Watch Twitch with No Ads on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac Without an Ad Blocker

Are you ready to watch Twitch with no ads on Android, iOS, PC, or Mac without an ad blocker? If so, I’ll show you the options for that right now in this blog. If you’ve got any questions, just drop a comment and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. I read my comments every day.

I was just googling last night since Twitch just changed their terms in terms of what worked in 2019 and beyond for ad-free viewing.

Watch Twitch with No Ads on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac Without an Ad Blocker

There are 2 options. One, if you can do Twitch Prime which if you’ve got an Amazon Prime or a Prime video membership then this will give you one channel you can watch Twitch with no ads for free. By free, I mean without any ads.

You can give one subscription to one channel and watch one channel for free without ads on any device. The key thing here is that you can add free viewing without using an ad blocker on every single device that you watch Twitch with no ads on whether it’s a TV, your phone, etc.

Watch Twitch with No Ads on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac Without an Ad Blocker

If you’ve already got Amazon Prime, you just need to go on Twitch and sync up your Amazon Prime with Twitch Prime. However, there’s a big limitation. This only works on one channel. The benefit is that if you’ve already got Prime or Prime video, it doesn’t cost you any additional money.

You get to watch one channel assuming the creator of that channel is an affiliate or a partner and they allow subscribers to not have any ads. This may not work for some creators. However, this doesn’t cost you anything additional if you’ve got Amazon Prime and Prime Video.

Watch Twitch with No Ads on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac Without an Ad Blocker

If you don’t or if you want to watch Twitch with no ads, the only option now is Twitch turbo. If you want to watch Twitch with no ads anywhere then the only option Twitch makes available now is to use Twitch turbo which is different than Twitch Prime. It is $8.99 a month.

I personally think this is well worth it because let’s say I’m on Twitch every single day I end up watching a minute worth of ads every single day and you add that up, that’s 30 minutes of ads I’m watching every month.

How much is my time worth? That’s for half an hour. To me, I charge hundreds of dollars an hour for my time. I don’t even watch ads for 30 seconds plus ads do work. Ads are annoying and ads can influence your decisions.

I might decide suddenly to watch an ad to buy a new game when I don’t want a new game. Thus, I think it’s worth it to pay for Twitch turbo because then on every channel and on every device, there are no ads anymore on Twitch.

I always pay for ad-free options because ad blockers are often annoying and cause limited functionality or only work on certain devices. Whereas, if you use something like that on YouTube, I pay so there are no ads and it’s ironic because I advertise also.

However, this is one of your options if you don’t want to see any ads on Twitch. I think it’s worth it, especially if you add up how many ads you see in a month. Estimate the minutes and then calculate how much your time is worth.

If your time is not worth anything well just watch the ads then. If you want ad-free viewing, though, I’m imagining you think your time is worth something and it is valuable.

Therefore, if you really care to watch Twitch with no ads and you love watching on Twitch, this is an option for you then.

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