Organic Facebook Gaming and Live Video Promotion Collaboration

Organic Facebook Gaming and Live Video Promotion Collaboration

Here are the stats for a recent share I did on my Facebook page. I shared another gamer’s live gaming video. These were the reach he got off of my post share.

If you paid for this with Facebook advertising this would cost a hundred to two hundred dollars to get these kinds of results with Facebook advertising and you wouldn’t have the benefit of the natural organic reach with it.

Organic Facebook Gaming and Live Video Promotion Collaboration

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I am available to help if you have got gaming videos especially, but any live videos on Facebook, I am available and I want to help you grow your page because I know how much it means to me to have a responsibility to create videos that I hope are useful and helpful on my Facebook page.

I’m grateful for the millions of people who have liked my Facebook page, the thousands of you that watch every single video on Facebook and I want to help you discover more people you might enjoy watching and following.

Organic Facebook Gaming and Live Video Promotion Collaboration

That said, I have some limitations to work within. My main limitation is, how do I find and share the videos from the right people?

I have very little time available to actually watch other live streams anywhere. In fact, I would say I have maybe 30 minutes a day or less total. I don’t watch TV, almost everything in my life is extremely focused on being of service.

From the time I get up to the time I go to bed I’m helping someone, I’m doing something useful. Having something like time to watch a little bit of Elf with my wife last night was like the biggest luxury.

Therefore, I have a system set up to help you cut through and get into that very small window of time I have. If I’m going to share something on my Facebook page, it needs to be something that I feel great about.

If I’m going to share your live gaming video I want to actually get to know you before I share it. I’m not interested in just going around and quickly sharing posts from people that I have no idea about because I have a responsibility to share things that are useful with each of the people potentially seeing them alongside you on Facebook.

Therefore, how can you get to me and cut through all the others who want me to watch things and read things and listen to things that have been created with the hope that I will hear it, and everyone else on earth?

Organic Facebook Gaming and Live Video Promotion Collaboration

How do you cut through that?

I’ve got a partner program at I focus my energy on consuming what my partners create first.

Therefore if I have a choice among podcasts, I listen to podcasts by my partners first. When I have a choice of which music to listen to, I try out and listen to new music from my partners’ first. Blog posts, I read stuff by my partners.

This is because my partners are helping me have a business online. My partners pay either $49 a month or $1,000 for a lifetime membership to help me have a business and stay in business online.

This helps me to have the time to focus just on creating things like gaming videos, which so far if you add up all the things that have happened with gaming, I’ve lost thousands of dollars and that’s not counting opportunity cost, that means what I could have made if I didn’t play video games.

I do most of my business out of love where I just enjoy what I’m doing and I do it. I share whatever I’m excited about with you. My partner program helps me to focus on the creation of content by a limited number of people who are supporting my business.

How long has this video been?

Four minutes already.

Alright. I think it’s a little bit over three minutes.

I think we are just about done with the video though.

If you would like to become a partner, will you please go to

Because when you join the partner program you will get the ability to private message me on Facebook, you will get weekly calls on Facebook and these are the tools you need to get the ability to collaborate with me where I’m interested in then sharing your post.

Organic Facebook Gaming and Live Video Promotion Collaboration

I will only be interested in sharing your gaming post or your live videos once I get to know you, and you can get to know me in my partner program.

My partner program helps me to stay in business and to provide mentoring and coaching, connection and collaboration.

So, if you would like me to help you build your audience with the metrics we have seen here, you can expect hundreds of live viewers to come into your video when I share it on a page. If you want me to be able to help with that, I need your help to stay in business and continue to be able to do my business full-time online.

Thank you very much for watching this.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I appreciate the chance to connect with you and perhaps to help you promote your gaming and if you are in the partner program, I will see you every day in the Facebook group and you will be able to send messages to me directly that come up to my phone.

The only way you can actually reach me with a notification on my phone is to be a partner.


I am aiming for three minutes or less.

We have gone a little bit over so let’s wrap this up.


Jerry Banfield

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