How To Leverage Video Game Releases for Viral YouTube Videos

This is part 4  in a series of 7 ways to make a viral YouTube video. See part 1 here.

Out of the six viral videos on my home page, only one of them used the tips from Step 1 and Step 2, the other videos went viral using tactics I will show you in the next 5 parts of this 7-part tutorial. The next steps are a little more advanced and often require better equipment, but if you can get the equipment, invest in it and you can make a lot better videos.

Two of my videos are video gaming videos. This is one of the easiest ways to make a viral video because there’s so much traffic on video games. I use an Elgato game capture HD in order to do that. I bought the add-on and it comes with additional software. This allows you to do game capture at 60fps at 1060HD and it looks really good. When I lived with my parents a few years ago I should’ve gotten one of these and made YouTube videos. This game capture is the easiest, it looks really good, and I use it to make videos.

After installing the software that comes with it, you can see all the videos you record in the editor. If you try and edit the videos in using another type of editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Windows Media Player, or Camtasia, it will take a lot of time and extra effort on your part. If you use the Elgato game capture, you can record the raw footage of the video and the built in editing software is incredibly comprehensive.

You can easily go into the editor and cut out the beginning and other places where you took a pause. You can also edit the title and you can take a screenshot for the thumbnail. You can use the game  capture to record your commentary, which I do now with another mic. You can adjust all the game audio and stream live with it. It’s very comprehensive. The real beauty is you can easily save it to an mp4 original quality and then it’s really quick to render it from there and upload it to YouTube. You don’t want to take two days rendering each video you have to do. The Elgato game capture is how I have done all of my viral video gaming videos.

It’s made it really easy to capture the raw footage and what I do is record when I’m paying and I throw most of the videos out. However, if something cool happens or if there’s a new video game release, then I go to work on it. The first video I did like this was Wolfenstein The New Order all I did was play the first 49 minutes of Wolfenstein and the  video wasn’t that great, but it got 47,000 views because there weren’t any Wolfenstein videos out when I posted it. It was a new game and everyone wanted to watch it.

That is how you get an easy viral video. Just put a video on YouTube that tons of people want to watch and there’s not that many other videos up about. You can call those high demand, low supply. New video game releases are one of them. I had no previous gaming traffic on my channel. Hardly any, maybe a few hundred people and I put these up, I ran a few ads on them, and then they went viral from there.  My first video wasn’t even that great, but the next one got much more positive reviews. It’s just like anything else; the more you keep doing, the more you’ll get better.

If you play videos games, it’s really easy to make viral videos this way. I’ll show you an even more powerful thing in the next step that can take this even further.