Web Traffic Comparison – Uthena, Udemy, Skillshare, BitDegree, and StackCommerce

Which websites that we can upload courses to as an instructor that has the most actual people going to them? As a video course creator myself I want to know where is the best marketplaces to upload my courses.

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I have not included ones that have closed processes or make it difficult to get on the platform. I’ve only included ones where it’s pretty open as to how you get on the platform.

Udemy at number one

These are by Alexa traffic ranking, this is Alexa’s estimation of how much traffic the website is getting, therefore it’s not an absolute metric but it’s one of the better ones we’ve got for determining how much traffic a website has. What these rankings mean is when I say number 240 that means there’s only 239 more websites in the world to have more total traffic according to Alexa than Udemy.

Many of us are familiar with but lots are not with Udemy. Udemy has the most traffic out of all the other ones, it is easy to sign up and publish your courses on there. On Udemy you can sign up and start teaching as long as you can verify your identity. It has one of the highest website rankings in the world.

Udemy has a lot of potential if you upload a course, giveaway free coupons, build up a good foundation, etc. I have made over  $600,000 on Udemy, millions of dollars in actual sales. Udemy is the top Marketplace for putting courses up that almost any instructor can joining and get started with.

On the downside if you don’t give you course away for free and/or make big effort to sell your course on Udemy you’re likely to get almost nothing out of your course because there are so many courses on the marketplace.

Udemy  is also very good for organic search traffic because Udemy has such a high page rank. When you publish your course on Udemy you’ve got a very good shot at Google sending traffic to it as long as you get some good reviews. What you really need to do for that is share free coupons which might sound a little bit depressing like -- wow I’m going to make a course then give it away for free to have a shot of even making any money.

That’s generally how it works on Udemy. Occasionally if you make an outstanding course that’s really needed you can just make a good deal of money for indefinitely but that is rare, maybe one out of ten to twenty thousand courses that go up. 

The downside of using Udemy is if you’re going to promote something when you send people to Udemy you will lose almost all control over it. I recommend you absolutely put your courses on Udemy and at the same time don’t do anything besides give away free coupons on Udemy and free coupon websites to promote your Udemy course. You are much better off promoting your own course platform as I found out the very hard way with losing a bunch of my courses on Udemy because it’s their platform.  They can do whatever you want.

If you’re going to promote something you generally want to promote your own platform. You also want to put your courses on other platforms because sometimes you will actual make more money putting a course on other platforms because there might not be hardly any courses in your topic and yet there might be a good amount of student demand.

Skillshare as number two

The number two platform in terms of traffic is Skillshare. There are only 3,000 or so websites with more traffic than Skillshare. At the same time Skillshare and Udemy have big differences. One of the big advantages of Skillshare is it’s even easier than Udemy  to put a class on Skillshare. You can just hit a course and publish it. While there could be identity verification, I haven’t made a new profile in a while, you might have to do one on Skillshare.

Make sure you pay attention to what is and what is not allowed, otherwise you may end up being banned uploading your very first course. Same possibility on Skillshare as it is on Udemy. The downside of these marketplaces is that there are a lot of terms and conditions you need to be aware of before you even submit your course.

The nice thing on Skillshare is you can publish on Skillshare and Skillshare is pretty easy to actually refer people to, there may be a Skillshare link from me in the description were you help me earn $10 if you sign up for Skillshare.

Skillshare is a really good deal for students because there’s 25000 + courses on Skillshare and for $15 a month or something like $96 a year you get access to all the courses.

The big downside on Skillshare is that you only get paid based on minutes watched so if nobody actually watches your course you get nothing. Yes, it can be kind of a downer when you refer people to Skillshare and then they don’t even watch your courses. It’s nice to get the $10 but again just like with Udemy you have no control over what happens and generally it’s not a good idea to promote Skillshare that much either.

I just got a DMCA notice a month ago that was totally incorrect, it was just a mistake. My last name happened to match the name of a football team in another country. They were doing blanket DMCA takedowns, they threw my profile in there on Skillshare. Skillshare took my entire profile down for a month until finally they restored it after they got confirmation that Google put the URL back in search, then they restore my profile.

It’s things like that and the fact that Skillshare can just easily as Udemy completely wipe your profile, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. It can be for a policy change, suddenly the course your teaching is not allowed anymore, you can get a bad review on your course and nobody will take it, you have so little control on these platforms.

It’s always worthwhile to just upload to Udemy and Skillshare to see if anything good happens. You might get lucky on either of these platforms and you could start learning hundreds of dollars a month without doing anything. If you get really lucky even thousands without hardly doing anything. I earn hundreds a month every month on Skillshare, about half of that from referrals and then you get about $0.06 a minute watched on Skillshare which is nice unless you consider that like I have a Skillshare premium membership and I hardly watch it.  I go through binge-watching on Skillshare, I won’t watch anything for months then I’ll watch a bunch for hours all in one month.

One of the best strategies for Skillshare is from a partner program, I have I’ve learned that one of the partners is doing a great job with putting new videos in Skillshare and then telling YouTube channel viewers to go watch the new video in Skillshare. That racks up a bunch of minutes watch -- good earnings that way and then you just keep putting new videos in the course, tell people about it and get people to come in and watch those videos.

That can work well but again if all the sudden something happens to the course or the Skillshare profile you can lose everything on there and if you ever lose everything on Udemy or Skillshare as I’ve been through with both, you really wish you promoted your own course platform or a platform that wasn’t so easy to ban you.

Remaining three

Let’s get into the next three of these because these offer some kind of niche opportunities. On the right side of this you’ve got the 90-day change. Udemy and Skillshare, both went up in the world wide rankings and the next one I’m going to mention is BitDegree.

BitDegree went down a lot and from what I see BitDegree  is falling further and further.

BitDegree initially did an initial ICO or Initial Cryptocurrency Offering, raise a whole bunch of money to offer a crypto token and it looks like it didn’t work out. The token has become nearly worthless, the web traffic is going down and it looks like to me this is a project that is failing. I still put some of my courses up there to test out to see if BitDegree will make some sales. I am impressed as BitDegree did make some initial eight or ten dollars worth of sales for me within the first month of putting it up. Then again considering that at one point I was making a thousand a day on Udemy, Skillshare has paid me up to 36+ thousand, making ten bucks within a month is not very exciting. Then again that’s for brand new courses that weren’t promoted at all.

BitDegree’s interface is relatively quick to upload courses but as the project is going downhill I wouldn’t, I’ve asked my friend Michelle who is uploading courses. Don’t don’t put anything else on it until we see if they make some more sales for us on our existing courses.  However, if you do get lucky, something you could put the right course on BitDegreethere and there’s probably not another one on that exact topic you could make a decent income off of BitDegree.

Next two I’m really excited to tell you about because these are both things that you might not have heard of that could have a lot of potential for you.

Stackskills is actually the second biggest platform I’ve earned off of after Uthena. I have earned over a $150,000 on Stackskills which is much more than $36,000 on Skillshare and at this rate Stackskills has a shot of either catching up or passing Udemy, depending on how things go with Udemy  going forward.

On Stackskills you need to get an exact vendor contact. You can go on stackcommerce.com and apply to be a vendor on there. If you’re unable to get a hold of anyone who can get your courses up and you’re usually going to need courses up on Udemy or on Skillshare or on your own teaching platform in order to get onto stackcommerce but once you got those up you can get your courses on Stackcommerce. Lots of times they can do a really good job putting your courses in bundles and making a lot of sales on publisher websites.

This page ranking on stackskills.com is a little deceptive because while stackskills itself has a lower-ranking then BitDegree, Stackskills has as a really strong network of partners. If they had hired me to make this blog, which they have not,  they would have wanted me to put up here on the rankings of websites like cnn.com entrepreneur.com.

These are partners that publish articles on video courses using stackcommerce as the fulfillment option and thus Stackskills has as a very strong publisher network that can put your courses out there and sometimes your course might not even be hardly selling on Udemy or getting any minute watched on Skillshare and you might be able to make thousands a month with the exact same course on stackskills.

If you’re unable to use stackcommerce.com to apply yourself as a vendor then I recommend you go on the next option I mentioned -- hiring an  hour or more with me and I will get you connected with whoever the current contact person is at stackcommerce. I can give you the email that I use that I work with, I can get you the exact contact name of that person. If you want to do that I’ll show you how to do it.


Finally the last option here is Uthena and you’d think I’d mention my own platform first but I didn’t.  Uthena is a platform that I’ve launched that essentially is a scaled-up self-hosted option that’s built like a marketplace by me as an instructor for both students and instructors.

Uthena is brand new, it’s only been around since I just bought the domain around February or January 2019. Just got all of it up and running really well now today in May 2019. 

Thus you can see a massive increase in a page ranking on Uthena because it’s new. I’m interested to see how high Uthena goes. We are already at about 500 visitors a day on Uthena which is really good for launching a new website. If you’re one of them thank you.

Uthena as business model is a generation ahead of all the other platforms I’ve just mentioned. It takes the best of every platform and combines it plus expand on it. At Udemy  all you can do is offer courses, on Skillshare you can do courses and workshops which is nice, on BitDegree it’s just has courses, on stackcommerce it’s just courses. Meanwhile you got platforms like Upwork and Fiverr where you can offer services. If you have your own hosting you can do your on email marketing, offer services, coaching, whatever you want.

I’ll show you a look now at Uthena and you’ll see how this is different. The first thing you’ll notice on Uthena is we have a Services tab. 


Services tab allows you to offer services for example if you are struggling to get on the stackcommerce on your own or you just want me to make it easy for you what you can do is you can hire an hourly service with me at $189.72 an hour where I am available to help you and what is awesome about this is for example you can see my graphic designer that I work with, she has her Graphic Design Services on here, my friend Michelle Girard who is like my right hand man in my business, he has his services on here and we’ve just got this started. 

Private label right on Uthena

I  imagine we’re going to have a lot more services coming up as instructors start making sales on their courses and more affiliates see that you can earn 20% lifetime commission selling services on here which is really nice. We also have the ability to offer private label rights to video courses. I now offer private label rights directly on Uthena.

I’ve also got a jobs tab here where open jobs are available, where you can take a course and it’s a job application and job training in the exact same thing. I posted two jobs with Uthena, both of those have got me outstanding people to work with to help out with my business and that is another as a generation of head of what you can do on other platforms.

We also have course bundles, I took this idea from Skillshare and molded it after stackcommerce. We’ve got Uthena University which is $189 for  162 courses. It’s optional for instructors to participate in bundles however for instructors at do participate we’re offering $20 per course advances to get your courses up here because I know that as a student myself this looks really attractive to buy. Instead of buying individual courses and deciding do I want this course do I not, you buy this one bundle and we’re adding courses to this bundle almost every day. It had a hundred and forty something courses just a few days ago and it’s got 162 now, I imagine we’ll have over a thousand by the end of the year.

Out of all these platforms I believe that Uthena has the best growth potential going forward because some of these other platforms of already kind of reached the top of what possible with their business model and the way they have things set up.

With Uthena we’ve just got started and we are rapidly growing in traffic. Affiliates and instructors, if you want to be an instructor you can click on teach and the application that you must have a course approved on Udemy currently to become an instructor or you must become a partner. Affiliates if you take this full affiliate course we will allow you to be an affiliate with 20% lifetime commissions.

One of the coolest things we’ve got on Uthena is something I just set this up today, this is really cool. This shows you the sales report on Uthena. This shows you the actual sales that we’ve got right here. 

It shows you this in real time, if you refresh the page and the sale comes in the sale will pop up right on the top. This shows you in real-time the sales on the whole platform by exact name of the product, the price that was actually paid, the Uthena 20% fee that includes the PayPal fees, etc. If there was an affiliate that sold, what their code is, the affiliate earnings and the instructor earnings with time.

Then you got a product list with the exact name of the instructor and the exact URL, on the same page down you’ve got links to enroll in courses, teach,  become an affiliate. 

I’ve got a whole bunch of bundles and videos that I’ve done on this. 

I was trying to figure out how do I do notifications for instructors,  and was thinking why don’t I just set this up when someone buys something it just pops up on here without any personal information, just filter that output and then all the instructors can just look on the sales report to see what they sold, students that are interested can look on the sales report and see what’s been sold.

I mean if you see something is sold for a lower price you can go look for a coupon or you see what other people are actually buying. Plus in this one spot you can see all the things that are actually on the website. This is an example of what we’re innovating on here so I’m grateful to share all this with you. I hope it’s helpful, if you’re interested in teaching online or learning how to make money teaching online or if you’re just a student and you’re wondering where people have courses available. I appreciate you making it to the end of this.

I love you, you’re awesome and I imagine since you watch this much of it I’ll see you again in another video soon.


Jerry Banfield