What skills do I need to make money on Facebook?

Wondering what skills do I need to make money on Facebook?

The video above shares every skill you can use and might need to learn to make money on Facebook in 2014 and beyond!  You can use the over 300 videos on my YouTube channel to learn everything you need to make money online!

When you do that you will end up having a powerful presence on Facebook that can make you a lot of money with Facebook marketing and ads. Now I’m going to show you more details of how to do that. When I said Facebook messaging, this is what I mean: this window here is the messaging tab. I’m sure you’ve all seen this before. T he question is how to use that messaging function to message the right person. If you think about making money on Facebook in terms of messaging the right person instead of shotgunning the whole world, you can have a change to have some incredible things happen. I sent one Facebook message that was worth more than all of the other work I’ve done combined. To be fair, some of the other work did help my help my message convert, but the actual method I used was a Facebook message and I will show you exactly how.

So on a Facebook page there’s a messaging tab, there’s a messaging tab on Facebook pages, and company owners often monitor this themselves because they still, this is not one of those functions established enough to stick the gatekeeper on in a lot of cases. I got a hold of the CEO of a billionaire dollar ad company through his Facebook page. In less than 12 hours I got a personal response from him based on having seen his TV ad, finding his Facebook page, and sending him a message. If you can think of another way that’s more effective to get a hold of people that are often really hard to get a hold of please let me know and I will start doing it right away.

This is how you can send a Facebook message. If you want to help with Facebook ads, you can often do it by messaging a page that’s already running an ad. That was my brilliant, or lucky, or opportunistic, whatever you want to call it, that was my breakthrough, was that I could message pages running ads that obviously needed help with their ad. Especially when Facebook pages first came out the ads were awful. Ads are consistently better now I guess people have been watching trainings online or what not. The ads are consistently better now, but still, if you want to help someone with Facebook ads, the easiest way is to just look in an ad in the sponsored feed. So you look for this little, you look for this on a post, sponsored, and when you find that you click right there, you click on the actual page itself. Now, here, if you can see, this is why ads don’t work so well on Facebook for certain things because you get people like me, or maybe like you, clicking on ads with no intention of buying, but with an intention of selling. I’ve clicked on thousands of Facebook ads and then sold the page owner something instead of buying anything. That’s quite out of the box but if you want to be successful making money on Facebook you might have to work out of the box. For you, you might not want to do it with ads, but you can do it with graph search.

If you don’t see ads in your news feed that are right for you, you can search for pages to find the right page. Once you find the right page to message, here’s where you find the message indicator. So the message indicator is right where I dropped the little green arrow you see message icon right there. When you go to a page, like I clicked on the ad and took screen shots to make this up for you, you click on the page and hit that little message button, and then a message pops up and it’s just like a personal message and that’s what’s so cool about it. If you have a good profile, and you send the right message to the right page at the right time you can get incredible opportunities. Now this is similar to cold calling except it’s fast, it’s highly targeted, and it’s minimally invasive. You have to be careful with this. If you send too many messages that are spammy in content, then you can get your profile suspended. Of course, that’s happened to me. But if you just stop doing it, you can get your profile unsuspended and you’re back on Facebook.

The point is, this is powerful if you use a little bit each day with a good relevant targeted message, to the right person, you can get way better results than doing anything else. You can invest nothing and make a lot of money if you do it right.

Now, what I mostly see online are things like this: “how to make a lot of money with Facebook ads.” This is from one of my client campaigns this year. You can see this one campaign has $1800 spent and it has over $13,000 in sales. So it’s converting very well. This is really hard. If you saw the message tab and thought “damn, that looks frustrating,” this is way, way, way harder than getting messages right. The messages have worked ferociously well for me. Ads, this is done for a client, so the client paid me to do this. I’ve had hundreds of clients pay to get Facebook ads done. The hard thing about this is it all depends on your product. If you have a crappy product, if you have a t-shirt design that sucks, if you have a food you’re selling that doesn’t taste good, if you’re e having a car you’re selling that’s ugly, it doesn’t’ matter how good your ads are. If you have an information product for $200, it doesn’t matter how good your ads are no one is usually going to buy that, especially off a Facebook ad. That’s what’s hard about Facebook ads, it’s not me, it’s you. It’s the, “your product,” “your service.” Facebook ads is brutal if you don’t have a great product or service. These ads are from an awesome product that already showed people loved it offline and in other areas like Google adwords and it continues to clean up on Facebook. This is the exception to the rule, this is not normal. Normal is spending $100 and getting nothing, that’s normal. This is unusual but you can get to this if you find the right combination of product and audience. The only way you can then make it work like this campaign is to just try a bunch, a bunch of different ad campaigns. This is common. If you want to get conversions like I just showed in the last frame, this is more of what you can expect.

These are all different campaigns and you can see this one campaign, this is for another client, this one campaign is crushing it, this one campaign is destroying it. Now look, all these campaigns are for the same exact product. They’re for the same product and they’re terrible. They’re for the exact same product and they’re terrible. The beauty of Facebook ads is once you find the campaign, once you find this campaign, you can dump money into it over time. I don’t ever recommend increasing a daily budget, but you can leave it running every day, like you saw that last campaign, that campaign’s been running half the year. That campaign’s been running since March. When you get a great campaign you can leave it running. If you want to be successful with Facebook ads you’ve got to stop when you get campaigns like this, $107 per conversion, ouch. That’s a lot better than what I’ve seen before too. If you have bad campaigns you have to stop and accept your losses and that’s tough. Most of us don’t like to say, “whoops I was wrong.” Most of us, it’s very easy to personalize a loss and say “wow that’ s awful.” If you want to be good at Facebook ads you’ve got to accept hat most campaigns suck. Most campaigns won’t work at all, or they’ll work terrible. But you go through the effort to find that one campaign that crushes it.

You can also do it this way, if you don’t have conversion tracking set up and you are paying to sponsor posts all the time, you can do it like this. Now, this is a harder way to go about things but if you can consistently pay a couple dollars and get 700 post engagements, well, that’s a pretty good deal. If you’ve built the exact kind of audience and this is for a niche clothing line, if you’ve built the exact right kind of audience, then you can afford to use sponsored posts if they can get you this kind of action. I recommend using conversion tracking like both of these examples but sometimes it’s hard to get conversion tracking set up properly. If you’re getting post engagements for this low and your online sales are going up in relation to it you can afford to do it that way.

I’ve shown you what success looks like and I’ve described to you what failure looks like. Now I will show you what you can do to have the best shot at success in creating your ads. So this, on Facebook, is where you start. You click the Ads Manager down here right below the News Feed tab. You go into the Ads Manager. I am going to go through this a little more quickly than you might like but I have a lot more videos showing in depth how to do each step of this. I have a lot more videos showing in depth so I’m going to take this a little quickly so if you already know how to do it you can add a few new things or if you don’t know how to do it you can get more comfortable.

Once you’ve clicked on ad manager, this is the tab where all the destinations are on Facebook ads. Note the conversion tracking tab down there is critical. If you want to track sales you need to be able to set up a conversion tracking pixel on a webpage somewhere where you can send Facebook back data showing what converted for you. If you have a product, this is absolutely critical, and this is why affiliate sales are nearly impossible on Facebook, because, to do correctly with ads that is, because the conversion tracking is usually not set up on your end of it. It’s set up on their end of it and if you can’t do conversion tracking of affiliate sales it’s pretty much hopeless. There are ways you can go around it but affiliate sales is very difficult with Facebook ads and I have not seen someone doing an affiliate sales system successfully over time. I’ve seen a few instances of it working briefly. There are a lot better ways to do affiliate sales. Usually, you need organic searches if you want to do that. That said, anything besides affiliate sales, conversion tracking is your key to selling your own product, your own service, or email list signups or anything similar, and that’s right here. The power editor that I’ll show you real quick later is right there below conversion tracking and your reports tab is key for figuring out what is working in more detail.

The conversion tracking tab looks like this and these are the conversions I actually have said up and you can see I don’t run Facebook ads anymore for myself because I’d rather spend the money on Youtube ads. But still, I know how to do this for myself and I still do it for clients so I’m showing you how to do it since it can be helpful for you. I have set up all these conversion tracking tabs so I have the purchase tab and then I have the contact or pricing page tab. So those are levels of conversions I can track a lead and I can track an actual sale and if I’d refresh my email page I have an email submitted tracking pixel too.

Now if you want to create an ad, I’ll go through that quickly with you in the Ads Manager. The Ads Manager combined with the Power Editor is a hell of a combination. By themselves, they’re both really frustrating but I will show you now how to use the Power Editor and the Ads Manager together to get what you need done. The Ads Manager helps for the basic setup of your ad, figuring out a URL, seeing which conversion tracking pixel you can use, so you do that here, your objective is websites conversions most of the time if you want to be successful making money. Websites conversions, the URL on your website and your tracking pixel.

Next, then you want to connect your Facebook page and you can preview your ads. Now here’s where you can see the limitations of the Ads Manager. This is the problem with the Ads Manager, a really short amount of words. Ads Manager ads are not nearly as good because of the words, if you remember that high converting campaign I showed you, nearly all of those campaigns are done either in the Power Editor or from a post on the page. The Ads Manager just doesn’t give you enough text and text is where you can create a great sales pitch and reason to click your ad. Still, it’s helpful to see the basic ad setups on the Ads Manager and then you can apply what you’ve learned into the Power Editor. Things like this, you can check out your custom audiences very quickly and easy in the Ads Manager. I can see okay, I have a quarter million people I can advertise to, on Lookalike audience, similar to my page. That’s useful to know and I can see the estimated daily reach tool they’ve added that’ s new, it’s really cool, I can get an idea of how many people will actually see my ad and that is a relative competition statistic. I can get an idea of what kind of competition my ad’s having so if you go back and forth and play with audiences and look at the estimated daily reach you can figure out how competitive that audience is and you can decide which audiences to try or split test all of your audiences that way.

In the bidding for website conversions, you can manually put your bid in here and I always recommend trying a manual bid now that they offer that option. If you put your bid too low, your ads will not run. If your ads are not running, you might try putting your bid higher. The default bid’s $30. So, a lot of people use the default bid which means if you have never tracked a conversion, you might need at least $30 in there just to try to track one.

I hope by now I have answered your question about what skills do I need to make money on Facebook in the exact way I am using these same skills to make money for myself on Facebook!

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