Why Acuity Scheduling for Booking Calls and Leading Workshops? Basics, Pricing, and Integrations!

Welcome to Acuity Scheduling. If you’re looking to accept calls, or do workshops or have classes, you will love it.

I’ve been using Acuity Scheduling for years to accept calls where I am available on my website.

As you can see on my website, I’ve got a calendar that anyone can use to schedule a paid call with me or attend my live workshops.

This is a great way if you are a YouTuber like me, to make yourself easily available for on-demand coaching, calls, consultations and to increase monetization online.

If you have a local business, this is a great way to allow people to book and pay directly online without needing to do all of that over the phone or in another way.

Why Acuity Scheduling for Booking Calls and Leading Workshops? Basics, Pricing, and Integrations!

Acuity Scheduling is a Squarespace company, meaning if you’ve got Squarespace as your webhost. It integrates easily.

If you’ve got WordPress like I do, it’s very easy to use it in WordPress, and even set up a site wide booking bar like this, which will allow you on any page of my website to book a call or go to one of my workshops in person. If you’ve got Wix, I imagine it’s also easy to put it in.

What I’ll do is give you an introduction to Acuity Scheduling and the basics of it here and build this as part of a YouTube playlist, where I’ll show you how to do individual tasks in Acuity Scheduling.

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I really like Acuity Scheduling, because it automatically syncs up with my Google Calendar.

That is what makes it so powerful.

I don’t have to go in and manually set up all my time, if I block something off in my Google Calendar it blocks it off.

Let me show you how this works on my website.

If you go to “View Calendar”, you select that you want a 45 minute call with me, set your timezone, and my availability is automatically handled here based on what I’ve put in my calendar.

You can see exactly when you can schedule an appointment with me, all of this is handled automatically on my end and I don’t get notified at all, until you’ve done everything on your end and completed payment for it.

That makes this a really simple system for me, I just sit there and I get a text message when you’ve paid and when I have a new appointment.

Acuity Scheduling for Booking Calls

As the Acuity Scheduling website says “All I need to do is show up and be available to help you”.

I’ve enjoyed doing these calls. I’ve gotten a lot of great results working with clients who scheduled these calls, I often in a 45 minute call can talk about things that save you or help you earn thousands of dollars.

That’s why people have paid as much $1,000 an hour to talk to me.

The beauty of this is you can set the rate at whatever you want and as people start scheduling and you start learning, you can just increase the rate to whatever you feel comfortable with.

You’ve got your calendar synced up here, and I’m going to show you in future tutorials how I set up in-person classes with this exact same scheduling, and then have the option for anyone who clicks to both schedule a call and go to those classes.

That’s what you can do with Acuity Scheduling and you can do even more than that with it.

What can you do and save with it?

You can save a ton of time and energy by emailing back and forth. Even just via email, you can share a link to your calendar and allow someone to schedule it there.

I don’t see that you need the power of Acuity Scheduling. If you just want to make free calls, there’s an app called Calendly that does good with that. That is easier if you just want to make free calls.

Acuity Scheduling is if you want the most power for your calendar, if you want to be able to track conversions, advertise your website, see how much money you’re making, by scheduling calls, which I do. That’s why I use Acuity.

It’s nice to just start with something that you can become a powerhouse player in.

I remember emailing back and forth to talk about what time works for you and the scheduling. So obnoxious. This takes it all out of there.

Acuity Scheduling Features

It’s nice, as it says it adapts to a basic something like a yoga studio, you can do online business, you can even combine into doing, as I have, a local show and online calls. Very easy.

You can do text message notifications on the top plan and it all looks very nice and it works well.

I’ve chosen Acuity Scheduling as my primary call booking system because it integrates it allows me to take both Stripe and PayPal payments up front before the call, which is very important.

I’ve offered free calls before, I’ve scheduled calls with people, what I found today is when you pay for a call, you’re very likely to show up and be invested into it.

Payment Processor integration

Half the people who scheduled free calls with me didn’t even show up and even if you just need to charge $20 or something for a paid call, that allows you to make a little bit of money out of it and not have the pressure to sell something that you get in a free call.

That’s why I love paid calls. I don’t need to sell you anything you already paid me to talk to me, I can give you the truth, and give it to you honestly regardless of whether you ever buy anything else with me, I can give you the very best service.

If I want to be able to track these payments directly to Acuity Scheduling, then I’ll see if any of my advertisements are driving those sales through Acuity Scheduling, the coordination is outstanding.

You can even do gift certificates, subscriptions and packages which is nice. For example, I sold a client on a 10-call package instead of just buying one individual call.

You can also give coupons out.

I don’t do coupons because I’m putting packages up, why bother with coupons. But if you want to, for some reason, give someone a discount, then you can do coupons with it as well.

Let’s take a look at the pricing.

Acuity Prices

There’s a freebie. There’s not a whole lot of features on freebies, except you can do client self scheduling, which is really nice. You can offer services and appointments.

There are no free emails, no text messages, you can’t have appointments or gift certificates. But you can try it out for free on the client’s self scheduling and see how you like it.

I’m on the powerhouse player plan, this is enough for a business like a massage business where you can use this calendar with staff members. You’ve got text messaging reminders, you can do subscriptions, memberships, appointments, gift certificates, you can do custom API and CSS integrations.

I also got to remove the “Powered by Acuity Scheduling” and also you can even do HIPAA compliance there.

I do have my logo on, I also love that I got to have those text message notifications when someone booked a call using Acuity Scheduling. One more good reminder.

You can look at all the paid plans and see more things you can do.

You can have all the schedulers on your own website, you can sync with your email program, the iCloud or Google Calendar.

When you book an appointment on my calendar it syncs up directly with my Google Calendar.

When I put something new on my phone in my Google Calendar it automatically blocks that out so you can’t schedule calls immediately. That’s really helpful.

You can do things like have apps like Zapier integrate to add that clients that schedule automatically to any email list you want them to be added to. You can even let clients tip you and do some more advanced reporting like conversions.

For example, when I’m doing ads on Google or YouTube or Facebook, I can see which of those ads led to a call being scheduled. That is why I’ve chosen Acuity Scheduling because I want to be able to track which ads I’m running that lead to call schedule.

I also like that Acuity has an affiliate program where you can earn up to $30 by referring clients to join using this free link or the one that’s in the description on this video.

You can see that when you go into your account, there is an affiliate program there as well.

If you want to cancel, you can do it at anytime and you can pay annually to get a month free also.

These are the basics of Acuity Scheduling.

Here’s a quick look inside the account right here at what it looks like.

You’ve got your clients, your appointment calendar reporting, your scheduling page link, you can customize your appearance, your availability, appointment types, I’ll show you how to use all of this in tutorials that I’m about to film for free on YouTube.

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