I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

Would you like me to make a personalized video just for you?

When you want me to answer questions, consider a joint venture, or make a quick video you can use as your own, read about this video shoutout service in this blog post.

I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

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I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

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Imagine having me make a video just for you.

You can now make that a reality at Jerrybanfield.com/shop/shoutout/ and I’ll tell you all about how that works.

I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

You’re wondering, “Okay, well, what kind of video?”

It can be a personal and private video.

If you’ve got a question you want me to ask, if you think I’d make a great follower and you want me to discover you, if you’ve got an idea or want my opinion, get a video shoutout, I’ll get it ready in just 10 minutes.

I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

It gives you a quick video back and it’s yours to share.

That means you can put it up on your social media accounts.

Here are some ideas in common use cases for ordering a video shoutout with me.

I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

Number one, if you think I’d make a great follower, if you’d love for me to hear your song, look at your website, watch your channel.

This is how to do it.

You get the video shoutout, give me your information. I’ll go take a look and make a little video letting you know what I think.

If you’ve got a question you want a private answer to, this is my system I use. If you want a direct personal response from me in a video, I think it’s so much fun and you’re going to love it.

If you’re making a minor or a major business decision, I might be able to save you a fortune, especially if you’re buying a website or buying an online business.

Get a video shoutout and let me know what you’re thinking about doing. I might be able to offer you some valuable feedback.

If you want any kind of joint venture or collaboration or for me to even think about anything like a sponsor video.

Get the video shoutout first.

Spend a little bit of money with me to start with to see if we want to go any further.

This is also how I weed out everybody who’s not serious.

Number six, if you’ve got a new or ongoing struggle you’d like me to provide any experience on, I love personal development. I’ve read over 180 self-help books and biographies.

If you are going through something tough, let me know about and I’ll be happy to give you some perspective.

If you’re interested in my partner program, then I’m happy to tell you more about how I think it will specifically work for you in a video shoutout.

If you’ve got a new product or idea ready for launch and you just want me to take a real quick look at it and make a quick promo video you can use. I’ll be happy to do that.

There are some limits though.

I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

It can only take up to 10 minutes total because instead of my pricing being huge, I’ve priced this very affordable, and therefore I’m only willing to put 10 minutes into it.

That means from the time I look at your order to the time I’ve delivered you the video, 10 minutes or less on that with no edits, no learning anything new, no watching some two-hour-meditation video or listening to your entire album.

Just give me the best of what you want me to look at and I’ll take a look and get back to you real quick.

What’s also very important is, no sharing by me.

I’ve got millions of followers online and if you want me to share something on my channels, it needs to be a dedicated sponsored video. This is not a shoutout where I’m going to put ads in an existing video for you of mine.

You can share it wherever you want to, but I am not sharing the videos made with this service.

Finally, obviously it’s got to be family-friendly, nothing freaky, not that freaky.

If you’re ready to order, go to at Jerrybanfield.com/shop/shoutout/.

I think you’ll love this and I’ll show you the exact order process, so there’s nothing mysterious.

Just go to Jerrybanfield.com/shop/shoutout/ and click that big huge “Add to cart” button.

I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

Then, you’ll see this message: “The video shoutout has been added to your cart.”

I Will Make A Quick Video Shoutout Just For You!

Also, if you want to go to Jerrybanfield.com/shop/ and load up on other things, like you’ll get a free one if you order the partner program, so no need to put that with it.

You can load up on other stuff in here and help me celebrate when I see your order for some of my online courses, et cetera.

Then, once you’re ready to pay, hit the “Proceed to check out” button.

Proceed to checkout

Click on that, and then most importantly, make sure you put everything you want me to know in the “Order notes” field to make your video. That is the way I will know what kind of video to make for you. If you do not complete this field, I will have no idea what kind of video you want.

Order notes

Fill everything you want out about your video and here I will literally look straight at your order to make the video. The first thing you’ll hear back from me will be an email with a Dropbox link to your video saying, “I finished your video. Here it is in the Dropbox link.”

You can have it delivered via email or I can send it to you if you prefer via a text message or WhatsApp if you put that in the order notes.

Once you go through and put your credit card in, or you can use PayPal, you hit “Place order.”


I will get to this as soon as I’m in my studio again, that will usually be within 48 hours.

However, it may take up to a week if I’ve got a lot going on, but I will usually get to this immediately just so I can keep these cleared out and because these are so fast, if I’ve got five of these waiting, there’s no reason I can’t jump in the studio to film all five of those in an hour and have everybody happy.

I’m so grateful you’ve watched all the way to the end of this.

I’m so excited to do a shoutout for you to talk specifically in a video that’s personally for you, and I’ll see you in the next video.

I love you.

Youโ€™re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.