Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

How do we get more students to enroll in our courses, especially when we are teaching on Udemy, Skillshare or on our own websites hosted with things like Teachable or Thinkific?

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

Will you please watch this video for an answer and if you find anything you like, will you please leave a like on it because inside you will find a completely free system to promote your courses based on what has worked the very best for me out of teaching hundreds of thousands of students online?

What I’ve got here is a free coupons page. You can see exactly how this is working for yourself at

This page currently has 198 free coupons to paid courses on it.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

The best way to promote courses is to get students to take them for free.

So, the next question you are likely to ask is, “Well, how do I make sales off that?”

The main way to make sales is building relationships with students.

Often a free coupon is a very good gateway to let someone take a course they wouldn’t have otherwise paid for and out of the people who love that course that you have given for free, those people are very likely to become true followers.

True followers will buy course after course after course you create. True followers will sign up for subscriptions, pay for coaching and help you to have a business online indefinitely.

I know because that’s how I’m here with you right now.

I’m grateful I’ve made millions of dollars selling courses on Udemy. I now have all my courses on my own website because after doing it a whole bunch of different ways, I find having most of my courses on my own website is the best way to do it because no one can ban me from my own website.

However, teaching on a platform like Udemy is a very easy way compared to setting it up all on your own, to get started and have the potential to make a lot of organic sales. You can certainly have your courses on both.

The problem comes in, where do you get students to take your courses?

Where do you get that initial following and that initial audience and what I hope I’ve set up for you at is a good way to do that?

I will show you how this page works and how you can participate. It’s all totally free.

This is how I am marketing my own courses, so you know it works for me. I’m getting tons of students in my courses on my own website hosted with Thinkific. You can see everything I use, I’ve got all the stuff listed at

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

You can see all the stuff from my web hosting, course hosting and email marketing. I’ve got all the stuff I use and I take off the stuff if I stop using it.

What I do is I just give all of my courses away for free.

I’ve got 39 of my courses hosted on my own website.

Then, I also have 29 of them with free course links on Skillshare.

However, I realized just putting my own courses up, that’s nice, but what will keep people coming back is to make a place where instructors anywhere can put their free coupons on this page.

You can put your free coupons on this page as well, and then what you see is I have a very strong motivation to promote this page because I want people to come take my courses, but I also want people to keep coming back to this page for years and I want people to share this page.

So, here’s what I’ve got.

I have a bunch of coupons on here by other instructors, and then this is the main thing that gets updated.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

All these courses by other instructors then keep people coming back and keep people sharing the page. If you want to be on this page, it’s really simple. There’s a form at the bottom, you put your name, email, subject and message along with solving a simple thing to reduce spam and guess what, you can put your coupon on this list.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

Now, from my point of view, I’d want to ask, “Okay, well, how many people are visiting this page?”

If I’m going to take the time to just be bothered to submit an email form, I want to make sure people are actually coming and actually redeeming coupons on this page.

What I can tell you is I can prove to you that 200 people a day are coming to this page for free.

If you look at my social media accounts up here, I’ve got millions of followers online, 2.2 million likes on Facebook, 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, 99,000 followers on Twitter. I’ve got 1,600 on Twitch for live streaming, I have 572 blog posts on my website, which pull a lot of organic traffic from Google.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

Hundreds of people a day come to my website for free from Google including a lot of them to this free coupons page.

You see, I looked around at other free coupon pages when I started signing up on Udemy and trying to take as many courses as I could for free. I found the main thing that made coupon pages bad was having a bunch of broken links.

So, my friend Michel Gerard and I work together to keep this page updated, so that when instructors invariably turn off free coupons, then we delete them from this page.

That makes this page worth bookmarking and worth sharing because the free coupons work and in fact, we have a very simple technique. If you find any free coupons that don’t work you can simply report and say this coupon is broken and Michel gets an email immediately from that. He then either deletes that coupon or reaches out to the instructor for a new coupon.

My coupons obviously stay on all the time to my own website.

I think having really made it in online teaching is being able to just give all my courses away for free.

You might ask, “Well, why would you give your courses away for free? These are courses you’ve already sold millions of dollars on. You could easily be making a lot of money selling all these courses.”

I just give them away because I want as many people to take them as possible, and I have enough money today to do that.

Now, I still got hundreds of thousands in student loan debt, I’ve got a house payment, but I have enough money to just give all my stuff away for free though because I want the long-term relationship. I want someone taking a course on a free coupon absolutely loving it, and then coming back over and over again on my social media accounts and on my email updates.

Then, when I do have something to sell occasionally, I put music out or I put a video course out that I actually am going to sell and I need money, then I can easily ask for it because I’ve had an existing relationship and I’ve got a ton of true fans online.

Alright, my T-shirts might sell more if I had a ton of true fans.

I’ve got a lot, thousands of true fans online who check things almost every day, who are always interested in whatever I’m creating, and that’s why free coupons work so well for promotion.

It’s a long-term approach with consistent growth.

I will show you the traffic numbers.

“Okay. Show me the traffic.”

I will show you the Google Analytics right here.

It’s the free courses page on my website.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

It’s got 1,581 page views with 1,361 unique page views.

Your next question is, “Okay, how long is that?”

That’s the last seven days.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

We are looking at about 200 people a day often loading the page more than once, and some days spike, there are hundreds on some days, but you can see there is also consistent value on this.

I will give you a longer period of time so you can see that this is consistent.

Over the last 30 days, there are hundreds of people coming to the page every day, and the best part is I have not even been making an effort to promote this at all.

The last time I promoted it is probably a year.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

I was promoting something else over the last year, which I am not going to mention now. I didn’t even have a link to my course on my website. I just put a button back to my course on the top of my website.

I haven’t mentioned the free courses page in a video in a long time.

Where is all this traffic coming from?

That’s very important and there is great news, this traffic is coming from videos I’ve already made and people searching through Google organic search for free coupons along with people who have bookmarked the page and keep coming back, and people sharing it on social media.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

This is very high-quality traffic because none of it is paid or spam. It’s all people who want free course coupons.

Many of them wanting my free course coupons, but also being willing to take the best of whatever is available on the page.

I just realized today that I should make a video about this, because this is perfect to promote your courses on.

The instructors who are already on the page have consistently reported getting students from these free coupons and that’s why a lot of the courses have been on this page for a long time.

At least 50% of the courses on this page tend to stay on this page for a really long time because the instructors keep getting free coupon redemptions over and over again, and then those students have the chance to take additional courses and especially on Udemy the chance to receive some related marketing.

For example, if you take a course on how to teach courses on Udemy, then you make another course, Udemy may suggest, if you redeem the first one for free when you are browsing Udemy, they are likely to suggest another course from the same instructor and lots of time students will find free coupons like this.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

I remember when I would redeem coupons, I would click on a free link.

Sometimes I would browse the instructor’s profile and I would end up either buying a course or starting to follow an instructor and trying to get more free coupons because let’s say I found one course and the instructor had a coupon on, but then I found another course they had that I liked better.

This works much better many times than just making a free course because a free course in and of itself is often not that exciting, but the idea of getting a paid course for free is worth sharing, it’s worth talking about and people feel like they have got a great deal on it.

These Udemy coupons are consistently sending actual sales to instructors. In fact, we have been able to use an affiliate program to prove that instructors are earning hundreds of dollars a month on these coupons.

Yes, our instructors are earning hundreds of dollars a month in sales from these coupons, and you are thinking, “Okay, these are free coupons. How are our instructors earning hundreds of dollars on them?”

It’s just exactly what I explained.

A person takes one course for free, loves it, then decides to buy another course within a week. The affiliate program tracking is seven days and within a week, the student decides to buy another course from that instructor.

I remember from teaching on Udemy, I had 72 courses before and $600,000 in earnings before I was banned, millions of dollars in actual sales. I often saw students, they would buy one course or take a free coupon to start, and then buy 10, 15 sometimes 20 courses after that.

That’s what you want to get into the door with and I’ve got a page right here.

Now, you might say, “You’re banned from Udemy. Can you still promote coupons? Does Udemy track any of that?”

Udemy doesn’t care where you get your coupon redemptions from as long as you are not cheating.

If you are sending people to Fiverr to do paid reviews of your courses, then yes, Udemy will care about that and has a system set up to track that.

If you are putting free coupons out, this is the primary way Udemy instructors get a lot of students and it is by promoting with free courses, especially when combined with YouTube video tutorials and a free coupon to one course. That works really well and that’s how I got so many sales and so many students.

All these instructors on here, we have looked around and found some coupons that were out there when we originally built this page. You can see some of these coupons have been here for almost two years now.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

When we originally built this page, we just found a lot of coupons.

In other words, we just took coupons off of anywhere else.

So, if you are paranoid about Udemy, I guess you can understand how I am, there is no differentiation from where an instructor gave a coupon on purpose to be on this page or whether we just found a coupon from somewhere else and stuck it on here.

Now, if you put Jerry Banfield as the coupon code maybe you might want to put one that’s more neutral on it. It hasn’t mattered for anyone who is on the page so far, but I think of you, I think of the long term. I’ve got this all set up for you, all you do to add your coupon on here is put in your name, your email your message with the coupon links.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

We prefer that these coupons have a lot of redemptions with an indefinite date because if you want to get the very most students, you want to have the coupons that are on there for a really long time with a lot of redemptions.

You might miss the majority of your opportunities doing 50 free coupon redemptions that expire in a week and you might not even have hardly anyone redeem it by then.

Lots of times you need to get things out by word of mouth marketing where someone takes a course for free on here, talks about the course they took for free, tells their friend about it, their friend comes to this page just for that specific course coupon.

That’s how you get a lot of redemptions over time and that’s why I’ve got thousands of students enrolled in my own course hosting.

The beauty of this page, it’s not limited to Udemy coupons.

If you teach on Udemy and you have a Teachable and you are on Skillshare, you can put whatever you care about the most on there.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

You can put your Skillshare links, you can put your Udemy links, you can even put a link to both your website and Udemy, and you can put one to Skillshare if you also wanted, all for the same course.

Now, the one condition, it must be completely free.

It’s got to be a totally free coupon.

No $9.99 coupons.

No sign up for a month.

It has to be totally free.

No free trial.

Absolutely free.

No credit card required.

It must be totally free to be on this page.

We will not put any paid coupons on this page because the list is called free courses.

“Best List of Paid Online Courses for Free with 100% Discount Coupons!”

That doesn’t mean free trial.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

So, it’s got to be free to be on this page.

Now, one more opportunity.

If you are an instructor and you have got a bunch of coupons from someone else, you can put coupons to courses that aren’t yours on here and even promote yourself.

So, for example, if you give at least three coupons you can see some instructors have their own entire section dedicated to their classes.

What you can do also, let’s say you don’t even teach classes, but you want to promote your own website, if you can get a bunch of free coupons that are valid and put them up, let’s say you grab them from another source, you can submit all those, and then promote your own website, your own Fiverr, whatever.

We will have an entire category and will say something like “Free courses found by Mohammed Jasser.”

Something like that.

Free Video Course Promotion for UDEMY Instructors to 200+ Students a Day!

We will put an entire category up for you and you can link your website, “Free courses, coupons found by Mohammed,” and then a link or whatever.

You can go collect other free coupons, and then essentially use those coupons to help promote yourself on this page.

My intention is to have the best free coupons list in the world.

Therefore, I’m willing to take free coupons from anywhere as long as they are free because I want to make this the best free coupons page in the world.

Right now, this is one of the top free course coupons pages in the world already.

I’m not sure whether it’s absolutely definitely the best or not.

What I can say from what I’ve seen, it’s one of the best in the world.

It’s all in one spot.

Will you help me make this even better because when we work together to make this better like all these other instructors have already worked with me to make this better, then we can make this the best free coupons page in the world?

I bet the best free coupons page in the world has the ability to get 10 times as many page views as this is getting right now.

I bet when we work together we can get thousands of page views on this every day.

I want as many people taking my courses, I want as many people on my email list, I want to give my courses away for free to as many people as possible.

That’s my motivation.

I want people to come to this page and I know I get more by helping you get more.

The more students I help you get, the more students I get. Even if you get more than I do, that’s fine. If you get 100 for every 10 I get, that’s fine.

Thank you very much for reading this post or watching the video at the top of this post.

I hope this has been helpful because I know how hard it is getting started on Udemy. It took me six months to make $1,000 on Udemy and it took me a year to make $10,000 on Udemy.

I know how hard it is to get started on Udemy and I’ve made a system that considers all of my experience over the last four years, including getting banned, a way that’s good for instructors to promote courses, a way that is good for students to go find courses and a way that’s natural and it stays on the same page here.

Thank you very much for reading this.

I love you.

You are awesome and I hope this is helpful.


Jerry Banfield

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