What to Create for Organic Traffic? Content Marketing Tips in 2019

Are you ready for an amazing content marketing tips videos showing you the best content to create in 2019 and beyond for organic traffic?

I’m Jerry Banfield. I’ve had a business online for eight years that has reached hundreds of millions of people online. And the best of what I’ve done is content marketing that is making videos especially and also blog posts that get organic or free reach indefinitely.

Not only that, but it tends to snowball, you’ll get more and more over time, although if you change topics, sometimes you can reduce that.

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That’s the number one tip for content marketing is to consistently show up every day I just said really quickly and make three videos a day for content marketing, there’s no substitute for quantity.

It might sound bad, but the basic process I’ve seen for success is just put out as many things as possible that are researched up front and make the smoothest system for content creation that allows you to do the most amount of value creation in the least amount of time.

For me, it only takes me about an hour to film three video tutorials. Thus, I’m able to actually put out three video tutorials that day for about an hour of my time plus about $100 to get help actually publishing those or I can take several more hours of my time to do it all myself.

For content marketing the very best thing to create, I think is a video tutorial on YouTube and you’ll see as I’ve just to finally focused on being a full-time youtuber instead of all the business models I’ve done, what I’m aiming at.

The main thing I’m creating now our video tutorials showing how to do something specific, for example that you can see my new videos here.

We’ve got a video tutorial right here. I’ve got a couple of stories right here, then video tutorial, video tutorial video tutorial. And this one is a question video tutorial, video tutorial, a couple of the story here video tutorial, video tutorial, and something that I hope is useful that people will search for video tutorial and just more and more and more video tutorials combined with some vlog style videos and story videos.

When you do the video tutorials. This gives you the best chance of building the biggest audience because of the organic traffic and I’ll show you my organic traffic over here in my analytics.

I recommend video tutorial as what you produce because of the following when you do a video tutorial, you can also get it easily transcribed into a blog post.

When I do a video tutorial, then I have a transcription team that takes the video and puts it into a blog post on my website, which gives me now a positive reinforcement content marketing system.

Someone on Google organic search can find my YouTube video, come over to YouTube then end up watching other videos then they end up going back to my blog and reading more additional posts and just become a lifelong follower that way.

This also gives me a lot of different formats I can show up in and then I get all the organic traffic as you can see 3 million impressions and Google search in the last three months on my website 63,000 clicks.

And when we combine that with a half million views on YouTube, over a million minutes watched then we can see that this is a content marketing machine I’ve set up.

Now, I just had a bunch of popular hacking videos I deleted which accounts for the huge change. And I can say the biggest mistake I’ve made in content marketing is not sticking to creating things myself.

I branded a channel after myself. And then I’ve looked for what are some of the topics I could produce that will get the most views, like hacking, and I was successful on that until YouTube banned hacking videos. And now I’m back to the basics.

The basics are this I create video tutorials just like this on a daily basis now, and I’ll show you the last year of my channel. And you can see that there’s just there’s lots of views consistently even though lots of times I did not make very good content lots of times I didn’t stick to taking my own advice on the video tutorials and still I’ve made so many video tutorials that it just gives me people watching my videos every day.

And what I did right here I put out a new series of hacking videos, the amount of views spiked up pretty heavy, then I deleted them.

And fortunately, we’re still at a level that was before all those new hacking videos without them thus, I highly recommend.

Just do video tutorials like this, get them transcribed into blog posts and then you get the organic search traffic all over the place. Then the basic system you do is once you’ve got the organic search traffic, then you can make more blog style videos.

The blog style videos, or vlog style videos are things that generally only people that have already watched a tutorial are going to want to watch. For example, I did a story here I sold my Xbox One. And this is just there’s not a video tutorial here.

This is just a story now this then gets a few hundred views within the first 24 hours of release and get some comments and interactions. Because almost everyone watching my story and vlog videos started off watching a tutorial video subscribed and then it’s stuck with me since then. And now I imagine my YouTube growth is going to go crazy because the last time I did this where I actually took my own advice focused on cranking out the best tutorial videos over and over again.

My YouTube channel absolutely exploded in growth from about 10x growth and I was all over the place getting all kinds of offers this this and money coming in and the success.

I got kind of went to my head and I stopped doing the basics of making outstanding video tutorials thus, I’ve made it as I’ve repeated at several times. I hope it’s sunk in for outstanding content marketing, make those video tutorials and I’ve got a to body tutorial if you’re wondering, okay, well what subject do I make the videos on, I will show you how to make videos on the right subject.

So what I’ll do is go over here show you real quick how I used to buddy.

And in fact how I researched this particular topic right here. So I searched you search something like content marketing, if you’ve got to but install it, I’ve got a full video on this.

But then what you’ll get, you’ll get a recommendation up here.

And that’s how I actually came up with this. So I searched content marketing, it says that’s not a very good idea. So I zoom in here, and I hit Content Marketing Tips 2019.

And now it says this is a very good idea here. And this is how I figure out exactly what content to produce and not now I wish I’d mentioned this right up the front instead of repeating the same thing like six different times.

But the last tip I’ll give you here is to just combine this research, combine the tutorials, just crank out as many consistently decent video tutorials as you can on as many different subjects as you can. And over time, this will tend to do really well and snowball as it has for me.

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And I recommend to have something like this in your videos to help people be educated exactly on how to follow you and keep seeing posts and videos you make because this will greatly increase the new reach on your organic traffic. I’ve done a really poor job of that on my old videos and I’m doing good at it now.

And also having a coach who’s established at what you’re doing can make a big difference. I trust when you want to work with me your job my mastermind my Jerry Banfield Partner Program at Jerry partners we have weekly group coaching calls. I have one on one calls I do with you. This is an outstanding way for you to become and grow as a full time entrepreneur online.

Thank you very much for giving me a chance to give you a few content marketing tips in 2019. I hope this was helpful and I’ll see you in the next video.


Jerry Banfield