Conquer Your Weight Loss Journey With Gamification

The easiest way to maintain a healthy weight is to make a game out of what you’re eating every day. You can make a game out of tracking everything you take in that has calories every day. This is exactly what I do. I am grateful today that I am down almost 50 pounds from where I was two years ago. I weighed about 250 pounds, I was overweight. Since then, I’ve started noticing and paying attention to everything I put in my body. 

The biggest problem I had starting out with that is alcohol. I read someone’s diet plan making fun of people that couldn’t stay away from alcohol. Nothing else I could do was worth doing with my diet as long as I drank. Drinking may not be an issue for you, but I drank too many calories. 

Once I stopped the binge, the next step was to track all the calories I ate every day. That has allowed me to lose more than thirty pounds since I started doing that. Often if you stop your number one habit, that will lose some calories within itself. If you want to maintain an ideal weight, you can use My Fitness Pal every day.  Every single day for the last year, I have put in all the calories I’ve put in all the calories I’ve eaten every day.

I’ve put in 98% of the things I eat and drank that had calories such as a Coke and I’ve made a game out of it so it’s fun every day. The game is: Can I eat exactly what I want to and still make the calories look good? Today, I’m playing a game today and that’s why I’m telling you about it.

Can I have whatever I want to eat today and have roughly the amount of calories, proteins, and sugar I should have? Can I have everything I want and everything I need? I stopped playing Star Wars Commander on my phone and started playing My Fitness Pal every day. Playing My Fitness Pal every day allows me to have a healthy weight now. It’s that simple, but it’s not easy.

It is simple. Put your calories in for everything you eat every day and you will maintain your ideal weight. It’s not easy, here’s why: Your mind will block all kinds of efforts to do this one simple thing.

You have to understand why you want to do this for it to work. Why do I play this game? Because it’s a game worth playing. Is Star Wars Commander a game worth playing? Maybe. Maybe not. Is tracking everything I eat so I can look good, feel good, and live a longer life worth playing? Hell yes!  If you focus on why it’s worth doing, then you’ll be open to doing it.

If you use an app like My Fitness Pal it makes it a lot easier. I use the iPhone’s my calorie Tracker and look things up for months before I found my Fitness Pal. If you think you don’t have time to do it, I felt the same way. I had to delete something else I was doing to make time. I deleted something else on my phone, because I realized I like playing on my phone off and on throughout the day. I only have a certain amount of time to do that. I can’t sit here and play StarWars Commander and track my calories. I don’t have time to do both. Star Wars Commander had to go.

Another thing that comes into play is what if I miss a day? You can go in and fill those things in. It’s like a good relationship –  you don’t cheat on it. You don’t cheat on a good diet. If you track it every day, the idea is that you confess everything you eat. If you have a big 800 calorie piece of pie (which I do) then you confess it. If you have a big popcorn bucket from the theatre that has 1060 calories you put that in the app. Then I have something healthy for the rest of the day to make up for it.

It’s like a confession where there’s no shameful eating. The reason is it’s hard to maintain your weight because of unconscious shameful eating. My app means using my Fitness Pal means I will put in every single thing that I eat so nothing is eaten in shame. I will not sit there and creep on some piece of pie and feel bad about it.

I had a big bucket of popcorn at the movie theater and then  I dropped a bag of recees behind it and I put it all in the app. Then the next day, I got to start fresh using an app to track what you’re doing helps to focus on one thing at a time. I do my best to focus on what I eat today and if I screw it up I just try to do a better job the next day. That helps drive home the point. If you try to do a good job when you’re eating every day, you will eat better.

When you compare what you’re eating to what you think you’re eating, you may see your eating habits are not that bad. I thought I  was eating way more sugar than I needed until I actually put it in the app. I thought lots of days I was not having enough sugar. In reality, I was more likely to get a stress headache because I was not having enough sugar. I found that you need a balanced diet. I’m no diet professional, but this works for me.

To me, I learn easiest from people who are just like me doing the same thing. I’m the average person getting good results so that’s why I share it with you. I’m amazed at how powerful it is to track my calories each day. If I want to drop more weight, I just have to drop my calorie count lower. If I want to lose more weight all I have to do is drop it to 2200 and I’ll lose more weight. I like to win at whatever game I’m playing and I love trying to dance and have everything I want to eat and get it all in the app. That’s fun for me.

I’m grateful that I learned from someone else to do this. You can take this idea from me. If it works for you, that’s why I’ve shared it. If it might motivate you to do something else, that’s why I’ve shared it.

I pray today that I remember why I’m playing the games I play in my life. I pray that I will continue to play the game that helps me eat healthy and  stay motivated to track everything I eat. I pray that in sharing this with you, you have the opportunity to maintain your ideal weight. You have a tool that works great for me that seems to work great for other people. You have a tool right here in front of you that you can try and you have motivation that will inspire you to give it a try. Thank you for watching and I hope this is useful for you.