What if taking medication, prescription pills, supplements, and drugs makes health worse?

Let me tell you a few stories about how I used to trust the supplements, medications, and prescription pills I was given to help me improve my health and feel better. What I consistently got was worse and thankfully I avoided going to any doctors to get even more pills for all my mental challenges. Instead, I self-medicated with alcohol and I got the same result. Relief finally came by ending everything. No more alcohol or other substances, pills, supplements, or medications except for perhaps a short time of emergency. When I injured my back in the line of duty making an arrest as a state law enforcement officer, I ran into the same trap. I was in pain and took the pills they gave me without question. After a week, I realized not only was I becoming used to all of what they gave me quickly so much that I now had to take the pills just to feel normal but also that my back was improving much more slowly than if I had not taken the medication. I stopped the meds immediately upon realizing this and quickly was back to work before the doctor projected I would be ready. Two years later when I injured my back again playing racquetball, I forgot the lesson and learned it over again. After weeks of taking medication and prescribed pills (the ones from before), I was again not improving. In fact, it seemed I was getting worse after every night of sleep. Again when I stopped taking the pills, my body quickly fixed itself. In the people around me, I seem to see the same tendency. While some medication immediately after a traumatic event may prove helpful for a few hours, no one I know has benefited from taking any pills over a consistent amount of time. All of the people I know that take the most medication are also in the worst mental and physical health although perhaps just a few DAYS away from feeling the best they have felt in years without the medication. I know how tempting it is to have a drink or take a pill to feel better without thinking about the long term cycle not just of addiction but of dependence in sayings like “I have to take my medicine.” If you search, you will find more medication horror stories than you would believe and see the death count is unbelievable. At the same time, this is so profitable for everyone involved except the patient that who would take the time to tell you about it? TV channels would lose their advertisers if they spent too much time sharing this with you. Doctors and hospitals would give up gigantic bonuses, commissions, and repeat visits by sick patients if they suggested all natural treatments. Fortunately a few doctors have been speaking out and I am grateful I found their books and recommendations in my own life.

In this day 147 of Happier People podcast, I challenge you to see the world today by asking this what if question and seeing how the world would look if it was true. The way I see it, nothing would change. In fact, assuming that pills cause more problems with side effects than they solve with whatever their primary purpose is makes the most sense in a health care system that just wants to survive and grow in capitalism as any other business. Where most of us suffer is the fact that sick people are profitable for doctors, hospitals, therapists, supplement companies, and anyone else that makes a profit when we go seek treatment or a product to help us feel better. Healthy people are challenging to make money off of because what need is there to go to the doctor more than for an occasional physical? Who that feels great about their health is vulnerable to being sold an expensive medication or invasive surgery or an overnight stay in the hospital? The titles of good and bad or good and evil are unnecessary because of the ability for good hardworking people to show up at work doing their best and still causing great injury to others because of not seeing the entire system they are a part of. For each of us, the solution seems to be our own willingness to learn what is best for ourselves and to keep in mind the self-sustaining motives that sometimes conflict with our own best interest when it comes to maintaining health.

Thank you for reading this and I hope it is helpful for you!  Would you watch the video below to hear the full story?


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