Narrate Video Courses and Podcasts Without a Script!

How do we narrate video courses and podcast without using a script?

I’m Jerry Banfield. I’m a full-time YouTuber and I’ll tell you exactly how I do this in all my videos because that’s what I’m here to answer. How am I able to just make thousands of Videos without using a script in any of them?

It’s really simple and I’ll give you some tips to do it right now. Number one is just to get used to talking to yourself. You probably already talked to yourself at some point even if you don’t speak, you talk in your head. Just get used to talking to yourself like, “Oh hey how are you doing? Oh, I’m having a lovely day, how are you today? The weather’s nice, isn’t it?” but let’s get into some deep conversation because oh my god you’re boring me talking about the weather. If for some reason you don’t talk to yourself at all and you don’t even like mumble and put your head down you know, that’s stupid. If you don’t even talk to yourself like that then pretend like you’re talking to your best friend.

It’s still really just a little pretend exercise that camera you’re my best friend. You’ve listened to me and you always listen to me. Oh my God, you always hear what I have to say and you just care so much no matter how messy it is on the other end, no matter what a train wreck or a crappy video I’m making, you just keep listening to me and I love you so much. That’s why I talk to you every day. The cameras like, “I’m gonna freakin break man, that’s it. That’s enough of your crap I’ve been listening to you for years. It’s time for me to talk“.  Just get used to talking from the heart.

First, you might need to clear the idea in your mind that you need a script, that you need to be perfect and that if you do it with a script perfectly people won’t judge you because I’ll give you some bad news. If you do it perfectly with a script, people are gonna judge you. No matter what you do, people are going to judge you. People are gonna say you’re not good enough. Video is stupid. This guy’s trash. I wish I get a dollar for every time I get a comment on my YouTube channel said, You’re trash. What does that mean, you’re trash? I don’t fit in a trashcan. I’m not trash. Just have fun with it.

Another tip, have a good time with it. If you think that it has to be edited and that you have to have a script to get your point across, that is not natural. Listen to yourself. Talk the rest of the day. Do you need a script to talk to your mother? Maybe you do maybe you’d stop insulting her so much and getting into fights with her if you had a script. If it was just scripted, you wouldn’t have said that stuff to your mother. Now, you don’t need a script to talk to your mother or your father if he’s alive. My dad’s dead so he just mostly listens at this point. Dad, I wish you were here.

Do you need a script to talk to your family members or your friends? Just get in the habit of talking to your friends and family which you probably already do and then do that in your mind when you’re doing your videos. Imagine because realistically your mom or your friends will be the only ones who are going to watch your videos in the starting anyway if you’re lucky. Just remember you’re primarily talking to them and that way you don’t need a script to make a video for your mom to watch. You don’t need a script to make a video and let go of the idea that you need a script and you need to plan everything out and that somehow that will protect you from the awful of comments that you’ll get on your YouTube channel. Just look through some of the comments that people put on my Videos. That’s why I hardly look at most of the comments anymore and still, somebody will probably just post, “You are trash”. Alright, the downside, of course, is sometimes you may go off on a significant tangent and when you do that, just lovingly bring yourself back over. However, sometimes tangents make you more endearing.

You’re more likely to smash that Subscribe button on my Youtube channel to help me be a full-time YouTuber. You’re more likely to hit that if you laugh while you’re watching one of my videos maybe because I did something you kind of couldn’t believe like, “Wow, this guy’s trying to do a professional presentation. He’s wearing a suit and tie. He’s crazy.” You drive me crazy, I just can’t sleep. I’m so excited I’m in too deep. Someone’s like, “I’m turning this effing video off. That’s right, no more his dumb stuff”. After you help somebody to laugh, you have a good time making your videos and you’ve got a much higher chance of having someone subscribe to your Youtube channel.

The most common feedback I get from people about why they kept watching it because anyone can make a freakin tutorial, you could just get some software. But is it a wish tutorial you’re gonna watch or the one in which you enjoy and have fun? I would just record the screen while I was doing something I already needed to do anyway. For example, I was making Facebook ads for 2 hours like 4 years ago and I was just literally recording the screen. At one point I probably forgot that I was even recording and I’m just talking and at one point in the middle of the video I said, “Let’s put an exclamation point in it to get a mother effer excited”. Although I didn’t say mother effer, I said the actual thing and it was a line kind of adapted from a Tupac song and I just dropped that right in the middle of the video. The guy said that he absolutely died laughing because it was so random. You got a guy m­aking a facebook ads tutorial and then suddenly just drops this wack Tupac line poorly adapted into the middle of the video. It was so unexpected and the unexpected was hilarious especially in a world where most of us live and watch things that are scripted.

Sometimes our lives are even scripted. We go to work and it’s like a script like, “How are you today? Good, how are you today? Good. Are you gonna hang yourself? Yes, I’m gonna hang myself later. Let’s all hang ourselves.” Please don’t hang yourself because I’ve heard that you will regret that as soon as it happens in the afterlife. You’d be like, “oh my God, why did I ruin this beautiful young body”? So, I’m just giving you the point that some of our lives are so scripted and so boring. Many of us are desperate for a little honest real human connection and when you put a script in your videos, you actually reduce the life that’s in the video. You can see, my Videos are full of life as you’ve got this far and you didn’t quit watching and 80% of the rest did. You can see the life that’s in my videos because I’m just real. This is me. I just show up and be myself and you don’t need a script to show up and be yourself, do you? Do you need a script to show up and be yourself? Just show up, be yourself, have fun, embrace reality and love what you’re doing. Then you are empowered to narrate without needing a script or an exact template and to accept that your imperfections might actually add to what you’re doing.

I have a friend he made an outstanding course online that taught very good information in it. I couldn’t watch it because it was so edited, scripted and boring. He’s like alright let me be him. “So you’re gonna go over here and you’re gonna click this button. Then you go over here and click that button. Once you’ve clicked that button and that button, then you go over here and you put your title in (edit). Then on this next part, you’ll put your paragraph in (edit). Then on this next part, you will go over.” GOD! that’s boring. I’m like dude I want to learn what you’re teaching but you cut all the humanity and all the imperfections. You cut it so much that it’s just another boring online course that has no life to it. I can’t stand to watch something that’s so dull. Some people just want to watch a boring course that has no life to it and learn a subject, I don’t though. I want to laugh. I want to have a little fun. I want to hear some stories. Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. Maybe I don’t want to hear Lady Gaga sung by me but I want to have some fun while I’m watching something. I want to laugh and that’s why I love listening to audiobooks because even though they are scripted, they’re from books that people have usually done a really good job on but still even those are often lacking in random humor. I learned this because of course, I used to try and do my videos and script them and all that stuff.

I learned this by listening to Eckhart Tolle. I listen to “The power of now” which is an outstanding audiobook. It helped me out live and then I listen to his “New earth”. Then afterward I listened to one of his retreats. At first, I was like, “Well this is weird”. It’s not edited. He’s just really taking a long time between what he’s saying but then he started saying some stuff that was really funny and after listening to probably now 30 of his retreats, I heard him describe sex for the first time which oh my God I still am laughing about that. I’m still thinking of sex as Eckhart Tolle described it. He used the word spasm in there. It’s really nothing to get excited about it’s just a spasm and some touching. You see that never would have made it into something that had been edited of his and yet one of the most memorable things I’ve ever heard Eckhart Tolle say despite him being a best-selling author is, his description of sex. It’s funny. It’s relatable spasm and touching. Damn, that sounds good. See when you realize you might actually be able to deliver higher quality content without a script then you’re in a position to do amazing things. Now you’ve read a 10 minutes post and you want some of the real good stuff, you’re sold on the script. At this point, you wished I would have started talking about some tips to go forward with it 10 minutes ago. Well, you’ve made it to the right place.

Tips to make it work,

Any time you’re talking, pretend that you’re on camera. If you are thinking, “Jerry I can’t do these with no script. I say um and AH and Vag”. Well, I say all kinds of random things too. You’re like, “What? What did you just say?” If you just say random things or you’ve put all these filler words in, practice not doing that all the time when you talk and just start by noticing. You’re on the phone with your mom, “Hey Mom yeah UMMM”. Now shut up. Don’t say OH and AH anymore. Stop that and allow there to be some silence. Catch yourself when you’re on the phone with your mom. Get used to cutting out in your normal speech all that other stuff you do. Get rid of any ticks and then watch your own videos. I watch my videos I’m like, “Damn that dude is good. Whoa! that guy knows how to YouTube and from now on that’s how you YouTube”. When I watch my Videos I’m like, “Yes that boy knows how to YouTube let’s go. Man it’s sweating here, I need to turn the air back on”. I watch my videos and I’m like, “Man, this is awesome and this is great”. I look at feedback on my videos Trash! Trash!! Trash!!! Trash!!!!. I look at the feedback and see if there are any kind of things that I can work on. Nobody says any more about me saying um and AH. They say, “Well I wish you’d have done that 50-minute video in five minutes”. What I’m working on now is aiming at doing videos a little faster and getting to the point a little faster. One downside of not using a script is you know a 10-minute video takes an hour and a half or in this case, a 2-minute video takes 13 minutes. Ooh that’s real, isn’t it? Yep, that hurts a little bit.

When you practice in all of your life and watch back your own videos and just push your videos out even though they’re not perfect. Just put them out and let it happen. People will still watch and enjoy your videos even if you do go Umm and Ah a little bit but the more times you catch those Umms and Ahs, dude I’d die not literally but I’m so surprised now whenever I say Umm or Ah I’m like, “What? What just came out of my mouth”. Really that’s funny and it still happens. The key is to just allow for silence.

Silence! just let there be open spaces sometimes. Let there be open spaces between your words. You don’t need to fill it all up with sound. In fact, your words might be more powerful if you left a little more silence between the words. Thus, this has been another incredible post, hasn’t it?

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Jerry Banfield