How I made $5,304 from one Warrior Special Offer


The best email marketing opportunity I have been a part of so far happened on the Warrior Forum. I will show you exactly what I accomplished and exactly how you can put yourself in the exact same position. Using what I show you here, you can see exactly how you can get yourself into the daily deal. When I was in the daily deal, I got in front of every registered user on the Warrior Forum via email, not once, but they actually sent two different emails, one email exclusively featuring my special offer. Here’s how you can do it and how I did it.

On the Warrior Forum, it is the number one internet marketing forum and market place. They’ve got nearly a million people registered that are interested in internet marketing products and related services like social media marketing and SEO.

The Warrior Forum was bought by Freelancer recently which puts it in a much greater community of online freelancers. When you go to the main page of, you want to get into is the Warrior Special Offers AKA WSO’s so you click on Warrior Special Offers page. You will see here, there’s all kinds of little offers that give you the opportunity to make money and I will show you my Warrior Special Offer. This is mine:

warrior forum wso infographic

You can see that Facebook Udemy course is offered here and if you want the best chance of success at it, you want to have an existing profile. However, even with a newer profile, you can get into this so you’ll note I had 504 posts thanked 301 times. I have been a member since 2013. I’ve been a member for almost two years I make a little under a post a day.

Then you’ll have a thread in the forum where you’ll offer something. This is my thread and I did not design this. Instead, I gave the freelancer on the Warrior Forum my Udemy course and he made this special offer. This special offer is an infographic type and this is what tends to sell the best and now warrior payments down here is where the opportunity is to make the good money because the Warrior Forum processes these payments through PayPal and the Warrior Forum wants to get their numbers of warrior payments up. If you can make a great special offer use the warrior payment, the Warrior Forum will do the work to get sales to it.

Then below that, I posted answers to all the questions people posted in the thread. That way as soon as people would read down. I would have the answers to all of the questions people asked in the first thread in FAQ. Then what I did in SEO, I stuck a copy of the text from the thread up here. That’s my thread. I’ll show you what I earned and I’ll show you how you can get it set up.

warrior forum wso success

These are my three Warrior Special Offers. I did not get in the daily deals on the second offer. I did not do a very good job on and I’m lucky it even made six sales. This last offer on the list didn’t even get approved.

This is the difference in getting in email marketing. This one offer that I showed you right here: $5,304, 389 sales, 10,236 people came to look at this and some of these people found other ways to enroll in the course and even went straight to Udemy to buy the course. This is the tip of the iceberg on all of the outstanding things it’s accomplished. Here’s exactly the detailed report on it. I will show you how you can get yourself in the position to do the same thing.

I actually made, in my PayPal. I got 1300 dollars that I got to keep out of this. Keep in mind, they paid me 1300 to have my Facebook Udemy course sent in an email to every user on the Warrior Forum. Think about that for a moment. I am grateful for this opportunity – an email send out to a million people that are relevant to my audience, exactly who I want to reach and I got paid 1,300 dollars for it.

It’s so absurd compared to the way we usually think of email marketing that I’d actually get paid to build up my list in the form of Udemy students and brand recognition in terms of my name. An exceptional opportunity and you’re about to do it yourself. What’s important is for me to show you exactly what I got out of it so you can see this is a serious deal and you don’t have to do that much to get it set up for yourself.

The Warrior Forum made $3,972 roughly and one other affiliate made a couple of sales so Warrior Forum made about $4,000 off of this. Why am I telling you this? The Warrior Forum wants me to do this again with another Udemy course. This is where the Warrior Forum wants action. If you’re going to set up a Warrior Special Offer and you make the Warrior Forum money, they will keep sending out special offers with exactly what you have.

It’s great I got out to the Warrior Forum list once, as you know, in branding and marketing the real goal is getting out there again, and again, and again. They key number on this is the fact that the Warrior Forum raked in $4,000 from this. I put the affiliate percentage pretty high on this, as you can see. That’s the key The Warrior Forum wants to send things to their users that they can make money off of. Once you get that, then you can put yourself in a position to make use of the Warrior Forum list by making a good special offer.

Here’s exactly how you do this. You make a special offer by going to this link and you can get to that if you just click “Create A New WSO” you can get to that on the Warrior Forum Special Offers page. This is all you have to do: put your title in, put your files in, (I put a pdf with a free code for my Facebook course).

The Warrior Forum gets the payment so the User actually gets a free code to my Udemy course which is perfect because then I can sell them all of my other courses via promotional announcements. You’ll notice in everything I do, everything is set up to get a bunch of positive results, not just one individual result. You can also send them to your website to get the file which might be ideal which I will do next time. I will put a specific page on my website so I can get everyone on my website. Hopefully they will approve that format.

In the categories section, you can pick exactly what niche you’re in then you set the price and affiliate commission. This does not include the Warrior Forum commission, that’s separate but this is the basics of setting the WSO up and I recommend getting a really good one because if you’re going to get included in the daily deals and get results like this you need to do a really good one.

warrior forum wso

If you see all of these offers here, users are looking at the majority of these and they’re quickly looking at and saying no, no, no. What you want to do is get an infographic made and you can easily search Warrior Special Offers to find someone who will make an infographic for you.

You make an infographic that sells and then your entire post is just putting the images in. Once you’ve done that, you actually do that in the next step. The very last thing you want to do is put this eligible for daily deal and I crank the Warrior Forum commission up pretty high to where they recommend it and that’s why you see how much money they made vs. the money I made. The more you offer to give them, the more likely they are to choose this for their daily deal. They want really good Warrior Special Offers that are likely to make them money. I did not use and auto- responder, however, if you do have email marketing you may want to try that.

That’s it, that’s what you can do to potentially get in front of a million users on the Warrior Forum and you don’t even have to collect an email and I’ve already done that as you can see and it worked out really well and I’m going to get to do that again in April. If you get a good enough product for them to offer and Udemy courses are ideal products for them to offer, then you can get in front of this entire giant internet marketing forum which right now has almost a million member and has 13,000 people online right now.