Where to Maximize My Talent The Jerry Banfield Show Live in St Petersburg Florida!

Where do I maximize my talent? This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. And it’s a valuable question to ask if you want to make the most money, if you want to have the life of your dreams, where can you put all of your skills together in a unique way that no one else can do?

That’s the true question of many of our lives, the meaning of our lives, how do we really maximize everything we can do all together?

The answer I’ve been getting is to do a live show. To teach in person.

It’s just not the same standing out here in an office in my backyard with just me and a camera, as it is being in front of a crowd. This allows me to maximize my talent of speaking in front of people, because I can do this much better than being in front of camera.

I have very good connection with people, I’ve practiced, I go AA meetings every day where I share in front of people for a few minutes, which is great practice. I’ve practice speaking in thousands of videos online. Now. My words are practice. I’m used to talking without a script.

Where to Maximize My Talent

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Where do I put my skills to work in the best location?

I’m grateful today that I’m willing to go see venues and get started making the Jerry Banfield show a reality in person in St. Petersburg, Florida, because I’m imagining the videos I can make for you, in front of an audience will be so much better than just making videos in my green screen, where I’m hopping around and promoting one thing or another all the time.

This allows me to help more people locally and continue helping you on line, maximizing my talent by doing more locally, and the same amount online.

I challenge you today to look at where can you maximize your talent.

What I see consistently is people not maximizing their talent, often not even trying to maximize their talent.

This is something that many of us will do until we pass on, I just heard from somebody else that said 90% percent of americans that make it to the grave without having accomplished their dreams.

Today is the day to start maximizing talent, which is why as soon as I’m done filming this video, I’m going out and looking for venues for the Jerry Banfield show.

The Jerry Banfield Show

Yes, it can be scary, it can be overwhelming, like, wow, how are you going to get people to show up in person when almost no one knows you locally? When my following is scattered all over the world.

When I think about how do I maximize talent, see the necessity of consistently growing and doing a local show and getting it to shake people’s hands in person and look people in the eye.

Because I’ve got a lot of talent there that I just am not able to fully deliver online and many of us do.

When we look at how to maximize our talent, we also may be drawn to some more things in person and see that online can be helpful. But there’s things I’ve been through with people helping me that a million YouTube videos are not going to help me have the same result as talking with a person for an hour sitting down and chairs next to each other, looking each other in the eye. Because I needed that back and forth communication.

I’m interested to see what you are thinking about in terms of maximizing your talent.

 Live in St Petersburg Florida!

I am generally reading most of the comments on my YouTube channel right now, you can drop a comment to let me know what you’re working on. If you’d like to see the in person shows come out.

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I appreciate you being here with me today. The downside of this is for some of the things like my Partner Program or doing Sponsored Videos. I imagine maximizing my talent and doing an in person show is going to bring some big changes to things that I’m already doing. And that’s the key step for maximizing talent is the Teachability Index.

Are you willing to change? Are you ready to be taught and learn something new?

When you maximize your talent, you often have to learn new things and be willing to stop doing things you were doing before.

Where to Maximize My Talent

I’m willing to stop filming videos out here in my office and do all of my videos in person now, but that has some downsides with it as well and I’m ready to accept thse today.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with me.

I love you. You’re awesome and I’ll see you in the next post.

Jerry Banfield.