Video Course Self Hosting for Uthena by Thinkific

What is an outstanding way to host your video courses?
We use video course hosting by Thinkific for Uthena. We currently have 300+ courses on Uthena. The sale system is consistently functional and outstanding. There are a lot of customization options. If you are thinking about teaching video courses online, having your self-hosting is a very good idea where you can charge whatever you want and promote your self-hosting. I found Thinkific best for doing this after years of teachig online.

On Uthena, we use Thinkific as our host. This means, Thinkific serves as our web host and has our content. All we need to do is upload the courses, put them into bundles, make our sales pages, connect our accounts via APIs and then everything else just works. You even can see a Sales Report on Uthena where you can see that we are actually making sales almost every day as well as how much people are paying to verify that this does work.

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What I love about Thinkific is to put the courses together into a bundle and it’s all very quick and easy. The interface is sharp and you put video courses up. You can even put your services up. I’ve direct services like “Sponsor Jerry Banfield”, “Sponsor a Video With Jerry Banfield” and you’ve got categories. The bundles’ feature works great and looks nice on Thinkific. You can custom design all of the colors and everything on it.

I’m grateful to Auret for doing it for us on Uthena. If you’d like to work with her, you can use her Custom PDF & Graphic Design Service on Uthena as you can see in the picture. If you’d like to join Thinkific, will you please use my link because you’ll help me earn 20% as a partner with Thinkific.

This is what it looks like if you want to signup on Thinkific. If you use my page, you’ll get over $849 value of training and exclusive support. You just need to put your e-mail address and claim the bundle now. You need to signup for Thinkific Pro which is $99 a month considering you can price your courses as high as you want, offer bundles and offer memberships discounts is a big opportunity if you want to teach online. You can get help on Onboarding & Student Migration for your existing students. I consistently put up videos showing you how to get them over here if you’ve got students on other platforms. For example, if you’ve got students on Udemy, you can send them over to your Youtube channel. I’ve got a video explaining exactly how to do that. Get them on your Youtube channel and then from your Youtube channel, bring them over to your self-hosting.

Now what I love on Uthena is the ability to put the course bundles together. The course bundles are the top sellers on Uthena. We’ve 300+ course bundles on Uthena with lifetime access or you can have a subscription on it. The subscription, for example, is $9.81. What’s cool with Thinkific is that you can offer multiple price points. As you can see in my graphic designer’s gig in the picture below. You can see the beautiful landing page which she has made. She’s got a video, testimonials and an embedded video on it. There are different price points which you can have. I chose Thinkific. I used to use Teachable and I was really frustrated with Teachable’s limitations & inability to allow me to really do everything I wanted to whereas, Thinkific really does well with it. Especially with uploading videos and customer support is outstanding on Thinkific. They are based in Vancouver, Canada and it seems that all their customer support team is there as well.

You can make beautiful landing pages like her’s that work well on mobile devices to get sales where people are browsing their phones and directly purchasing. You can sync up Paypal and it also has a built-in affiliate program from which we get 20% lifetime commission. You can see it directly on the Sales Report. This is what’s really cool. Thinkific has outstanding integrations with Zapier withtheir e-mail marketing programs, facebook ads, and google AdWords. I’ve got a real-time Sales Report up as you can see in the picture below with Thinkific that every time when someone buys a course, a bundle or anything, it really sticks it in Air Table Spreadsheet that I’ve got embedded on Thinkific. It puts the affiliate code in it so we can see who sold it and I’ve calculated everyone’s percentages on it.

If you’d like to start teaching on Uthena, you can go to “Teach” option and we’ll get you in on the bundles and help you start earning passive income each month.

I think, I’ve effectively given you a good overview by now of “Video Course Self-Hosting For Thinkific & Uthena. The main thing that I’d suggest if you want to teach video courses online is, you can start on some other platforms but those are the platforms in which you might get stuck in competing and you might end up trying to promote them. I heard a lot of people suggesting me to set up my own self-hosting earlier in my business. If I’d done that, I would have hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars more by consistently promoting my own self-hosted platform instead of promoting 3rd party platforms where I had no control and no e-mail list. Even though at 1 point on Udemy, I had hundreds of thousands of students. I couldn’t consistently e-mail them and promote my new courses. Whereas, when you set something up like this with your own video courses, you can price it as you desire. On Thinkific, you can use it to build 1 single course or you can use to build multiple courses. It’s very flexible which is nice about it.

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Jerry Banfield