Where to Find an Investor for Uthena? The Next Generation of Udemy + Skillshare

Uthena.com is the next-generation online education platform. Think of something like Udemy plus Skillshare, plus Upwork, and Fiverr. All of the best of that combined into one. The idea is you as an instructor, being able to build your entire business on Uthena.

Where do I find an investor for Uthena? What is Uthena?

I’m Jerry Banfield. If you’re wondering what experience I have, I’ve made almost a million dollars selling courses online. I have been suspended from Udemy, after making over $600,000 on Udemy, I’ve earned over $100,000 on Stackcommerce, I’ve earned hundreds of thousand selling courses on my own platforms. And I finally got a platform here that is absolutely outstanding. 

We’ve got a sales report on my website that shows how many sales we’re making each day in real-time, whenever someone actually goes through and buys a course you’ll see the order pop up.

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I’m grateful we’ve made $1,753 in sales already in June, which is it’s June 11 today, and the platform Uthena is only about five months old right now.

I have fantastic data. We’re building instructors on this faster than ever, but I don’t know where do I ask for funding for this. I have an incredible business model for this, that is efficient and lean. I have no employees. I work with contractors, I pay to get courses produced, I put them on Uthena and I put them on other platforms.

We have two basic massive value propositions on Uthena, the one angle we’re going for is to have a video course bundle with an obscene amount of courses, I’m imagining 10,000+ courses in this bundle, where you look at subscribing on Skillshare, versus you look at individually trying to buy a bunch of courses on Udemy, and then you come here to Uthena and you can just buy 10,000+ courses for maybe a few hundred dollars and you get access to all the courses that are added for life at no additional cost. 

We also have this Services tab where you can hire instructors directly through the platform. All of this automatically done when you enroll or completing the instructor’s course then an email comes. -Hey, buy services from this instructor.

We’ve got a mastermind here! We’re working together, this is, I would imagine one of the best investment opportunities in the world.

I just had a call today with a guy who expressed the absolute certainty to me that if anyone can build a Udemy competitor, it’s me. To me, we’ve got Udemy, we’ve got Skillshare, we’ve got space for a third really good competitor. But it’s got to offer a Value Proposition, that to me is way better than what is out there.

We’ve got that on Uthena, and the question for me is: I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, I just do stuff online, I don’t go to networking events, I don’t go to conferences, I have no idea where to find an investor, I imagine there’s at least one person who just barely watching this video would give me a million dollars for this idea.

Seeing that the potential for it is easily 100 times the investment, and in investing is always the ones that are the home run, the Facebooks, the Googles, those are so worth investing in, it’s worth losing a bunch of times to make those happen.

I need your help. If you’d like to help me get connected with the investor, or if you want to talk with me, you can schedule a free 30-minute call, I’ve just started offering these after years of rationalizing “why I’m such a big deal, I shouldn’t let people talk to me for free”. I just started opening things and I’m amazed at who is signing up to have free calls with me.

And I’m available to talk to you today. If you’d like to get me connected or like to help the best way is to schedule a free call. Now, I do one, 30-minute call every day seven days a week. Up to seven days in advance booking. I just started offering this and so far has only been one day where a call wasn’t scheduled.

If you don’t see any spots to schedule you, that’s because everyone’s already scheduled them. You could use the contact page, also on my website, to submit an email form to Michelle Gerard, who’s my right-hand man online, you could also send me something in the mail. If you want to, I’ve got a company mailbox I check, if you want to send me something in the mail and get connected, you can send me something straight that way. I’m open.

I realized that I went about borrowing money for this without asking for advice upfront. What I’ve done is I borrowed money to pay for the courses. What I’ll do now is I’ll show you more inside the business model. Now that I’ve shown you the basics. And this is why I’m so pumped about this. And people have been telling me I should do this for years, and I finally am doing it. 

The business model is this: I pay for courses, making me effectively a learning management system, where I am a huge content library. I currently have 140+ courses that I own the copyright too. I’ve made about 50 to 80 of them myself, I also go on in-demand topics, I researched the most in-demand topics or I pay for someone to help me with that, find the very best topics that are in-demand on Udemy on Skillshare, get courses on those produced, then I get those put up. And then I have those on Uthena. And what I do is I put these on my YouTube channel.

I do not use paid ads anymore either. I intended any money I receive will all go towards getting content created and supporting an organic content system. 

A system like this, over time, is capable of absolutely, in terms of a business system, wiping out competitors that depend on using paid ads because this is a system that builds and builds itself.

What I do with this, and this is scalable. I put videos up on YouTube, for example, this one, I just did this one a few days ago. I put this up on June 1st, that’s 10 days ago, it’s June 11, So, kind of 10 or 11 days ago.

 This video got 28,000 organic views totally for free because my channel has got 24 million views.

I’m grateful for 275,000 subscribers, I put a seven-hour and fifty-two minutes, free preview of a course, then what I do is go over to sell the bundle for that course. As we can see, if we look at the report, the main thing people are buying is this Ethical hacking forever course bundle just like that, I pay to get the course produced. I often hire people in countries where the cost is of living is lower. So, what is really good money to them is also not that much for me. Things like maybe $3 to $6 a minute. That means if you give me a 10 hr. long course I’d pay anywhere from $1800 to $3600 for a 10 hr long course.

I pay to get courses like this produced, then I put them out there, they bring in the sales automatically for free. And this video just got started. I have another video like this I put out a couple of months ago, it’s over 100,000 views. And the more these views snowball, the more it just works better and better. With every single video that’s put out. You can see I’ve done this a lot on Upwork, I’ve hired 298 people on up work seven are working with me right now I’ve spent over 100,000 on Upwork, I’m very effective at hiring good people who are willing to work at a rate that I can afford to pay.

And there’s a lot of room to scale that up in different categories and different topics.

What we think often, is that people only want to learn from the best quality courses. And that’s not true. People are willing to learn from whoever is put in their path. When you put a strong free preview up on YouTube, people will watch that, and you don’t have to pay a fortune to get a whole lot of people to watch and buy courses. This is my business model.

This is an extremely scalable business model because all you do to scale it up is pay for more courses to be filmed. As you get all the attention from the courses themselves, bring people in the sales that come in as a result of these courses, instructors that are already on other platforms like Udemy and Skillshare have a great opportunity to contribute their courses into existing bundles. For example, we have an instructor that contributed his hacking courses to this ethical hacking forever course bundle.

This is a next-level offering. This is a bundle that you buy at once and all the rest of the courses that are added to it for life don’t cost you anything else. That makes this a really attractive purchase for students. The same thing with Uthena University you buy it now with 188 courses, you don’t have to pay anything when we add new courses every single day to it. Often these courses are either brand new, or these are from instructors who’ve already got them approved, and people are enjoying them on other platforms. The instructor that joined an ethical hacking forever earned almost $200 last month for putting this course in immediately. Because I’ve got the sale system set up already to sell the Ethical Hacking Bundle, I pay out per course, because the more courses that are in the bundle, the easier it is to sell. 

This business system is extremely scalable, especially as we take in people who can only pay in cash. I’m just working on the payment methods now, to accept people literally sending cash in the mail and might sound crazy, but what doesn’t sound crazy as a huge percentage of the world does not have any credit cards, does not have access to anything except cash, and has a hunger to get educated and enter into a world where they do have credit cards and bank accounts and they want to afford to live somewhere nicer. But if you don’t have credit cards, or PayPal, or these accounts that often many people in the world don’t have access to that, you can’t buy courses anywhere and you’re out in the open.

The benefit of offering a huge bundle like Uthena University is perfect to accept a cash payment and to get access to all those people that platforms like Udemy and Skillshare aren’t thinking about at all, that don’t even exist in the mind of they’re looking at paying customers and people who have credit cards and all bank accounts. I’m just going to set that up now. And I think that’s going to open up a huge other revenue channel combined with accepting crypto payments.

We’ve got this business model combined with instructors being able to put courses in the bundle immediately. We also offer instructors a $20 per course advance, which means, if you’ve got a huge learning company with hundreds or even thousands of courses that might not be that attractive to you. But if you’re trying to make a sale, if you’ve got 50 courses on Udemy, and you’d like to make $1,000 really quick putting that, and all the recurring revenue.

We’re getting instructors applying every day from platforms like Udemy to get their courses up on here, and the more we build it, the better offer it is for students. The better off it is for students, the more instructors will bring. 

This is the feedback system that is moving rapidly in the direction of growth. What we can do to scale this is to get more courses paid for. It’s just contract labor. It’s paying for people to design the thumbnails, to write the descriptions to upload this on YouTube. While my youtube channel is big, it’s often not focused to start up another YouTube channel to just put these long-format tutorials that work so good for sales. Focus it down strictly to education instead of my YouTube channel where there are also gaming videos, music videos, there’s whatever blog I’m thinking of.

Get this focused, more money in for me means I hire contract labor to focus on these specific tasks, and get these courses produced, pay the advances to instructors for putting their courses on.

We’ve got one heck of a business from here. Just, massive growth possible already seeing the sales on Uthena it is tough to start a new platform and get anybody to buy it, especially if you don’t use any paid ads as kind of a way to get people in the door.

I’m grateful that we’ve already produced over $1,000 in June up over $100 a day for instructors in June alone. And literally, I bought the domain name for this at the end of January beginning of February 2019, literally had nothing but my courses on it up until a couple of months ago. And just now getting this thing set up and it is rolling. And we’re loving all the support. Thank you to all of the students who are buying all these this sales report as an example of next level, innovation transparency. 

The values we believe in the platform are transparency, fairness, honesty, accountability.

These are things that are absent on other platforms, where there’s not transparency, you can’t see how many people have actually bought a course versus taking a paid coupon or rolling it for free. Fairness, you can’t see why one course is getting featured over another, and why certain courses are earning fantastic amounts and promotions versus other ones are earning nothing. Uthena University offers fairness, you put your course in as an instructor, you get the exact same amount of the course, regardless of how rather it’s a two-hour course, or a 10-hour course, the 10-hour course add lots of value. But instructors often have a bundle of courses. And a lot of great courses that aren’t easy to sell students actually might enjoy learning from. 

As a result of fairness and transparency. We also don’t offer any reviews on Uthena, we don’t offer reviews, because when you’re trying to start a platform, the review system, it’s very tempting to manipulate it, to pay for fake reviews. It also makes it look like there’s not much going on, and also encourages instructors to cheat and encourages instructors to do things like getting paid reviews, and often rewards instructors very well for doing something like having incentivized reviews, some of the top instructors on Udemy, I know for experience because I was one of them, and I learned from them and, I followed their exact methods, and they worked. The instructors that came up and made huge amounts of money on Udemy like me, had incentivized review systems on their courses where you somehow gave people a benefit, whether it’s free web hosting, or just paying someone literally to enroll and take and go through and watch the course. 

That is not an issue on Uthena. We have a simple system that keeps buyers focused. You’re here to buy courses and watch courses. And it’s simple. So I think I’ve turned my two-minute elevator pitch here into a 20 minute nearly talk.

I have no idea how to go about asking investors to invest money. The business has about $80,000 in debt right now, from having spent all of that this year to invest and build this platform. We have almost no expenses relative to the income, the income last month for my business – let’s stick to Uthena.

The sales on Uthena the last month, I do a report every month showing exactly what the sales were. But you won’t even need to do that now. Because you’ll be able to see all of it directly on the website. Last month, you can see the sales directly on the website, you just click on sales report, you can see what the sales are in real-time. Why would I need to tell you what they were last month is what they are right now. 

I’d love to talk to you about this if you know someone that you could connect me with or you’re interested in investing yourself. I’m happy to talk with you about the amount of money that would make a fantastic difference right this second is $100,000. I’m willing to accept up to a million dollars or so maybe 2 million. I don’t need more than that right now. Because I’m not set up to spend more than that right now. And I don’t believe in rapidly scaling anything up of trying to go from say, walking down the street to sprinting, because what do you do is to fall on your face, you might get hit by a car, I can see exactly how to scale this up carefully and consistently with contract labor. 

I currently have everything under my company, which is Real Productive Life LLC, what in the event that you or someone you know wants to invest I’ll make a new company just for Uthena for the platform and every all of the things that go with it. I’m willing to sell a percentage of the company in exchange for capital.

Now, if you look at the valuation and how much other companies are got, Udemy, it has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. And as far as I understand it still is not profitable. Even with every reason in the world that should be, Skillshare has raised something like $28 Million. 

These are raised on the corresponding imagining of how much the value of it is, I would say Uthena with the potential that’s here, the system I’ve got down is worth at a bare minimum $10 million.

This is an incredible business system proof it’s already working as barely a seed that sprouted out of the ground. It can easily be rationalized that it’s worth as much as 100 million dollars, especially as we continue to grow forward this year and keep releasing more courses keep bringing more instructors on board, open up things like cash and cryptocurrency payments that other platforms don’t offer.

Even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t seem like that is just going to boost revenue by 1,000%. If you can double the number of sales you might make by opening up to other markets, that is a huge difference for growth. 

I trust you’ll go to help me help. You can sign up for a free call, or you can use that contact page, send an email if you have a specific person and their contact info that you think would be helpful.

This is the full pitch here, I could certainly go into more detail about various things.

I’m happy to talk with someone, you can share this post, you can share the YouTube video, I’ve given you the core critical elements of it here.

Love, you’re awesome!
Jerry Banfield