-ended scheduling approach. Let’s say, if you want to just do a couple of calls with me, you can buy the 3-hours package or you can pay hourly. Now, you get a discount for more hours because it’s generally easier for me when you schedule for more hours.

So, let’s say if you want a complete coaching package one-on-one calls, I think 27 hours option is the best. That’s 1 call every single week or every single day. If you need a really intensive program, you can just get the 27 hours package. You get the maximum discount on my hourly rate and the hours are good indefinitely. There are testimonials from clients who have used. I’ve saved Gilles at least $10,000. He bought what today is equivalent of the 9-hour package. He scheduled a call with me every month. So, I helped him figure out how to get his website built for thousands of dollars cheaper than he was going to do. It helped him get his content up and helped him increase his business. His hourly rate helped him a ton with just a 9-hour package.

So, if you, for example, want to have six 30-minute calls with me, you can get the 3-hour package for only $785.16 and you could schedule six 30-minute calls. The smallest increment I do is 30-minute calls and you can use this service at any other time available. For example, if you get the 27-hour package and you decide you want me to actually go hands-on and help you do something in your business, you can have me work with you directly instead of just talking with you. So, these hourly services have a lot of flexibility.

Thus, I think we’ve completely covered here the 3 different ways you can have calls with me.

  • You can do a free call whenever you want to on my Website.
  • You can join me for group calls in my Partner Program every week.
  • You can do those Individual Calls with me using my Hourly Rate.

I’m honored that you are here. I appreciate you continuing on this journey with me and anytime I see those purchases, I get really excited. I’m looking forward to helping you, however, we can think of doing it together. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter. I love you. You’re awesome. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to serve you today. I imagine I’ll see you soon and you’ll take a look on jerrybanfield.com.

Jerry Banfield