What To Do When Things Go Wrong

It’s important things you do work in any situation any day of the week and no matter how you’re feeling. Today I’m going to do my best to show you that myself. Anyone can talk about a good day what they do right and what works for them. Can you continue to do the things that work when things are challenging? To me, things need to work well on a good day and a bad day to be worth keeping. If you do things and they only work on a good day, then what good is that? You have to have a set of tools in life that work on a bad day also.

I’m playing League of Legends: Solo Cue. This has been one of the most difficult things for me to do and be able to stay present and not lose my cool. In fact, 8 months ago I was playing this game and I told my friends I would not play League of Legends any more. I haven’t played since then, but I’m playing it today and practicing everything that helps me stay calm.

I’m going to use prayer as a part of that. I’ve noticed in playing video games I often will not pray much. I will not pray during the same kinds of things I do throughout the rest of the day. I pray to be a good husband father friend, family member, I rarely pray to be a good gamer though. I pray to be a good gamer that contributes to my team and to do a good job at this because anything that’s worth doing is worth doing well.

For my own accountability, if there’s any point I hit where I’m frustrated or yelling, I will make sure to share that. I won’t cut any of the parts where I get frustrated. You will see exactly how I practice these things in a situation for me that’s proven challenging.  If you can practice the things that work for you in every situation in life, then you can have peace no matter what’s happening.

Do you care what game I’m playing that much? Do you care if I’m playing League of Legends or Call of Duty? I’d love to know that. It’s hard for me to tell if the game matters or if what I’m saying matters. Your feedback will help me decide if I should stop making videos playing League of Legends or play more. 

I pick characters to start. I tried to pick against the one character and it looks like I picked about the worst match up I could have. The nice thing is it doesn’t matter too much because it doesn’t matter who wins. What am I going to get out of winning the game that I won’t get out of losing the game? I’m playing the game here to enjoy it and to do something useful and fun and it doesn’t matter if I win or lose.  I’m in bronze 3 in league of legends which is pretty bad. I can only go down to bronze 4 or bronze 5 so even if I lose how much farther down can I go? There’s much more room to go up than down.

It’s nice to remember before the game that it doesn’t matter who wins. We’re here to play and no matter who wins, there will be more games in the future. I try to remember that in the long view of things winning and losing are just ideas.

The idea that you can know the outcome before hand is quite flawed. I have these flaws that I tell myself that are quite useful to break out of all these pre-conceived things. I got in this situation so this has to happen. That’s not true and often it may not be true at all. It’s funny when you play games how people think and rush to predict the outcome. I’m here for the right reason and to be fair it makes a lot easier to know you’re being watched.

To me what helps out the most with maintaining your focus and not losing your cool is to know you’re being watched. Usually for me some of the worst things in my life happened in isolation where I was all by myself. I’m lucky I started getting this sense after my dad passed a couple years ago that I was being watched all the time. No matter what I was doing or where I was I got the sense that I was being watched.

If you believe your higher power is always watching, it makes doing things easier than it would be. If I wasn’t filming this at all and considering I don’t even know if this will actually get out to you. I do this on faith and I don’t control the outcome. The same thing goes with this game. I don’t control the outcome. I don’t’ even know how the rest of my team picked or counter-picked their team. I don’t’ know anything that’s worth knowing. To say I know the outcome of the game before the game’s over would be foolish. I

t’s nice to be able to consistently learn and grow. So far I’m doing pretty well at the game starting here. This is a situation where some people into trouble. Some of my friends get aggravated before the game even starts. Lots of times by the time I got to the loading screen, I was already aggravated. I had already been trash talking people in the lobby. This time, no one said anything. Silence is a good thing. Everyone on both sides is going to do their best to try to win the game so we’ll see what happens.

I’m excited about how this started out. I’m playing up against a tough match up. My team initially got aggravated because one of the players on my team pushed in really far and then died. I’ve been playing way more patiently in this game. The enemy character got impatient with my conservative playing. He tried to charge in and he died for being impatient.

Nothing matters except how things are going in this moment. I’m alive. I’m happy. I’ve already dodged so many things that would’ve driven me crazy at lots of points in the past. This game is going way better than my last solo cue game just from the point of me having fun playing it. That’s a big improvement.

We won, it was an hour long game. It was exciting and included a lot of perseverance from both teams. Any negative attitudes would’ve cost us the win and instead we got the victory. I feel fortunate that I’m able to play games now. I can stick with it and not get frustrated right from the beginning and I could stick with my team. If League of Legends is worth playing then there’s no reason I can’t pray to be a good player. I contributed to my team and I helped us win. I took a lot of damage for us which is what I was supposed to do that game and I earned a good bit of gold. It was a lot of fun.

It’s amazing what a huge difference a good attitude can make. If I can play a game of League of Legends Solo Cue, which was one of the hardest things for me last year, then anything is possible today.

I pray to remember that I can do anything if I have a good attitude. I pray that I keep checking my attitude throughout anything I’m doing. I pray that you have the same chance to do anything you want to or need to today and to have a great attitude while doing it. Thank you so much for watching this I love your feedback on it, especially if you watched all the way to the end. I hope you have a great day today.