What you need to know if you use a third party to manage your PPC advertising.

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If you use Google AdWords or Bing/Microsoft ads, you will value this important public service announcement.  The message is simple.  You should be able to log in directly or see the actual interface where your ads are being shown.  If you are paying Google or Bing directly, you already can do this.  If you hired a third party to manage your PPC ads, you should demand access to the interface yourself so you can see how much you are spending on the ads and how much you are paying them to manage the ads.  Often pay per click management companies take as much as 90% of your ad budget in fees leaving you to spend only 10% of what you give them on the actual ads.  The only way to know is to see the actual interface for yourself.  If they will not provide you screenshots at a minimum, you should cancel your service and either signup with Google or Bing directly or hire a company that will allow you to do this.