Why Low Youtube Views Despite High Subscriber Numbers?

Why Low YouTube Views on New Videos Despite High Subscriber Numbers?

Have you been wondering why do I have 280,000 plus subscribers on my YouTube channel? And it seems like I have so little views on my videos.

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Here, you’ll get the most complete answer.

Let’s take a look in my youtube channel analytics here.

These are my newest videos published yesterday, I have 197 views on one, and 145 views on another.

Now understand, views are a fraction of total impressions. Actually, thousands of people saw each of those videos somewhere on YouTube. And the views are people who actually clicked and watched us. I probably got five or 10,000 impressions on YouTube yesterday and ended up getting about what 400 views or something.

Now you might think compared to the other channels, you’ve seen,” wow, this guy is just sub bonding or something.” If you would like to subscribe, I trust you’ll hit that subscribe button on the channel and join us and you’ll have a better shot at seeing new videos.

The reason my views are different than what you expect is because my channel is set up differently than a lot of channels you’ve seen my channel is that how to help channel and it’s set up with a lot of tutorials. Therefore, I’ve got subscribers on a lot of videos that I don’t upload as often. But when I do upload those videos, then they do tend to get a lot of views.

Let’s show you inside the analytics.

Because if you’re doing your own YouTube channel, this is a really helpful thing to understand about different ways to get traffic.

These are the top videos on my channel.

And you’ll notice one thing they have in common I don’t do much in the actual video myself and this is a big change I’m making on my channel.

First start hacking today. This is a video I produced with a cyber security and ethical hacking expert who produced the majority of the video and all I did is introduce it and market it same thing on all the rest of these top videos.

Thus, the top videos on my channel that people are subscribing them for our videos featuring topics that I don’t actually know myself. Now, how are people finding these videos, it’s important to see where people are actually watching videos.

Now, I just talked to the YouTube Partner team yesterday. These are my traffic sources. Now this is unusual, he said because most channels get most of their views from browse features and suggested videos something like 70% if you look at my views, only about 40% of my views come from browse features and suggested videos.

While I have a high percentage of YouTube search traffic. What happens people search something like ethical hacking training, find one of my videos and subscribe. But then YouTube is not showing very many people my videos because if someone’s subscribed on an ethical hacking tutorial, then I go make a Facebook marketing tutorial.

YouTube doesn’t even show that person the video most of the time. Thus in terms of an actual core audience watching videos that I specifically make, not ones that I’ve co produced with someone else, the relevance and the Browse features in suggested videos is a lot lower than other channels you might be used to.

Because I aim my videos very often at YouTube search. I love YouTube search because it’s evergreen. If you look at these top videos on my channel,

this start hacking today I made this in 2016 these videos all of these videos are all their videos like these are at least a couple of months old.

YouTube search traffic continues to grow and gives you views indefinitely over time. Now the challenge can be sometimes to convert YouTube search traffic into browse feature and suggested video.

This means someone who generally is watching my videos for me and cares about my newest updates newest videos with help channels and how to channels often allowed. The views I get are from people who are having a specific issue they want to learn.

And then there’s not as much of a relationship, it’s kind of a transactional view. For example, someone just wanted to learn how to hack watch the video on my channel, there’s not that long term connection with me.

Whereas on some of the other channels you see they’re kind of blog or vlog style videos, where people are watching every single video now make no mistake, when you see the videos on my channel, there are plenty of people that are thousands of people that are seeing almost every single video on my channel that I put out.

But still out of the total audience. It’s a relatively small percentage of people that are watching from my videos every single day, compared to the total of all people watching my videos.

One more stat to check before we wrap this video up is how many how much of the watch time is subscribers versus non subscribers.

So if you look in the audience is a really important metric, if you’re working on YouTube is the percentage of not subscribed versus subscribed 85% of people actually watching my videos are not even subscribe to my channel. Only 11% of views on my channel are from people that are subscribed. And out of those subscriptions, a lot of those subscriptions that are only wanting more hacking tutorials, or more technical programming kinds of tutorials. And if I put videos out that aren’t on those subjects, YouTube is not even showing them to people lots of times this.

I hope this gives you a really good idea of why the views are different than you might expect. I’ve done a lot of YouTube ads on my channel, but I’m not doing them any more. Which has also given me a few extra million total views on my channel.

Still, I’m very grateful for the YouTube channel I have I’m very grateful for you this watched all the way to the end this video, I am putting out in three new videos a day going forward all that are just me with no co producers and I’m intending and focusing on doing some shorter, really targeted videos.

Instead of doing videos that are so long user retention has been one of my weak spots, where I put out a 15 minute video and sure a few people watch five minutes of it but hardly anyone watches the full 15 minutes. Thus, I’m intending to get my point across as soon as possible. I’m learning on ways to grow my YouTube channel and I hope this is helpful for you.

I trust one of the biggest things you can do if you want to see more of my videos, hit that subscribe button on YouTube and then turn notifications on. If you’re not seeing my videos and you’re wondering why turn those notifications on and that will help you see the videos on my channel. Finally, if you want to. You can even have your name in the credits when you hit the Join button on YouTube. You can even get your name in the credits which can help you find your channel.

Thank you very much for watching. I love you. You’re awesome and I am here to serve you every day on YouTube.


Jerry Banfield