WeKu Signup, Account Creation, and First Steps to Start Earning Cryptocurrency as a Blogger

How do we sign up and create an account on WeKu? and what steps do we take after that for success? What is WeKu? and why might you want to sign up on it? Let’s take a look first at what WeKu is.

I mention up front, this is a sponsored content. I’m very grateful to the WeKu team for sponsoring the video above and another video showing an interview with the WeKu team. I am excited about WeKu because it’s like an earlier version of Steem. I’m very grateful for the sponsorship on the video above. If you’d like to sponsor your own video, please visit jerry.tips/sponsored.

WeKu is like an earlier version of Steem, with a focus on community and intends to learn from and avoid the mistakes this team has made. Over the years on Steem, the community emphasis has been lost in favor of just purely making money and having an ego in terms of whale flagging wars, power and control. The original vision, the reason I joined Steem, as I’ve seen it has been completely lost on Steem and WeKu’s intention is to recreate that original vision to make a blockchain based creative content social media network, where you get rewarded.

For making posts on WeKu as a strong emphasis on not allowing copyrighted and plagiarized comment and scammers. And has what seems to be a good system set up to not reward that and block the potential for continued content to be shared on WeKu, that is plagiarized. Thus, if you are creating your own content, taking your own pictures. If you already are blogging on other places, you might find a home in WeKu. The opportunity in the words of the WeKu team I have an interview might love on this in another video. The opportunity in the words of the WeKu team is to be a big fish.

Now is a great time to join WeKu and be a big deal on WeKu to build a community to make some connections with the users that are already on WeKu. The big downside of WeKu right now is the price theirs which means you can buy lots of WeKu cheap at the same time I’m not even aware of a functioning way to sell WeKu. That means in the short term you’re not likely to just jump on WeKu and pay for everything in your life. That said, a leap of faith sometimes can do a lot. Thus, it’s important in my opinion to present the ups and downs upfront, instead of just selling you on why something so great not mentioning the downsides. So, let’s take a look at the basics of WeKu.

On WeKu, if you view Steem it’s very similar. You’ve got the ability you’ll find the interface, the trending page, the wallet page. It just it looks like an earlier version of Steem because it’s based exactly on Steem. Now in order to get here what you’ll need to do is, create an account. So, I will go through and show you how to create an account.

Now, the first step to create an account on WeKu is, you need to go to the signup page. So, in order to get to the signup page on WeKu. I went through and recorded this so you could see, please watch the video above. Now, someone already took the Jerry Banfield name on WeKu nine months ago. So, what I did, I just did “J Banfield” for my account name. Don’t get confused with that other one. Now, that’s the first step on WeKu to sign up. So, you choose a username. If your username is taken, you will need to pick another one as mine was taken. Now with your username, put something you want to use forever. Don’t put some name that you’re gonna wish you changed a year later. This is why I use “Jerry Banfield” or “J Banfield”. I put something that it will not change forever regardless of what I’m doing, what I’m blogging about. What I see in terms of branding with a lot of bloggers online is, picking something like healthy eating. That’s great but what if you start eating unhealthy in five years, then your account name just looks ridiculous. Pick something you can stick with forever that way, if it turns out to be a forever kind of platform, you have it. Now, know your account name can never be changed, so this is why I’ve talked so much. Pick an account name you can use indefinitely and otherwise it looks really bad and it doesn’t make sense why you have all these account names that obviously are not intended to be permanent.

The next step, once you pick your account name you provide your email address and you will need to that validate your email address upon sign up. The next step is, this is what it looks like. Once you’ve submitted this, your email will need to be confirmed before proceeding. Now, obviously I didn’t say this upfront but you click the sign-up button when you sign up to get this whole process started. Then you’ll get an email that looks like this and then you just click on confirm email address in order to take the next step. Then you’ll agree to the WeKu Terms & Conditions.

Then on the next step, it’ll say, “Welcome to WeKu”. So, underneath there will be a securely generated password for you that you need to save somewhere in a really safe place. When you get this password, I recommend putting it in a password manager and also put it in somewhere that is available offline, in case you can’t get in your password manager. The main danger with your password is that you will lose access to it. You cannot get your password back. No one can help you get your password back if you lose it. I’ve seen several people who have lost access to their Steem accounts. The primary thing you need to do is make sure under no circumstances can you lose access to your password because then you can lose access to your entire account.

Now, obviously you don’t want anyone to steal your password but air on the side of never losing your password. At least, if somebody steals it, they could actually use it and theoretically, you could get it back. If you lose your password you will lose your whole account forever and no one can help you get back into it unless they’re supercomputers that can crack these at some point which they’re probably already are, but you’re not going to get access to them.

Anyway, do not ever lose your password. Put it in an offline away like, on a piece of paper or something and also put it in a password manager. What you do is, you take your password that’s generated, put that in your password manager. Then you copy and paste the password out of the password manager and stick it back in and make sure immediately that it works. Then I recommend sign in and out immediately to make sure that it is working because that way if you just leave it signed in on your browser and if for some reason you didn’t copy and paste it right to the password manager and you go on for months using an account then suddenly you get signed out, you can lose it. So, make sure to keep your password safe or you will be one potentially that loses access to your entire account.

Now, once you signed up there’s a key thing to do next from there. The key thing to do next is to go to your settings and start changing your public profile settings. This is the first thing you want to do after you have successfully signed up for your account. You want to put a profile picture immediately, put your display name up immediately, put about section, location, and website. Make sure you put all of this in right away because just having a user name for your account is so pointless. You just took the time to sign up, you might as well just go, do your profile immediately and then from there you are ready to go.

Now once you’ve got this done you’ve completed the basics on account sign up. There’re some other key things you might want to do from here that I will go through and show you. One of the things you might want to do or you might not want to do, that’s up to you. You might want to buy some WeKu because, on WeKu, it’s just like Steem.

The more WeKu power you have, the more your upvote will be worth and there’s a positive reinforcement loop that happens when you’ve got WeKu power or Steem power. You can upvote other people and therefore other people have a strong motivation to follow you if you can upload them to get to know you to build relationships with you. The downside of this is, if you don’t have any WeKu power or Steem power, it can be more difficult to build because people look and judge based on WeKu power. It can be more difficult to build a following because you have less to give back to other people in terms of uploads. If you’ve got a lot of WeKu power you can make a lot of fake friends who only really care about you uploading them in my experience and as soon as you stop uploading on them, that’s it. So, having some WeKu power, it can be a very good way to start. I’m grateful I got all my WeKu power as a function of doing a sponsored video and I have chosen to power up all of my WeKu into WeKu power.

Now, if you want to buy WeKu power, you can go over here and click buy. So, you go over on the menu and it will for some reason drop you in the trending posts after you click that. But then what you’ll do is, you’ll find this page which explains, “How to buy WeKu power”. You can get a lot of WeKu power at a low price. I would be surprised if the prices ever this low again unless it totally fails in which case it’ll be zero. The price is at a great point where you can buy some.

Now, note that I have not bought any and I’m just showing you this for informational purposes. You can buy and currently 25,000 WeKu power for 1 Ethereum or for every Steem you put in, you can get 40. There are instructions on here, to buy you also get a minimum purchase. You will get bonuses of additional for example, if you buy at least 4000 Steem, you’ll get a 25% bonus. It looks like it’s easiest if you’ve got Steem. It looks like, the easiest thing to do, is to buy with Steem. You send it to win-win-win. I imagine you want to put your WeKu account memo in there which can also be a good idea but if they’re the same, then you can do that.

So, you can buy WeKu power directly from the WeKu team here at these rates and then you can get the WeKu power in your account. Now is also a great time, if you’re not going to buy anyWeKu power to earn some because there’s the amount of WeKu power that is available, total versus the amount upvoting is really low. Which means you’re upvote is worth a lot. Compared to Steem, where the amount of Steem power versus the number of people actually voting on Steem, makes your upvote relatively worth a lot less. The older Steem got, the more the relative power of the upvote went down. So, now’s a really good time in terms of having WeKu power to be able to upvote.

Once you’ve got some WeKu power, I’m going to power mine up right here live for you. So, I hit this button and I’ll power up all of my WeKu power and then with my password manager, it automatically signs in. You have to use your active key, owner key or master password. I recommend you get to know all of these different options because these are under permissions. Ideally, you want to just use your posting and your activation key and keep your password totally off of using it on a daily basis. So, I’ve now gotten all everything in WeKu power.

Now, I’m in a good position to go and upvote things and the currency it shows is WeKu dollars. Now, the intention is for this to be worth US dollars at some point. Currently, there’s not a way to convert any of this to US dollars. So, what we’ll do is, we’ll go see how much my upvote is actually worth. We’ll see if we can find someone to upvote here. Now, this on the trending page so, let’s go to the new page find something that’s at least like twenty minutes old, see if we can find a post. This will be the first post I’ve ever actually upvoted on here. I’ll show you how this works. So, it’s just like Steem, you pick a post and you can upvote it. Now, I am you can just browse, I could just go through the page and upload all these but that’d be kind of pointless here. Now, let’s try this. “Smiling on her birthday” and it looks like this is a happy birthday post. I could take a look. I’m showing you the process people will often follow also to go through and do upvote.

So, I just went over here. This is a Viking birthday party. This is cool. Oh my god, with that this is awesome. This girl’s a birthday like in really close proximity of mine. So, what we’ll do I’m gonna drop a full-up vote on here and see how much it’s worth with 250,000 WeKu power in real time. Let’s see what happens. I’m kind of excited. It’s my first upvote on WeKu. Oh man, that is a good upvote of almost $80. Now, this is in WeKu dollars for 250,000 WeKu powers. So, if you can see on the trending page, the upvote I’ve got is pretty good for being able to upload something.

Now, just like Steem once I’ve done my upvote, I have a voting power that will regenerate itself over time. So, now I found this just by going through the new posts page over here and you’ll see you definitely want to have some kind of picture on your posts. Now that you know how to vote, then you want to probably start voting on some people immediately because people notice up boats. It is a big deal to get upvotes. Then once you get those upvotes, those are people who are likely to want to start following you and maybe upvote you as well.

Now, the basic thing to do to begin is to introduce yourself. So, the key thing to do once you’ve followed everything else that I’ve suggested is, go through and introduce yourself. So, let’s see if we can find the standard “introduce yourself” tag on here. Here we go “introduce yourself” tag. So, the main thing we want to do after we’ve signed up and it’s critical to do this is going through and introduce yourself pulse. Introduce yourself pulse is just if you’ve done Steem, it’s just the same thing in fact.

This guy used his exact post from Steem it to introduce himself and this hopefully is actually a legit account but you can go through here and make an introduce yourself post you want to put. Introduce yourself as the main tag on your post. Then the key thing is, establish that you are legit. For example, what we can see on this post is people taking pictures with their WeKu account and then look a whole bunch of people all on WeKu right here. Then you can have some idea that this is legit based on seeing that there’s a picture of WeKu with the picture of yourself. So, that’s kind of a basic way. You can also put an exact date on it. I’ll take an image with a screen capture in the background and then you can do it. You can also adjust your voting power so like on this one I can put 50% voting power on that one. “Introduce yourself” posts are a great way to make some new connections.

So, I recommend looking through the introduce yourself posts. So, that you can get to know some of the new people that are joining WeKu and that can give you a chance to start making some connections. Before you even do you introduce yourself posts, I recommend you to check other people’s “introduce yourself” posts. You can see, he’s got a WeKu here and even put his email right in there.

So, we could do like a 50% upvote on this one just to show you how these work and you’ll notice that the vote numbers and I don’t think there’s any voting bots or hardly any automated voting right now, which is really nice. So, if you look on the trending page, you’ll see that you can actually get all the way to the top of the trending page with 13, 16, 18 votes. So, as said in the interview with the team, this is a community of real people participating and actually making legit votes and there’s a lot of WeKu power that’s available for those that are consistently posting original content and making valuable contributions to WeKu. The WeKu core team has a lot of WeKu power available that they delegate and do curation projects on it. So, in order to do your “introduce yourself” post, I’ll finish this up on the tutorial.

So, the first thing you want to do is make sure you spell introduce yourself right. So, I go over here and I make sure I do the “introduce yourself” tag exactly right. I’m also going to do a tag for Jerry Banfield. So, if you’d like me to read your posts, you can put Jerry Banfield on as a tag and that’ll help me actually read your posts. Now, for the title, you can put whatever you want in here. I recommend include images in every single post. Include a title that will get people interested in finding you. You can choose what rewards you want. You can power up 100%. You can do default to get WeKu dollars and you can also decline payout.

Now, I’m not sure if there’s a way currently to exchange WeKu dollars. There is a market and it looks like it’s just the same as on Steem but currently, there’s only one sell order up for WeKu dollars to WeKu. So, I probably could have kept some of my WeKu and used it to exchange WeKu dollars but I didn’t. So, maybe someone else will figure that out. So, once you’ve got the “introduce yourself” you want to post that and what I will do to verify it’s the real me is, I will share the WeKu post on my Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook and then put that back in the post. That way people can see that this is the real Jerry Banfield and not somebody else acting like Jerry Banfield but the same Jerry Banfield that controls the other accounts on here. So, this is how you sign up and create a WeKu account and those are the key things you can do once you’ve signed up on WeKu.

Again, I’m grateful for the chance to do this as a sponsored post with the WeKu team and if you want your own sponsored post you can do this at jerry.tips/sponsored. if you want to follow me, you will find my blog on main.weku.io/@jbanfield.

I appreciate you being here and learning how to go through the WeKu signup process. I hope how I’ve explained it is helpful for you to be successful and get started on WeKu. I love you, you’re awesome and if you want more videos like this, I trust you will follow me everywhere like YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts Twitter, WeKu & Steem and if you are interested in another income generating method, I strongly recommend you to check this course.

If you have any questions or want to participate in a discussion related to WeKu, I recommend you to use the comment section of the video above.

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