What to Do If You Don’t Earn Money For 6 Months?

Yes. You do always want to be learning and growing, however, lots of times you will not earn money. I made $0 on YouTube in the first 6 months. I didn’t stop doing YouTube but I made some big changes to what I was creating.

For example, Thomas Edison tried 10,000 ways that didn’t work and that empowered him to find what did work. Thus, I don’t encourage continuing to do the same thing if you’re not getting the results. It’s all about learning, growing and helping people. You can’t fail if you learn, grow and help people.

What to Do If You Don't Earn Money For 6 Months?

I am thinking of 2 YouTubers right now. I’ll show you their YouTube channel. They are partners at jerry.tips/partner. In fact, the number one way I recommend to accelerate your learning and results is to join something like my partner program. My partner program is paid but you need a mentor.

A mentor who’s done what you want to accomplish will speed things up greatly. I’ll show you a Youtube channel I love that I follow. They joined my partner program. What they’ve done, they started about the same time I went online and their first several years in business were grinding, hustling, failing, working in coffee shops, working at the airport, and struggling to make anything work.

What to Do If You Don't Earn Money For 6 Months?

Now, they’ve got a YouTube channel. Jewel and Auret have the biggest month of ad revenue ever. They beat me in ad revenue this last month and I’m so inspired by them. They’ve helped inspire me a lot. They’ve helped me to be here with you today.

The first 2 years that I started working online, if I had simply done nothing, I would have come out in the short-term following ahead financially. I racked up tens of thousands of dollars of debt and I spent all my savings the first 3 years I was working online.

Everything that went well, I tried to scale it up so quickly that I kind of blew it so to speak. For example, I set a goal that I wanted to make $10,000 in a month.

What did I do once I made the $10,000?

What to Do If You Don't Earn Money For 6 Months?

I hired a bunch of people to try and help me get to a $100,000 a month at which point the income went down to $2000 a month and the thing I did was a total loss. It slowed me down and I deviated.

If you’re trying to make money online, it’s absolutely normal to fail and in fact, you might look at me and think well he just doesn’t fail anymore. I have failed so many times and like the Kickstarter project. You could argue, this is another failure. Although there are 27 days left and if I put the time and energy into it, I’m certain it would get funded but I’m not going to do it.

I’m going to put energy in it instead of sending people directly to the show. I don’t need the Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter project is not the path of my passion. It is worth creating but I’m not interested in doing what it takes to get it funded.

What to Do If You Don't Earn Money For 6 Months?

After 8 years online, after all this money I’ve made, you’d think with this following I have that I wouldn’t fail in anymore. What if I launched a Kickstarter project? All I need to do a great job for it is to release YouTube videos, share the links in a few places and just fund itself without me having to do anything. Nope.

What is not obvious is that the more you do the failures often become more unbelievable and painful, for example, Robin Williams. He took his own life shortly after he had a show come out that totally bombed. Now you might look at Robin Williams and say, well, that was stupid. He was so super successful. He had so many movies and so many people loved him.

What I see now is Robin Williams, when you’ve got that kind of a career, that kind of a success and then you start a new show and it fails. My Gosh! What a letdown. At that point you’d think Robin Williams will never fail again and now he took his own life. He’s not gonna be able to fail again.

What to Do If You Don't Earn Money For 6 Months?

You see my point and in fact, I am an immortal soul. I am a piece of God. This body is only a temporary disguise. I am appearing. My big motivation is that I am you. You that are reading on the other side of this blog, I am you. We really are all one.

I’m talking to myself while technically there are no other bodies in this home office on the truest level. All that I talk about is myself. All that I listen to is out of my creation. I have that intrinsic motivation to go help everybody else because I see a piece of me that’s in everybody else.

An end of life in one body is simply an adventure in another one.

What to Do If You Don't Earn Money For 6 Months?

At no point do we stop failing and in fact, it’s only our idea of failing that makes it a failure. I was doing an active meditation with my hypnotherapist the other day and what she said or where she guided me is a place where I said from some kind of higher self or something. There is no failure. It’s only your mind that makes it so.

If you stop seeing failure, you will stop failing.

Thus, I don’t see this Kickstarter project as a failure, even though I’m not even going to do anything to encourage people to back it. I can still get funded but I’m not going to make any effort at it. I’m going to completely focus on what I’m doing. You can look at it though and say well this is a failure. You paid $320 for a graphic designer to go do this project for you to make it look nice. You put all kinds of time and energy into it only to realize you might as well have just done the show page and to skip the Kickstarter.

What to Do If You Don't Earn Money For 6 Months?

I don’t look at it as a failure today though because this is a valuable learning experience and every failure is a good learning experience.

Every failure paves the way for success and every success paves the way for failure.

If you’re willing to fail, you are willing to succeed. In fact, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. If you’re willing to fail at something you’re willing to succeed, for example, my show.

I’m doing my first show on Tuesday. I’m interested to see anyone at all show up to my first live show. I did a couple of live events when I was still pretty new to my business in the first couple of years. Not a single person showed up to then. I spent hundreds of dollars to advertise them, got all excited, not one person came.

What to Do If You Don't Earn Money For 6 Months?

I did a promo video I’m about to put out on YouTube for the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one showed up. I will still do the show even if no one shows up. I care so much about the show that I’m willing to do it poorly until it succeeds. The same thing on my youtube, I’ve been willing to do my YouTube poorly until it succeeds.

I remember somebody saying how jealous they were of my YouTube wallet and man when I started on YouTube, that was hard to imagine.

Jerry Banfield