Where to Start on YouTube or Facebook for Filming Videos, Making Money, and Building a Following?

Are you wondering where to start making videos online?

What are some of the best strategies that can work?

Have you not taken this step yet to do almost anything on a YouTube channel?

Or you’re just in the planning stage of thinking you might like to do something like what I’m doing as a full time YouTuber?

If so, this video is for you. I had an interview recently with KP, who’s been one of my supporters on Facebook for seven months. He’s been following me for a year. He’s thinking about making his own presence online. He’s seen some opportunities, and he’s wondering where to get started. He hasn’t made a YouTube video yet. He’s got the main place. He’s currently is on his Facebook, and we talk in this interview, we talk all the way through these different points.

We hope this will be really helpful to just mirror what you’re thinking, because you might be thinking exactly kind of what KP is thinking. And as he talks to me, so we’ll show you the whole conversation we had here one do is give you some key points up front.

If you’re new to my videos. I’m Jerry Banfield I’m a full time YouTuber. I imagine when you subscribe, you will love seeing the videos I put each day think how may I help you, I make three new videos every single day and put them out for you.

I’m grateful for over 15 million views on my YouTube channel. I also have over 2 million followers on Facebook. If you prefer to watch Facebook, I trust your follow on my Facebook page and hit see first and if you really want to make sure not to miss anything, you’ll turn those notifications on.

And that’s the experience I draw on as I give you the following advice. If you’re not sure where to start, and you haven’t done anything yet, start wherever is the easiest and where you already are.

The advice I end up giving to KP after we talked through the whole conversation is I say look, you haven’t started a YouTube channel yet. There’s no point in just trying to start that up right now. You don’t have any following. It’ll be a lot of work and probably almost no results in the short term, especially when you think about income.

What I end up recommending to KP to do is to just start literally whipping out his iPhone, and make some quick videos on subjects he’s passionate about upload them directly on Facebook, where he already is the number one place where he is just uploaded on his personal profile, and interact with people see what people have to say.

And just keep doing that keep uploading one new video a day on Facebook, even if it’s a quick 32nd.

This is what I think about this.

The key step is to build that initial following where you already have a following that is interested specifically in your videos, and to just give it a try. Often when we fantasize about something in our minds. It sounds really good until we try it. For example, I had fantasies of being a full time gamer, which was great until I gave it a chance once said this sucks. It’s not what I want to do.

Quit for a year and a half then I forgot about that, “Okay, well let’s try this again.” Same conclusion you know what the idea of being a full time gamer is great, but the day to day reality of needing to play 30 or 40 hours of video games a week with pressure to achieve certain results to look good on stream to make video tutorials about gaming in a crowded space where other people already make a bunch of tutorials about gaming, really frustrating.

Thus the key place to start is the least resistance. Easiest access if you already are on Facebook every day, just upload a quick video to Facebook every day No need to buy anything.

If you do want to go through and buy things and you’re certainly want to get started. I’ve got a list in the description of the equipment.

I recommend is a recommended microphone, the recommended camera the camera I use green screen, the software I recommend using to do screen capture tutorials, some of which OBS when I’m using free but others that I’ve used to make thousands of tutorials with, you can get those as well.

And even graphic design I use and even my mastermind support group where you can get help with this. Thus, the key place to start is whatever feels right for you. I’ve given you kind of the bottom line upfront that we came to through this video.

Now what I’ll do is I’ll share the full length, minimally edited it all interview with KP, where he literally just starts from the place of him thinking about YouTube videos. What do you think we talked through all the different angles of it? And then we wrap it up at the end.

If you’d like to have a call with me one on one once a month and you’d like to attend weekly group coaching calls with full time online entrepreneurs, including me every week.

I have a partner program that if I had to start all over again, people asked what would you do if you had to start over. The very first thing I would do, the very first two things I would do is this, I didn’t given what I already know, let’s just say my whole channels got deleted online.

I have the skills for it and the knowledge but I lost the actual following. If I had to start over, I’d go buy the equipment and the software I have listed, which is perfectly available on a limited budget. And then I would immediately join a mastermind group, my mastermind group preferably or I don’t know of one that exists that’s just like it my this I haven’t I have the support group I needed.

But I would join a group where I’m accountable where I can learn from those who are already doing what I want to do full time and where I can consistently ask questions and build a relationship with an established YouTuber who could help me out so if I had to start over i’d immediately do what I just told you here.

Now given I’m not starting over, I will give you a lot more tips today which I hope are helpful. I hope you love and enjoy this interview with KP.

KP: — “What was looking for advice really was looking to make my own YouTube channel and I was just wondering if you got any advice for like startup? Like, two things are you did they when you sign up? You would like one of the people not to do orso make sense.

Jerry: — “Yeah so I’ve got a ton of advice on that. So step one is to brand your channel for something you can use for the rest of your life. So preferably like a first and last name. When I started mine, I just use my Xbox name and then I later one to change that. So stick with something you can do for your whole life in one place because having multiple YouTube channels is just the worst.

KP: — “Okay!”

Jerry: — “Then this once you’ve got your branding set, and the next key thing to do is film tutorial videos. That’s almost the only thing you’re going to have any luck getting people to watch initially. And filming tutorial videos over and over again will help you build the initial audience. And then when you’ve got the initial audience, you can branch out into whatever you want to, but if you just try and like Livestream, or just do you know, vlog videos, those are going to almost always go nowhere.

KP: — “Yeah, I mean, what I’m looking at is like, rabbit care, because there’s a big sort of market out there where you, I mean, there’s many people doing it in terms of like basic rabbit care, like product reviews. I mean, I’ve got six rabbits at the moment. I mean, I’ve gone through the, like, what not to do, and what to do like best brands and stuff. And I think, I mean, I’ve looked on YouTube, there’s not much out there at the moment. Especially in the UK. There’s long us once in the UK there isn’t isn’t many nothing is something that people need to know because there’s been lots of light spirit for a while where rabbits have been dumped. They don’t want them anymore. I think they’re boring but rabbits are pretty. Pretty cool. Okay, I don’t know if we had rabbits before.

Jerry: — “I have not. That sounds sounds like a really good place to start just rabbit care videos.

KP: — “Yeah, that’s I mean, that’s the main thing I want to do like product reviews as well is there’s loads of products out there that are for rabbits. But while they say that’s rubbish, but they should be like the brands that they come from, there’s like really bad brands out there that shouldn’t be selling rabitt things I want to get the word across because I’ve had issues with my rabbits using that brand. Well, six months will be fair and they got quite ill from it and then you send the email to the phone panel by is rabbit. There’s nothing that we can do is a 10 pound voucher to keep your quiet so for me to do it. So that’s, that’s the main thing I think product reviews and what to do what not to do. Really, I think, that’s what I’m looking to, to start off and obviously gaming are about to go into later on as well. But I’m not the best game at the moment. So I’m trying to build it up BLS. I mean, if you have any ideas in terms of how did you start off with your setup? In terms of your money side, like streaming and stuff? Why did you start obviously start off by small but do you have any like recommendations?

Jerry: — “Yeah, livestreaming is generally a big waste of time. If you don’t have some kind of established following or audience unless you just love doing it as a hobby. I guess the key thing is, so what part is what role is it going to play in your life? Are you looking actually make money off of this and be able to do it more often? Or is this something you just like to do it kind of a hobby?

KP: — “I mean, I want to do it as part of life I’d like to make some money from it. I mean, it’s been a tough couple of like us two years and we lost my partner’s mom and then which part we’re trying to support her family now financially. So money is something that is important. I mean, obviously rabbit cares the main thing if I can make money off it as well everything’s going to help in terms of it so that’s I mean, money wise I mean, obviously start with like YouTube videos are pre recorded to build up that laser that fan base and do a lot with in terms of like setup from there. Do you have any like recommendations or advice?

Jerry: — “Yes, the one of the key things to do is get a good microphone, and I’ve got an exact microphone, and an exact interface to do it with a good microphone helps you stand apart is sound good, especially recording the videos you want one a nice sounding microphone then for a lot then the other thing you’ll probably want is a HD camera that is horizontal and the Logitech C930e has a good cost effective option there. So for about $300 you can get equipment that’ll leave you looking good and sounded good and then for maybe another $150 or so I translate whatever that isn’t a pounds like $300 plus the shipping of what you can use the pull up green screen that can really take things to the next level.

So I’ve actually got a painted wall behind me. But what you can do is a pull up green screen so you can buy it and it’s kind of like you know, used to I don’t know if you have med school now but like you’ve pulled down a projector screen opposite you. You pull it up so it’s behind you so you don’t need to have any kind of background. And you combine that with the video editing side where I like Screen Flow or you can actually use OBS if you just want don’t even need to edit.

So that’s kind of the setup where you’re flexible now you can do almost anything, you could use that basic setup to do gaming tutorials, rabbit tutorials, you know, you could do vlog, you gotta set up then that that’s high enough quality you can do whatever you want, what’s a waste of time, almost always is just trying to, to just low budget you know, just use your phone camera and put up videos like you might as well or trying to do just use some kind of built in microphone. The poor quality of it, people just won’t take you seriously won’t subscribe. It’s kind of a waste of time unless you want to, you know, act as if, if you’re a full time YouTuber.

Think about the kind of setup you might have and like get as close to that as possible. Otherwise you guys will just stick you can do a lot of good just filming videos for your friends on Facebook and, you don’t need to buy any equipment for us. So I guess the key question is “how dedicated are you in” and especially in the beginning financially, it’s almost all expenses by buying better equipment software learning how to use stuff.

KP: — “Yeah, I mean, this is something that I didn’t want to do. I mean, I there hopefully will become a vet when I’m old, but not later on. I mean, I still I’ve left Michelle now 22 but I want to start studying Veterinary Science obviously stuff I this would help me gain to university like Merton. I rabbit care.

But, I mean, obviously, it’s something I am committed to do. And obviously finances are a bit tight at the moment. So I was just wondering you said around $300 like it would be a good starting point. How much did you spend on your first setup?

Jerry: — “Well, I I didn’t spend hardly anything on my first setup, I used my phone made all the crappy videos that nobody watched. And I spent all this time sharing it with my friends and there was almost no positive feedback at all on any of the videos I just use my laptop my built in camera, and then I bought another camera again.

Then I tried to film videos, almost nobody watched or cared about them. It took me years of trying to do this low budget crap that nobody liked. And then I’ve I finally had a bit of success doing a really helpful Facebook ads live video. I had a headset and screen capture software or no I just use YouTube so still crappy setup. And as soon as I kind of upgraded my setup and started to make better quality videos, then everything started did it go well after that, but I spent years just trying to low budget things.

KP: — “Okay. Yeah, cause I’m, I mean, I’ve got the ideas of what I want to put into the video. So I’m now at the moment I mean, do you think YouTube’s a good place to solve all your stuff? Facebook, for example, where would you say would be a good starting point to start building fans or just does it really matter?

Jerry: — “Yeah, that’s outstanding question. So it depends on where are you most active, what do you use most?

KP: — “I mean, Facebook, I don’t really use YouTube that much. Obviously, that’s where most of the YouTube videos are like rabbit care. So I was initially thinking YouTube might be a good starting point. And be added I don’t really use it.

Jerry: — “Facebook, the main you use currently?

KP: — “Yeah!”

Jerry — “And then do you use anything else like Instagram or Snapchat?

KP: — “I mean, I used Snapchat, Instagram not not so much I’m not socially active as much as I used to because I work by a lot. Don’t get much time to be on social media. But I mean, even so far LinkedIn I use that’s more professional. I didn’t really think putting rabbit videos on LinkedIn might be at any given time.

Jerry — “If you’ve seen my LinkedIn heavier, I just put everything up there. I don’t care.

The key thing to do obviously is to get started and YouTube is just not very rewarding if you don’t kind of go for a full setup. But Facebook you could do really good just literally filming a video with your phone.

Giving a few tips and then just put it out there. The key thing is to build a positive reinforcement loop. So if you put a video out there, people watch it, start to like it, give you some suggestions. And even if there’s just like two or three people that like start watching your videos and liking them, that’s enough to you know, lay a foundation on it, and then that that might be good motivation to say, “Okay, I got two or three people that like my videos on Facebook, maybe I’ll now I’m ready to upgrade my setup and start,” because YouTube’s really good for the bigger traffic possibilities. But if you don’t already use YouTube, it doesn’t make sense to put a bunch of money into Yeah, into that.

I guess the key things to test first that you actually like to make videos and want to make videos my I’m just finally doing YouTube full time instead of screwing around with all the other stuff I’ve messed with. And the key thing is just put out videos over and over again lots of videos.

KP: — “Yeah, so like in terms of Which one did you find more profits? Or I know I don’t know in terms of what the ad like the cost of Facebook, but did you see because I know yes the supporters page by 349 on which one was more profitable on in terms of like YouTube or Ustream?

Jerry — “In terms of streaming live gaming with a good sized following Facebook was way better than YouTube for that. However, it could be a good opportunity to stream gaming on Facebook if you’re willing to do it 40 hours a week Other than that, as probably not much but YouTube in terms of money earned all the vast majority of the money I’ve earned in total online has been a function of YouTube.

YouTube because people are there for but for getting started just putting some videos on Facebook can be a good way to get connected with your friends and family. If you want to do something like make videos you need, you need support, you need those first few viewers, because putting a video up that gets zero views, you know who wants to be the first first watch? Even just three or 5 or 10 viewers makes a big difference to get started.

KP: — “So I mean, I’m part of like coffee, the rugby groups at the moment and everyone’s asking last I’ve been to a few people asking for it. So I mean, there’s definitely a market where, obviously the money’s not the main thing. I think promoting obviously rabbit welfare is a big thing, especially in the UK. I’m not sure about the US. But the UK they are progressing in terms of Arabic and stuff. There’s quite a few laws coming over the next couple weeks. I just want to educate people did you like when you start doing like videos? Did you spend a lot of time planning it, or did you try and wing it? I mean, obviously, I’m a big planner, I like to break everything down to the tee sort of thing. But then I don’t want it to be too robotic, if that makes sense. How did you like start off doing the videos?

Jerry: — “What I started off just totally winging it. And I’ve pretty much done that the whole time, what I do is I do kind of plan it out a little bit in my head beforehand. And then I actually deliver it and that’s that way I don’t use the script. I don’t need to stick to bullet points. And especially for getting started. There’s no point in trying to script a video on planet perfectly because there’s not that many people are likely to watch it. And a lot of them are already going to be your family or friends or people you know from a group. And even if you get negative feedback, sometimes that could be good motivation to do more. That sounds like a good opportunity on Facebook, those groups. You’re in make some just quick videos on your phone, put it up and kind of start building a following.

For in terms of money starting off of something like this, you might as well just forget about the money it to begin with. It’s almost completely an expense. It is buying new equipment, it’s and it’s time. There’s almost no money to be made generally in the beginning of doing anything and that’s why most people don’t succeed is even for me, I mean, all the videos I’ve bought 100,000 this year to build up a platform, the money is still an issue for me sometimes and like I gotta make bigger numbers to make things work.

So the money is consistently a challenge. But what might happen with the money is you might get an opportunity that’s unexpected. So be open, unexpected opportunities. Like you might put a video on a rabbit group that somebody sees that sees you and ends up becoming, you know, an employer or client with you. So be open all those unexpected income opportunities that you know, you might not ever be able to imagine beforehand.

KP: — “So one of the big things as well, I wanted to ask in terms of like the editing software and he mentioned it before, and I didn’t have much experience with editing and could use. Do you have any like recommendations for like a starter? One last start editing software. I mean, my my experience really is like Windows video me. That’s the best I can do. So do you have any recommendations for like starter software’s or anything that is a bit easier to learn and then obviously build upon it.

Jerry: — “My recommendation is make a rule that you will not and you will not edit anything you do and to start with because editing takes a lot of time, a lot of energy. And often the editing will actually stop you from making new videos. In my experience, the editing was what made me not want to film at all.

So what I do is I, I don’t edit any of my videos, or hardly any myself and I’ve a video editor something really needs to be edited like if I accidentally shared my personal information in a video or something like that. But what you can do is just fill mostly short videos and just if something goes terribly wrong, just delete it and film it again, that’s will get you a job done much faster than editing. So don’t even think about editing right now.

KP: — “Bit like in Jiu Jitsu in terms of you learn to edit yourself, or did you just rely on the index? I know some people that could, could help me out, but I mean, nothing you’ll be easy for me to learn myself. Because Isn’t this a good skill to have at the end of the day? But did you So did you ever learn to do video tutorial?

Jerry: — “Yes, now I, I used to, if you get into screen capture video tutorials, then know what’s nice to do. So that means you film something right off your screen. Well, Screen Flow. You got windows 2019 you do have windows, right?

Camtasia 2019 what I started using was Camtasia because you could film the video and edit it all in the same interface, which was really nice. But with that, it depends on how good your computer is. You might spend five minutes filming a video 20 minutes editing it 30 minutes rendering it and all the sudden you might as well film five minute videos.

So Camtaisa is a good one cost wise if you want if you want to film screen capture video tutorials, but you don’t need to do if you’re just using your phone. You might as well just film videos on edited because of the pain of getting it off your phone trying to edit it. Or you could use a little something on your phone, but again, then you have to render it. Your phone’s tied up. At this point you even in my point, you really want to minimize all those little aggravations.

KP: — “Okay. Yeah, I mean, I think that’s the main source of questions, really? I mean, do you have any other advice for like startups like, any, any other bits of like, advice you could give? Just something like I do want to do? I don’t want to, obviously, obviously, I’m going to fail at some points in terms of it. Is there anything you can advise to make the process a bit smoother?

Jerry: — “Yeah, two things. Number one, focus on why you want to do it. And ideally, focus on a why that transcends any particular thing you’re doing like my wise out of love it love doing what I do and to make a world that I’d be happy to reincarnate in without knowing where exactly and that why transcends any particular thing I’m doing.

And the second thing is plan to do it for the long haul because the rewards tend to exponentially build up that’s why you see like YouTubers that just have massive followings, which I guess I do, like, you know, it’s from doing it over and over. I’ve done 2,500 videos on YouTube, there’s, there’s often you can do more and more and more as you stick with it. But they’re all failure. I mean, my God, I failed so many times I’ve been so excited about stuff that doesn’t work just thousands of times by now.

Having a regular daily routine like doing maybe something like a what I’m doing now I my thing is three videos a day, I’m a full time YouTuber. There’s no reason that every single day seven days a weekI can’t film three videos.

So for you, it might be something like one video like every day I’m gonna make one video just real quick on your phone put it up on Facebook. It’s the repeated doing it over and over again that tends to make a big difference because people get in the habit then of watching your videos.

KP: — “Yeah! And so last question. I was just thinking of like the videos that you chose to the how did you come up with them liner sounds like stupid question, but how did you come up with the ideas like what sort of techniques did you use? Was it just something like one day allow on do this? And then you did it or did you do any like, I mean, do coming worse. How did you go with the ideas? Maybe like the videos or like what you wanted to do? Was it just something that you’re passionate about? Did you get ideas from somewhere else did you make good boards?

Jerry: — “It’s just like with your rabbit videos, I started off with videos, just terrible videos like talking about whatever I wanted to. But often you gotta just make whatever is in front of you. And then you’ll get more ideas when you’ve kind of finished it. Like, for example, after you’ve made 30 videos on how to take care of a rabbit, you probably won’t be able to stand to talk about it anymore.

You’ve covered every angle of it. At that point, you may get some other ideas like, Well, now that I’ve covered how to take care of your rabbit, I reviewed all these brands. Now, you’ll get another idea. So what happens to me, I make things once I finished it, I get another idea. And often now my challenges I get ideas faster than I can film videos.

KP: — “And then to job like, do you have a video? Do you have a team that helps you or as a solo?

Jerry: — “If I had to start all over again, I’d get a team faster because I did it all solo for the first like six years or something and in the beginning you do need to do it all solo. However there’s kind of a key transition point when you start to the when you need to help with things and it takes honesty to look at say, What do I suck at and not like doing for me graphic design was the first thing I consistently got help with like all right, I’m not good at it. I don’t like it. It takes up time.

So I’ve got a graphic designer does every one of my thumbnails before I like I get an idea it turns into a thumbnail and then I just take the thumbnail is critical on YouTube primarily because if you think about it, professional top youtubers all have professionally designed thumbnails.

Everyone else all has these crappy halfway done like people watching intuitively know immediately rather, what kind of video this is based off the thumbnail and the professional thumbnails tend to get higher. Clickrate. So the more people that click on your video from the thumbnail, the more they watch you get featured more.

So having a good thumbnail for YouTube professionally graphic design one is really helpful. And then for me, I I have helped now all I do is film videos and drop them in a Dropbox folder and copy it on an Airtable spreadsheet, and everything else is done for me. That helps a lot because it just takes so much time to write a description. Think of a good title, I think of the title The title is most important, but the description matters to.

KP: — “And sorry, last part of that question. How did you find it? Was it Did you have a friends or did you look on a website for example? How did you find your team like the people that you work? Was it were you friends or because I mean I would like to us my friends bother no take it seriously. So I thought it might be easier fine. So um, I don’t know, as well and then build it that way but how did you find your your team?

Jerry: — “I found my team with my friends and followers online in fact that the two guys that I’m working with now that are like right and left hand man and my business, they are following me online for years, months or years beforehand.

And then, like I’d hold a contest, the one guy won a contest and, and he’s just been working with me for years Michel, and then the other one James, he applied to a video editor job I put up on YouTube. An now he’s done a whole bunch of things since then. I know another guy was a full time Youtuber and teacher online, and he works with his friends and people he knows in person all the time. Now you’re right.

Your friends are not going to take you seriously to start with but when your friends see you’ve posted a video new video every single day for six months or a year, then your friends will take you seriously. So you can’t really get much help usually just start with, but at some point, like it gets easy to get help at. You know after you’ve done it all yourself for a long time and you’re you really like exactly how you do it. You don’t want to change anything. right about that time zone, you know, you need health.

KP: — “Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about. Worried about doing it all myself. I’m getting used to do it all myself. And then when you get to a point where you’re like, Oh, I need help, letting go. I think that’s something I struggle with anyway. Yeah, that’s been really helpful. Jerry, thanks very much for that.

Jerry: — “My pleasure. Now you you’re okay with I think other people would love to hear what we’ve talked about today. Are you okay with me, Sharon Jones down here?

KP: — “Yeah, of course.

Jerry: — “Excellent well I’ve i’ve it helps you’ve helped me a lot today to to like think because I forget what it’s like to try and begin a new thing online and by talking to you I’m able to give better recommendations like oh, it doesn’t make sense for everybody to spend $1,000 to start on YouTube you know, maybe you don’t like it or you haven’t made a video yet.

KP: — “Yeah. And as I said, you have I know you have like some courses up on the internet at the moment you have any courses in terms of starting off making videos, any chance to know how I’ve got the older ones but the best way is to just subscribe on YouTube and watch for the new videos because I’m making a lot of new videos on this exact subject. So just keep watching for the new videos and I’ll like I’ve got one that says start podcasting today that just came out it shows you the exact microphone and it shows you the exact interface with it and I’m going to make a same kind of one for teaching online and that’ll have all the stuff you you’d want to do a YouTube video.

KP: — “That’s great. Thank you very much, Jerry.

Jerry: — “You’re welcome KP and I’m interested know how long did you follow watch my videos before we actually had our call?

KP: — “I think it’s, I think because I had the support for seven months or something when it came when you made your last videos. It would have been about a year now I think. Since I started first started watching this I remember I used to watch your videos as I was coming home from work or going to work. And it keeps me occupied on the bus by bus journeys about 15 minutes I’ll just be watching videos. I’ve been at all I need to go to work now. So yeah. It’s this Yeah, as I said, it’s a shame that you stopped doing the gaming videos. I mean, are you ever going to gain.

Jerry: — “I don’t think so because for I’ve tried Ghana gaming casually and it’s one of those things like I do, I read this psychological experiment they did about how there be three doors on a computer screen. And then each one you clicked on will give you money. And the participants if all the doors just sat there, they naturally click on the ones that gave them the most money and make the most money.

But the weird thing they found if they made a door fade away if you didn’t click on it, or people would irrationally go click on the door that gave them less money, just because they didn’t want to let go of it. So for me gaming’s been that kind of thing where it’s caught, it’s cost me 10’s of thousands of dollars, probably what to do gaming. And it’s one of those things like it’s time to close the door on it and get my one of my biggest challenges, which is a lot of us is you only have so much time in a day and everything you decide to do is a no answer to everything else you could possibly do in that spot.

So if you make a video every day, like for your Facebook to start with, if you want to do YouTube, like you’re saying no to anything else you could do in that spot. So if I’m playing video games, even casually, I’m saying no to doing something else that is probably more valuable.

And you can see by how long you’ve been following me, it often takes a long time to build a relationship with someone following you too. It’s not like maximizing all the time. Yeah, it’s tough.

KP: — “Okay, yeah. Thank you very much. I think we’ve got over a half now. As thank you for your helps today.

Jerry: — “You’re welcome. KP Thanks for all you’ve done for me being a supporter and I’m very grateful for a chance to talk with you like this. After all the times you’ve commented and videos and games we played too.

KP: — “Thanks very much, I speech later.

Jerry: — “All right, take care of KP.

KP: — “You too Jerry.

Thank you very much for making it all the way to the end through the video that viewer retention or the amount of time viewer spend watching a video is huge on YouTube to help get it out there. And by this point, I’m pretty certain that if you haven’t subscribed already, you will absolutely love being a subscriber, I trust you to hit that subscribe button

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Given you’ve got to the end of this. I imagine you’ve thought a lot about where to start. What kind of following you want to build online. You really do want build yourself up as a full time entrepreneur online. And the number one suggestion I’d make if I had to start over, this is what I do. Jump right in with a group of people already doing what you want to do, and get help about most, most critical that help to get support when things are difficult and guidance in the right direction as to what to learn.

When you don’t know what to Google, you’re really helpless. When you’ve got someone you can ask that will help you figure out what you don’t know that you don’t know. Then you can get pointed in the right direction about what to learn about this. That’s what’s really helpful with my partner program at Jerry partner will take you to the landing page.

We have weekly group coaching calls, where I am available and we have other full time entrepreneurs online. We talk about our businesses and candid detail. We talked about how much money we’re making. We’re talking about what’s working what’s not working, where the big opportunities are what’s fading out, we ask for help partners consistently collaborate with each other.

Sometimes I frequently hire partners to work with me when I need help in my business. And you can also what I think the very best feature of this is you can schedule a one on one call with me every month included in the cost of your membership, which is paid monthly. Out of that you get access to my calendar, where you can schedule a call up to a month in advance anytime that’s available free in my schedule, and it’s a video call where we meet online, face to face, I find these really helpful just doing them for myself. And I’m certain that they’re really helpful for you. Based on the results I’ve seen others get.

For example, one guy was just getting started teaching online and hoping to pay the rent one of the existing partners has been with us for years. He was hoping to pay the rent when he started with me just by doing monthly calls and then getting into weekly calls. He’s now one of the best selling instructors in his niche. He’s built 10’s of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, he makes 10,000 plus a month online starting from a few hundred dollars.

I give really good advice sometimes because I’ve been doing this for eight years, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’m available to help you out. I love getting to know your business, it helps me do better in mind.

So thank you very much for watching all the way to the very end of this. You are one of the top fans one of the top followers or you like passed out and like came to and I “Oh my god, this is still on.” Thanks for being one of the only people that make it to the end I imagined.

I’ll see you on another video soon.


Jerry Banfield