Looking for Ways To Be Helpful to Others? Here’s Your Chance

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. This is an inspirational quote that I hope is useful for you. It helps motivate me right now. When you look out at the world with all the possible criticism and judgment you can run into, it can look complicated. I was praying before creating this video because I didn’t know what I should do next. I was reading some of the comments on my Facebook videos. Some of them were helpful, loving, and supportive and said my videos helped them. Other’s will say I don’t give good advice, I’m not a good Call of Duty player and I need to get out of their news feed. It left me not sure what to do next. The best thing that motivates me to know what to do is to emphasize on doing more good.

This quote about the value of kindness is helpful for guiding my behavior. This helps me in other areas of my life, too, because I always know what the right thing to do is. The thing that’s kind in the moment is always the right thing to do. For example, if I want to argue with my mom, the kind thing to do is love and accept what she says. If she says she thinks an event happened a certain way but I don’t agree, my  initial response is to argue. When I stop and think I’m grateful that my mother’s alive today what is the kind thing to do right now? The kind thing is listen, love, and accept what my mom’s saying.

The best I can do is just be open to what she has to say and give her space and that’s the same things with making these videos. I make these videos to do another act of kindness. I look at it that if I can make a real difference in your life even in a small way, I have succeeded. If I help you to have one less argument with your partner or one  less negative tirade on a video game I have succeeded. If any small kindness from my heart to yours can pass, then that is worth doing.

It seems to me that people who are struggling  will continue to suffer in any environment. If I’m in front of someone who’s suffering their suffering is likely to come out. It’s nothing personal. That helps me with some of the negative comments and thousands of negative comments on my videos. They’re not personal. They’re how someone else was feeling. When you feel a certain way, you often want to share that feeling with others.

Today, I feel kind, I feel generous, and I also feel afraid and vulnerable and yet I’m okay with that. I’m at the bottom of it and I’m happy to be alive. I’m happy to share that with you today. What I can see is that the smallest kindness can be a giant miracle in the world. The smallest little helpful inspirational word of advice can be the most helpful thing. I read several inspirational books every single day because I need that, too. I can’t do anything I’m doing if I’m walking around preaching all day. In fact, before I create my daily videos I’ve already loaded up on the good  deeds of others. I’m giving them back here.

I try to be somewhat of an empty vessel where I can load up on the things that I want to give. I can allow in exactly what I want to give back. It helps me so much to see that every single kindness is a huge kindness. I’m only here because of a lot of people’s little kindnesses. I’m only here because a lot of people loved me enough. Those people gave me the space to struggle until I was ready to stop struggling. They gave me enough space to not stick me in prison or to beat me down to a place where I couldn’t do anything useful.

I’m grateful for that and I try to pay that forward today. It helps me to know at all times what my mission is. It helps me to know that doing another act of kindness is the best thing I can do today. My fears are only helpful if they assist me in doing more kindness. I’m afraid to put out videos that people don’t like. Some of the comments that are on some of the videos are worse than I ever could’ve imagined or been afraid of. Yet, I keep doing them because the little acts of kindness make this life worth living.

The people who inspired me the most have also been torn down the most. For example, I’m inspired by Eckhart Tolle. I’ve seen a little bit, the tip of the iceberg of all of the people that have ripped him. People have said nasty things about him, hated what he does, talked trash about him and don’t like him. Yet, he puts himself out there. He keeps making new things and keeps trying to share his kindness. He keeps sharing his kindness with me through his books. Millions of other people have shared kindnesses with me by watching or liking my videos, buying courses, and giving me words of inspiration and advice.

I remember lots of inspirational words and advice I’ve gotten as comments on my video. That allows me to give comments back to you and I can accept that other people will share things in a place of struggle. I can accept that the haters are there to keep my honest.

If all I had was your kind feedback, I might think I’m some kind of saint or savior or better than someone else. When I see that there’s people that love and hate what I’m doing, it helps me feel a normal member of the human race. I am equal with all the other human beings on this planet.

Feeling like I’m enough is the place of salvation. You are enough and what you’re doing today is enough. To me, shame is feeling like you’re not good enough. Like you have to prove you’re good enough. You have to fight and struggle to be good enough. If you do little acts of kindness, you can open yourself up to feeling good enough about what you’re doing today. I’m grateful for this quote that I read. I’m grateful to have received this quote as inspiration to make this video.

What I’ve seen is when I make little improvements to my life and I get a great life out of it. The person who benefits the most from doing this is me. That’s why I do it. I do it because I want to do the best I can and I want to be good enough. That spreads throughout the world. The people who inspire most of us have been people who are trying to do their best each day.

When you can see that everyone is trying to do their best, then this world gets a lot more simple. It’s a world filled with people you’d want to help. Even the people who would take your name in vein or curse at you, you still want to help them. I would love to be useful and of service to everyone who’s posted a hurtful comment on the things I’ve created. They are proof that there’s more work for me to do. As long as any of my brothers and sisters are struggling on this planet, there’s more of an opportunity for me to both help and to receive help. If everything was just perfect on this planet in that sense, there would be nothing else left for us to do. Why would any of us be there then? To me, we’re here to do something. That something is to do a little kindness in each other’s lives. To accept that anyone doing more harm or hate is proof that there’s room for more kindness in the world.

I pray today to remember that doing a little kindness right now is the best I can do. I pray that through doing the next little kindness, I feel like I’m enough. When I feel like I’m enough, the world is also enough for me. I pray that you have the same opportunity the next time you’re frustrated or not sure what you can do. I pray that you will see the kindness you can give out in your day that someone else can benefit from and receive. Thank you for reading this. I value your feedback on it, especially on additional topics you’d like me to answer. I hope you have a great day today.