How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

Would you like to get your first million views on TikTok because if you do, I’m sharing with you 15 suggestions to achieve it?

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

Are you ready to get your first 1 million views on TikTok? You are in luck because I’m here to help you do that. I guarantee if you apply the 15 suggestions I’m about to show you in this video that you will go from zero, from nothing on TikTok to over 1 million views fairly quickly.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

I am so grateful for the chance to teach this to you from my experience. I’m getting over a hundred thousand views a day on TikTok right now and it’s not because I was already famous online and a bunch of followers everywhere else, it’s because I learned what not to do.

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When I started my TikTok, I put up at least 30 videos that were almost a total flop that hardly got any views. I got frustrated, I looked around, saw what successful TikTokers were doing, and I turned it into a formula that will work specifically for me with my unique talents.

That’s what we’re here to do, to give you 15 principles that will work for you to turn your unique talents into actionable steps you can take to blow your followers up on TikTok.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

TikTok is the best place I’m seeing in the world right now to just show up, film videos and build a following, and from building a following, you can convert sales right into TikTok message box into thousands of dollars coaching clients into opportunities, into sponsored videos.

It’s all there for you if you’ll follow all 15 of these steps I’m about to show you.

Are you ready?

Let’s go.

I’m so excited to teach you this because in teaching it, I’m helping myself reach the next level.

Number 1

You need to upload at least one video a day every single day. This keeps you in the game. This keeps you creating. This keeps you accountable.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

Anything that’s frustrating or slowing you down, when you upload a video every day, you will work through it. Uploading video every day gives you 365.25 chances a year to go viral on TikTok and all you need is one or a few videos to do well and it blows everything else up.

Upload that video every day and stay accountable to yourself.

“Did I upload my video today?”

If you want to do more, you can do two or three, but make sure you do at least one and avoid burnout. I put a video up every single day on TikTok.

I’ve missed days before and my account has done best when I put videos up every day and I film ahead now, I’ve got several days of videos filmed ahead in case there’s a day when I can’t actually film.

Number 2

This is what really helped me go to the next level is to get to know someone on a personal level who is doing well on TikTok because this will raise your belief that it’s possible for you.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

I’ve got a great example of this who worked for me, my friend Joe Parys.

I’ve been working with him for six years online now. We’ve talked for hundreds of hours. Joe Parys is the one whom I talked to that allowed me to take my TikTok to the next level because when I saw that he joined TikTok after me, when I saw how he was blowing up, when I started watching his videos, I was inspired.

I’ve met Joe Parys in person, we’ve worked together online for years. I know that if Joe Parys has what it takes to blow up on TikTok, so do I, and that’s exactly how he got to blowing up on TikTok.

Joe Parys

One of his friends was going viral on TikTok. It led him to believe that he could do it.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Okay, well Jerry, how am I going to get to know anyone on a personal level who’s blowing up on TikTok?”

First, just look around, ask your friends, see how they’re doing. You might be surprised, if you haven’t been paying attention to it, one of your friends may be blowing up on TikTok and you might not even know about it.

They might not go around telling everybody how well they’re doing like I do every time something goes well in my life.

You might need to ask your friends, “Hey, how are you doing on TikTok? Do you use TikTok?”

See if you can meet or introduce anybody from your friends who is getting the kind of action you want on TikTok.

Now, if you can’t find anybody and you look and you try, guess what?

I have a course on TikTok on my website. You can take it totally for free and once you take my course, then you can even schedule a call with me.

For $20 you can hop into a group call for a few hundred. You can hop into a one-on-one call with me and get to know me personally and Joe Parys comes to some of these group calls that we do, and I’m sure Joe Parys would be happy for you to schedule a call with him as well. You can follow Joe Parys and message him on TikTok.

You need to get to know somebody because this will raise your level of belief and if you do not believe you can be successful on TikTok, nothing else will work for you.

I believed that my videos could go viral. I imagined my videos going viral before they went viral. I knew what was possible and this is one of the biggest ways to raise your belief.

All of the rest of these things also help raise your belief.

Let’s get into from here, we’re going to go into all specific actionable things to do specifically on TikTok.

However, you need that belief and you need the action of publishing video every day to make the rest of these work for you.

Number 3

Research your hashtags before making a video.

This is one of the newest points that I finally learned myself. In fact, most of my videos, I just put them up without doing much hashtag research.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

By hashtag research I don’t mean typing some hashtags in on the final screen after your video is uploaded and looking at how many views they get. That is not the kind of hashtag research I’m talking about.

I mean, before you’ve even filmed your video, look and see what other videos are out there and find the exact hashtags those videos have on them to give you an idea of exactly what hashtags are most relevant to your videos.

Hashtags are absolutely huge on TikTok for their algorithm to determine who should watch your video. If you put generic hashtags in your video, you’ve thrown your video into a very competitive slot in the algorithm and when people don’t like it, nobody will watch it.

If you put the exact right hashtags on, it’s actually easy as I’ve found to get a lot of views. For example, I did a video on a mom who had a burglar break into her house while her daughter was there. She had this conversation with the burglar like he was a normal friend, and then somehow the police were called and the burglar was taken away quietly. Nobody got hurt.

On the hashtags on that, I put the hashtag “mom life” and “tell your mom,” and that video rocked for both of those hashtags.

Then you will wonder, “Okay, Jerry, which hashtags do I pick?”

Number 4

The ideal is to aim for hashtags where you can make the best video on that hashtag that have around 1 million to 10 million views.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

Often these hashtags are not that competitive because most people are going for those bigger hashtags thinking, “Oh, if I just put ‘FYP’ or if I put ‘viral’ or if I put ‘XYZ CBA’ or whatever.”

These huge hashtags are to that billions of views. Most people are thinking, “I’m going to throw these big hashtags on there better because they have billions of views.”

Yes, if you are a top creator and you’re Kevin Hart, you can pretty much put whatever hashtag you want and your video will get there and go viral anyway. If that’s you, you’re probably not watching this video. You’re watching this video because when you put a video out there and you don’t do a good job in your hashtags, no one gives enough about your video.

Therefore you want to aim for the hashtags that you can have a chance to take one of the top spots in the hashtags, which means you want hashtags that are big enough where people are watching and where there’s a demand for the videos.

If the hashtags too small, there are not enough people potentially watching to get your video out to those people. However, the smaller you are, the more you can do with going for very ultra-specific hashtags where there’s almost no competition.

As you succeed in those, then you can keep building into bigger and bigger hashtags, and at a certain point when your following is big enough, you can just put one word on your video, and then you’ll get lots of views anyway.

Thus, work those hashtags and find the smaller ones, dominate them and work your way up.

Number 5

Always use text for viewers without sound or viewers who need a help understanding what you are saying in your video.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

I put text on my videos because originally I wanted to share them on Facebook and Instagram as stories and most people watching Facebook and Instagram stories don’t have sound on.

On Facebook and Instagram stories, it’s essential to have text because if I’m just doing some video like this and I don’t have text on it on Facebook and Instagram stories, nobody has any idea what I’m saying and they scroll past, and then I’ve just wasted the opportunity.

I’ve found that on TikTok this also is helping a lot because while a lot of people do have sound on, on TikTok, some people are watching without sound.

If I start talking, “Blah, blah blah, I’ll be getting this,” if I start talking that ‘blah blah blah’ and I don’t have any text to tell people what I’m talking about, then someone who’s watching without sound will just scroll by my video instantly, and I need every single person who might want to watch my video to get a good experience with it.

Make sure you put text on your videos for users without sound because that smaller percentage of users without sound, will watch a lot more, which will help your video rank a lot higher.

And if viewers have English as a second language or like my mom who just enjoys watching everything with captions on anyway, this will help people watch longer, understand the video better, give you a lot higher ranking in the algorithm.

I use texts on my presentations themselves. However, you can do it easily in the TikTok app, put text and caption your videos, so people know what you’re saying.

Number 6

Do top videos: Top 5 videos, top 10 videos or do series in parts.

For example, I’m doing a “How to get 100,000 views a day on TikTok” series right now and I’m doing that in different parts.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

I will also do a longer “Top 15 ways” or “Top 10 ways” or “Top 8 ways to get more views on TikTok” all on one video.

I’ve seen other creators doing very well building themselves on TikTok by doing things like “Top 5 food celebrities eat” or “Top 5 celebrities that are sick with whatever the latest thing going around is,” or “Top 5 millionaires or billionaires in the world.”

When you do these little top videos, you’ve got a chance to throw your videos in a lot of different niche areas and when you use recognizable people and companies, for example, “Top 5 richest companies,” these are good ways to test different areas to see where there’s traction, where there’s views.

Then, you can make additional videos in that area. It’s also a proven successful format, which is why I’ve applied it to this video as well.

Number 7

This one, especially if you’re starting out, is as essential as all the other fifteen.

Remember, I’ve absolutely guaranteed you, if you follow every single one of these, you will get at least a million views if not many more on TikTok.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

This one, it puts it all together. Check your views once a week. I noticed when I kept checking my videos, every day on TikTok and see it gets so down and I’m not getting that many views, then guess what?

I make videos that are poor quality. I’m hurrying, I’m only thinking about how to get views instead of how to give viewers an amazing video.

Make sure you check your views just once a week, especially getting started because lots of times it takes a video a week just to get out there and really get views.

Several of my top videos only got, and I say only because you might think 500 or 1,000 or 2,000 views in the first 24 or 48 hours is not that many given how many videos you see other people getting millions of views on.

Many of my videos piled up, hundreds of thousands, even close to a million views and it took several days after I released them for the TikTok algorithm to really let them out there to bigger audiences.

Thus, when you check your views once a week, you can focus totally on the videos you create, forget about how many views they’re getting on a day-to-day basis, and then once a week you can look back and get a better perspective on how your videos are doing.

Number 8

Do mostly 15 second videos unless you’ve got proven success that you can see somebody else doing in the exact same niche.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

For example, I saw somebody doing a one-minute long how to get more views on TikTok tutorial. I know I can probably get away with the one-minute video on that exact subject.

Fifteen second videos are very easy and quick to make most of the time compared to a longer one-minute video, and if you get in the habit of making videos that draw people in in the beginning, then you can keep people for a full minute. You can test and prove yourself on 15 second videos and once you’ve got that down and you’re competent, then you’re ready to branch into longer videos.

You can always test and try a one-minute video if you want to. That’s four times as big of a commitment in terms of filming, which means get good at easier stuff first, then level up.

Number 9

Here’s an easy tip to apply and if there’s any of these that’s flexible, it’s this one. If you want to just apply 14 out of 15, you could totally drop this one.

However, this one is very easy and very effective.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

I talk about sex in some of my videos. I get 10 to 100 times as many views on the videos, and it could be almost at this exact same subject. For example, I do a relationship tips video and nobody watches it. I say “How to have sex five times a week” or whatever, then everybody watches that one.

You do want to be careful on TikTok because they don’t even allow you to put the hashtag ‘sex’ on a video, you need to put it within something that is pretty family-friendly, meaning no graphic stories or explicit descriptions.

However, you can make videos saying things like “How often to have sex” or “What’s the best way to have more sex” or things like this that will help people have sex without actually getting into describing all the lovely details of it.

Number 10

Love and be grateful for your viewers instead of being frustrated with not getting views.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

This seems like an obvious thing like, “Whoa, of course, I’d be.” I remember when I put my videos up on lots of platforms, I’ve been through periods where I kind of hated my viewers like, “Why do you guys dislike so many of my videos? Why do you guys come out with all these comments?”

And I’ve gotten to these places at various times where I’ve been antagonistic to my viewers like “You jerks just won’t help me get my videos out there.”

That kind of energy is actually felt by the viewer and you’ll find the viewers unconsciously make decisions on what videos to like and watch based on that energy.

Recently what I’ve been doing, this has been working really well, I do literal affirmations. I go around saying, “I love my viewers, I love myself. I’m grateful for my audience, I’m grateful for my customers.”

And this kind of mental programming makes a big difference because then when I create something, you can tell that I love you and I want you to succeed and I want all the best things in life for you as a creator. You can feel that through the screen somehow. It’s energy. All of life is energy.

When you’re loving and grateful for all the viewers you get, then you will get a lot more. As long as you’re frustrated and thinking people are jerks for not watching your videos, you’re going nowhere.

Number 11

You can speed up your videos more to stand out, include more, and get more viewers to rewatch.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

The video that so far I’ve made, last time I checked several days ago is maybe over a million now, I sped it up 25% because the story was 20 or 25 seconds long. It was the shortest I could get it down and have it make sense, so I just did the practical thing, which wa tos speed it up and cram it into 15 seconds.

When you’ve got videos that are going faster, people need to slow down, rewatch your video to really understand it. The more people rewatch a video, that’s a high signal to TikTok that the video is engaging. TickTok wants people watching videos on their platform. They gear the algorithm toward what videos people are watching. They figure the more time people are watching a video, the better that video is.

When you speed your videos up, people will spend more time watching it. They’ll rewatch it and that signals the algorithm that you got an awesome video.

Number 12

You can use video-editing software to make professional videos. I use Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier Pro and Videoshop depending on what format I’m filming in.

How to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Followers on TikTok!

Most of my new videos now, I film them in OBS on my computer. I render them in Final Cut Pro X and put them up from there. If you are just using the TikTok filming editor that limbs you a lot, it restricts what you can do a lot with your video filming and many of the things you’re going to need to do to make a successful video may require you shooting outside of the TikTok editor.

I suggest from the very beginning, get to work filming your videos in a way that allows you the greatest flexibility to make your creative vision come to life and a video editor can do a lot better for you than just the TikTok editor.

For example, the chroma key and I’ll take you into the next point here.

Number 13

Record with a professional microphone and camera on a computer. If you want to put off some of the tips to take action on until later, this one is one of the ones that you can put off till you’ve already tried a lot of videos on your phone.

professional microphone and camera

You don’t need to make things too hard right in the beginning when you’re trying to grow. However, for the long term, it’s a lot easier to stand out and get more views when you look and sound a lot better.

When you’ve got a professional microphone like I’ve got this Re-20 here that I’m recording on and you’ve got a computer where you’re giving a professional look to your videos, on a subconscious level, people recognize this. You greatly stand out compared to the majority of TikTok creators just filming on their phone real quick and throwing a video up.

You want to do every single thing you can to stand out because putting these together is kind of like a critical mass, which is why I say it’s essential to put all these together. The more you stand out and have texts and videos, and do a video every day.

Number 14

Start telling incredible true stories, either from your own life or you can even tell incredible true stories from other people’s lives, because stories have a huge power to them.

Tell incredible true stories

My top two videos right now are incredible true stories about a mom having her house broken into acting like the burglar was a friend. The police called. People are just blown away when you see something that stands outside of what they’re used to hearing.

My wife told me that story that she heard from somewhere else, and as far as I know, it’s true. It has a feeling of truth to it.

When you get that feeling of truth to it, people respond to it, and when you combine that with a professional setup and all this other stuff, it does amazing.

If you can tell some of the toughest stories from your life also, some of the traumas, or some of the big frustrations. Again, try to avoid being too explicit with things, but tell your most powerful stories.

The first video I put up that got over 10,000 views, I literally walked out of the shower, was crying about missing my mom, filmed a video immediately, which I didn’t want to do at all.

I filmed a video immediately, put it up and that was my first video that got over 10,000 views. All of my videos before that, 10, 20, 30 of them had all gotten a thousand or a couple thousand at best. The first video I put up was a real raw, real honest, real me and pain story, and the followup I did for that video got 70,000 views. I got so pumped and that’s when I started to believe bigger things were possible.

Number 15

Finally, and I’ve related this a lot through the whole presentation. Test different formats and topics. You want to play around with every different aspect you can to get down a formula or a set of general rules that work for you and that you can then build on, and then pick a niche.

Test different format

You don’t want to just jump into a niche right away and stick to it if you’re not getting any views, you want to experiment as much as possible.

If you look back through my videos, you’ll see I’ve done a ton of experiments and now I’ve got more of a consistent formula that works. I use my background and my professional setup, and that one seems to be working really well.

I guarantee you if you apply at least 12 of these as soon as possible, and if you do all 15, you can be absolutely certain that you will get outstanding results on TikTok, as I’m getting, as other people are getting as there’s no reason you can’t have anything you want to in this world.

I’m Jerry Banfield. I teach digital marketing and divine love. I’m so grateful for this chance to share this with you today. I hope my vision, my goal was for this to be the very best video you’ve ever seen on giving you clear steps to grow on TikTok.

I trust you’ll follow me on TikTok when you want to see exactly the newest of what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis, and here’s my pledge to you.

You do all this, you will get at least 1 million views on TikTok, even starting from zero.

Thank you for allowing me to teach you today and I hope this is useful for you.

Final Words

Yes, you made it all the way to the end of this video. Nice work. I appreciate your time here. What you’ve just seen is a free preview from my complete TikTok course at

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