How to Start Monthly Weekend Seminars in Saint Petersburg, Florida for Digital Marketing?

Would you let me know if you’d be interested to go to a two-day weekend seminar with me in St Petersburg, Florida, because I’m planning to start one next April?

How to Start Monthly Weekend Seminars in Saint Petersburg, Florida for Digital Marketing?

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How to Start Monthly Weekend Seminars in Saint Petersburg, Florida for Digital Marketing?

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If I hosted a seminar for a weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, both days near where I live in St Petersburg, Florida, once a month to talk about how I do what I do and how you can do it, would you come?

If so, I’d love to hear your feedback, your comments, your questions, because right now I’m thinking of how to make an event for a weekend that I could do once every month where I would be up in front teaching and we’d have a really interactive fun time.

My idea for the name of it is “Create, share and sell online.”

The idea is I share my experience with you of how I create, share and sell online, and I educate, which means I draw out, I help you bring out whatever you want to focus on in creating, sharing and selling.

The idea for the weekend would be the first whole day we’d focus just on creating because what to create is so important.

Then the next day, we’d talk a lot about sharing, which is just getting what you’re creating out there without even making any money. It’s just getting it out there, getting feedback, and then selling where you’re actually making sales and all the ways to do that.

I love public speaking. I love talking in front of people. I love educating and sharing my experience. I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing here in this office and making videos online.

Jerry Banfield Studio

I made over 5,000 videos online, over a billion impressions to over a hundred million people on what I’ve seen online, and I’ve done almost all of it at home, and what I love is the power of connecting in person.

I go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every day and I see what a fantastic difference it makes to show up and see people in person who are doing the same things I’m doing, who are trying to get sober and stay sober, and being able to help people in person like that makes a big difference.

I can’t imagine just trying to do something like stay sober by going to meetings and reading and watching things online. Now those can help, but ultimately it’s that in-person time that makes a big difference.

I’m not aware of anything like this that currently exists in my area and I’ve been thinking and trying to do this for a long time. I tried earlier this year to launch a show. I’ve gotten some feedback and it seems the key element is that the format and topic of the show were not good.

I was trying to have little one or two-hour-long shows where people would come and show up and I realized the standard seems to be more of a monthly or more of a seminar where you’d come for the whole weekend because that if you wanted to spend a whole weekend with me this would be the way to do it.

I’ve got a lot of questions and I’d like your help on it.

First, let me again present the idea.

The idea is to do the same kind of thing I’m going to. In March 2020, on the 21st and the 22nd I’m going to “Speak, write and promote.” It’s a weekend conference or seminar or event hosted by Hay House, which is a publishing company that put out a lot of Wayne Dyer’s books and that put out Gabrielle Bernstein’s recent books.

It’s a publishing company that I’d like to be an author and an online course creator and collaborate with them.

I paid $900 almost to go for a nine to five sessions on Saturday and Sunday where Reid Tracy, the CEO of Hay House and Cheryl Richardson a bestselling author will be presenting at the conference.

I would like to host something exactly like this, except it would be called “Create, share, and sell online” and instead of it being at what their areas of expertise is, being an author or a speaker, it’d be my expertise, which is things like creating blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, live streams, books, online courses, whatever it is you’re trying to create online.

I’ve done all that and then sharing it.

How do you get people to actually watch your videos, read your books? What’s the best format to share and how should you plan on sharing it, and then selling it? How do you make stuff to sell? What kind of things sell? How do you advertise it?

Monthly seminars

That would be the seminar, and what I’m imagining would be so special about the seminar is the creative format I’ve got in mind.

No PowerPoint presentations.

If you want to watch a video, if you want to watch something like that, go watch stuff on my channel, go buy my courses and go buy somebody else’s courses, watch somebody else’s channel.

The whole point of these seminars would be interaction, to get to spend the time and get to know other people who are trying to do the same kinds of things you’re doing.

I see so much value going to Alcoholics Anonymous every day and I want to bring that same value for people who are doing like we are online, who are trying to create stuff and I see that if I put it into a weekend seminar where you could come on Saturday and Sunday that you might actually be willing to travel for an entire weekend together.

Whereas in the format I tried to do my show earlier this year, you’re not going to travel to spend an hour at a $20 seminar, but you might travel for 16 hours with me during one specific weekend, and that’s where I need your help.

I’ve got a lot of questions right now about how to make this a reality. I was talking to my wife yesterday and she said, “Well, why don’t you try speaking at other people’s events” and that seems like the opposite of the best approach.

What I really want, I’ve been thinking about going to a guest lecture at universities and I’m imagining doing some guest lectures at universities in the beginning of 2020 to essentially warm up and practice for doing my seminars because I haven’t talked and taught this kind of stuff in front of a live audience.

I’m planning to warm up, but what I really want to get to is doing seminars that I lead, that is mine, it’s not somebody else’s conference or somebody else’s event. I want my own seminars and my own events, and I’m actually better equipped to start my own, than to go to somebody else’s.

Since I don’t hardly know anybody who hosts conferences, I can’t be bothered to go to networking events and I can’t sell stuff. One of the first key questions is, would you come to something like this?

Would you travel to the St Petersburg area, which in Florida, near Tampa or Sarasota, it’s about an hour and a half, two-hour drive from Orlando?

It’s about a three or four-hour drive from Miami, three-four-hour drive from Jacksonville, about an eight-hour drive from Atlanta.

Is this something you would actually come to?

You could come to an event like this by driving in if you’re local or flying in and staying a couple of nights. If you would come to this, how much would you pay?

Seminars in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Obviously the more I can charge, the more I can afford to advertise and promote it and the less people need to come to it, The less I charge, then we need more people to it and I’m imagining something very intimate where everybody can really get to know each other, so I’m imagining a smaller number of people with a higher price.

I also see that the price is an indicator of the quality.

For example, I paid $895 to go to “Speak, write and promote” with Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson hosted by Hay House. It is inappropriate for me to charge something like that.

I’m thinking that I need to charge at least $399 so $400. I need to charge at least $400 for something like this, and give it a bunch of additional benefits.

What I’d like to know from you is how much would you pay? What is the minimum you would think would be attractive?

If the price is too low, your mind’s automatically going to say, “No, this isn’t any good, that’s not worth my time.”

For example, you’re probably not going to book a hotel and fly in for something that’s $29, maybe you would, maybe just to see me and I’d love to know that.

Therefore, what is the minimum you think I should charge and what’s the maximum you think I should charge, and how do I go about setting this up?

What I’m thinking of doing, this is my idea. Let’s think about this.

Let’s talk about this, get your feedback, see what you’ve got to say, and then I’m going to do a pre-sale and I will put the price way lower than it’s going to be for the thing itself, but you don’t have any certainty.

You wouldn’t know when the exact event could be, although you could request a specific weekend and with the presale you could go to any one in particular.

The pre-sale would just be to validate that we really do have paying customers that are actually going to come to this.

I’m thinking, start with this idea generation, let’s talk about it, then do a presale to see who is willing to buy. If I can’t sell anything for much lower on a pre-sale, then I probably don’t want to go further any more.

When the presale is successful, then book the venue and start making concrete times for the event and the pre-sale and start doing the real sale.

What do you think of that?

If you would like to come, I will make it so when you buy in the pre-sale, you can also have a strong say in which weekend will be picked. I realized for many of us there are certain weekends that are wide open. Certain weekends we definitely couldn’t travel.

The idea with the pre-sale would be to get your specific feedback.

What I’m looking to do is host one of these may be towards the end of April, beginning of May 2020 for the first one. Then, go forward from there once a month or so, and host it for a weekend.

Thus on the presale you could potentially say, “Jerry, I’d like to come to one in June on this weekend” and someone else could say, “I want to come in August on this weekend.”

If we had 10, 20, 30 presales, we’d set the weekends up for the whole year like that.

I’m also thinking of my partner program, because my partners get to come to all my events for life for free.

Now, the partner membership currently costs $2,500 and goes up 9% every time somebody buys it.

Therefore, there’s only a limited number of partners who are going to be able to come, but all the partners who’ve already joined the program, some of them may also come to the seminars.

How to Start Monthly Weekend Seminars in Saint Petersburg, Florida for Digital Marketing?

I see we need to have a critical mass with this. There need to be enough people, at least probably three people, where we can really have fun and the fewer people, the more interactive format.

I’m imagining some really fun icebreakers. I’m imagining time for you that are attending to be able to get up and speak and share what you’re doing in front of everybody, to get some practice, sharing and selling what you’re creating to refine what it is you’re creating, and have a lot of fun, get to spend some real time with each other.

Thank you very much for watching this and reading this blog post.

I’m so excited to see your comments and your feedback and when you’d like to go to some monthly seminars with me. I look forward to maybe meeting you in person within the next year at one of these and getting to spend a weekend together.

I love you.

Youโ€™re awesome.

Jerry Banfield

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