What Happens When You Lose Power? And What To Do Next

What am I losing when losing a game online? I’m losing a game of League of Legends right now and that can change any moment.

Yes, the question is what am I really losing.

In losing, people get upset and angry. That makes sense if someone’s losing a home or a job, but what am I losing by losing at League of Legends? What am I getting if I get a loss? I could lose a few ladder points. I could get ranked down and play in a lower division. What does that matter? I’m having a bad game right now and I’m okay because I’m not really losing anything.

It’s amazing that people get so critical and upset at everything you do in life sometimes. What is the real loss? If you lose a game of League of Legends, nothing is really being lost. It’s all ego things.

It’s all things about how good I am or what my value to the world is. If you think about that, can I lose any value to the world by not playing a game of League of Legends well? Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?

What can I gain by winning? I can’t gain anything by winning. I don’t need to go pro and I don’t have time to be a League of Legends pro at this point. It doesn’t even benefit me to win at all. There’s no good outcome I could have from winning. What is the point?

The point is to enjoy the game and to have fun whether it’s Call of Duty or League of Legends or another game. The point is to see there’s nothing real that can be lost by losing a game. There’s nothing that can be gained by winning a game, either. It brings a great peace of mind to see that.

That brings a great patience to see that I’m not really getting anything out of winning. I’m not getting anything out of losing, either. Therefore, there’s nothing to get upset about if the game doesn’t go well. There’s nothing to get upset about if I’m 0-5 and haven’t accomplished anything because I’m not getting anything.

I can only gain positive things out of it. I can only have fun and enjoy my time or I can be miserable. I can be frustrated through the game. I can be frustrated every second of the game and I can struggle and I don’t want to do that anymore. If I get frustrated, whether we win or lose, I lose for sure. If I hate how things are going, if I’m critical of my teammates, then I lose for sure. It doesn’t matter if I win the game because I’ve lost the only thing I can hope to gain which is a good time. If I hope to win out of playing this game and then I lose that, I’ve lost everything that matters. I’ve lost everything worth playing for.

Today it helps me to see there’s nothing I can get out of winning. There’s nothing bad that can happen to me on account of losing. Then, I’m more likely to enjoy the game. I’m more likely to honor the reason I’m playing in the first place which is to have fun and to enjoy playing this game online and to make these videos with you. That’s what I can hope to accomplish. Once that’s accomplished, I have no way I can lose after that.

It’s a beautiful way to live when you can live without fear of what can happen. Then you can live in a beautiful, peaceful state of existence where no one and nothing had to be won or lost. You can see the real consequence of your actions, the real consequence of losing this game are zero. So are the real consequences of winning. Seeing that allows me to fully enjoy the game.

I love to win. I consider myself a winner in everything I do. I try to win and yet, life isn’t all about winning. Whether you’re a Super Bowl MVP or you’re a janitor at the stadium, you go to the same end that everyone else does. In 100,000 years no one will remember any of us. The only joy we can hope to gain of doing anything in life is to experience the joy of doing it.

That is why I think people like my courses so much. They can see I’m having fun in my courses and video games are a way to practice these principles today. I can practice and see whether I’m doing this for the right reason or whether I’m doing things as a means to an end. Am I hoping to get something out of what I’m doing? Am I doing it for the sake of having fun and honoring the purpose and reason that I’m here? Am I doing it because I want to try to make something in the future that will disappear? I hope not because it’s miserable to try to make things in life and then have them disappear on you. It’s miserable to work hard on something that wasn’t worth doing to start with.

Today, I’m grateful I don’t have to live like that. I show you my losses while I’m playing a game and I’m losing because that’s honest.  If I tell you how much fun I have when I’m getting my butt kicked in a game where it’s not actually happening that’s not honest.

This is honest. I’m losing this game right now, but I’m honored I get to play and show off my lux skin here. I’m honored to be spending time with my fellow human beings. Even if some of them have ideas about my League of Legends skills and how I should be a better player, that’s fine. I’m doing what I can to listen to them. I’m doing what I can to try to contribute to my team without feeling like that’s what my self-worth is.

Most of my life, I felt like losing a game proved what an awful person I was. That might sound ridiculous or it might make a lot of sense to you. Today I’m grateful and I have fun doing almost everything in my life today. That’s what allows me to be here with you today. I wouldn’t be here with you today if I didn’t have a lot of fun doing almost everything I do. I think you’re here with me because I am able to deal with any situation in life and enjoy it no matter what I’m doing.

I pray today to think about what I’m hoping to get out of what I’m doing whether it’s winning or losing. I pray that I look at what am I hoping to do here and ask what are the real stakes? I pray today that I’m able to enjoy winning and losing equally.  I pray that I don’t seek out winning because it is better than losing, but I seek to do my best each moment. I pray that you have the same opportunity today to enjoy your life, regardless of whether you feel you’re winning or losing. I pray that you enjoy your life to the fullest. I think there’s a bible quote that states “Jesus, I want you to have life at its fullest” and that’s what I want you to have. Thanks for reading this, I hope you have a great day today.