Why Should You Do The Right Thing? It Works

Amazing results often happen for me when I do something for the right reason. I just have to trust that I don’t need to know how things will turn out. If I’m doing things for the right reasons, good things will happen.

I understand that I can’t often see how what I’m doing now is going to link to something that’s going to happen later. For example, I have a friend I  hired to help me optimize my business system. It was the weirdest thing because when I hired him, I didn’t have much of a clue what he was going to produce. This is a contrast to everything you see, yet he has given me some of the most incredible ideas and help.

This is something I never was able to do before because I needed to know exactly what I was going to get out of things. I wanted to know what hope there was and what purpose, what end I was using this means to get to. Today, I look at doing things for the right reason. I understand that it would be hard to see how some of the best things I can get actually line up with my goals.

I’ve been talking with my friend for over a year. He has paid a membership fee for a year or more to talk to me each week.

A couple of months ago, it felt right with my business to hire him to help out with some things I was doing in my business. The first thing I did was hire him to do Facebook Ads which freed me up to do more with Google Ads. That was a clear set of expectations, but the second month was strange. Yet, all of life has the ability to do these same kind of results for anyone who is willing to take a leap of faith.

The second month, I decided it didn’t make sense to invest in Facebook Ads since we didn’t have conversion tracking for Udemy. I do know is that he’s good at doing business systems online. I also have a business system online that I wanted him to apply his experience to. The weird part is I had no idea what I could expect out of that. There is no clear goalto produce certain deliverables.

At the time, I could see that it was right to keep paying my friend to apply his energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence to the business system. Yet, that’s all I could see. Still I went forward with it out of faith. So far, he’s given me several great ideas that have already produced some good results. He’s made things look professional and gave me the ability to go deeper into Google Ads. He’s allowed me to scale up  for the future and create a system that gives each person what they want. I now have the ability to ask what someone wants when they come to my website instead of assuming I know.

This is still weird to me today because it goes against almost every way we do things. We expect to know what we’re going to get for ourselves first and then we look at what we’re going to do for it. My whole life today is based on doing the best I can. If I’m giving the most I can, I will keep getting the most back. I’ve gotten so much good back from  the world it’s just humbling and incredible. That’s a reflection of everything I’m trying to give.

I’m doing everything I can think of in the most effective way I can think of to deliver what help I can for you. You may never have done anything for me. You may never have bought any of my products online, you may never have talked to anyone about me.

Some ask me why do I make videos for someone who’s never going to do anything for you? Why are you taking your time to make these videos for someone that doesn’t even like your page? Maybe they’re in a country and they can’t even buy anything for you because it’s too expensive.

I know that when I do the most good that I can that good comes back to me often in unpredictable ways. I know that everyone who’s helped me has given me the ability to help others. I appreciate everyone who’s written a book I’ve read or put free posts or videos online on their blog. They have helped me to be able to do more and to give more. It’s my responsibility to continue doing that.

I have had so many people give me help without asking me for anything in return. More than sometimes I’m just sitting and listening to them or trying to pay it forward. If everyone is out there trying to pay it forward, it solves all the problems we have in life.

Before, I went out there and caused a lot of problems in my life. I focused on what am I going to get first and then what am I going to give to everyone second.

You can see here I’m focused on what am I going to give to you first. That’s what I am paying attention to today. It doesn’t matter to me if you ever do anything for me. You could watch these videos for the rest of your life and never comment on them or like them. Yet, that still is worth doing for me today.

I can hire people and pay them to do things. Even I can’t imagine how it’s going to work out there’s often good things that come of it anyway. This is evident when you start putting together how interconnected everything is.

For example, it might not look like much to share one of my videos. You might think I like this guy’s video. That might not seem significant, but that’s hugely significant because of how it all adds up. Say, for example, you saw this video and liked it and you took the time to hit the like button on it. Maybe it comes up in your friend’s newsfeed. They were having a bad day and this is useful for them. Then they are able to do a little bit better in their personal relationship. That makes a bigger difference in their life.

They may not even remember they had anything to do with me at all. They might not even remember or realize it had anything to do with you, but you liked the video. That helped me to help reach someone else and help them in their relationship. Through that relationship, a  series of positive events happened that none of us could’ve imagined.

I know these things happen because all of them have led to me being able to share my voice out there online. If I hadn’t had thousands of people who worked to help me out, then I wouldn’t be in a position to help anyone else out. We are all here interconnected helping each other. I realize I am not special in this process at all. I’m merely one interconnected link with everyone else. Everything my wife does, even though she doesn’t appear on videos, is critical to my ability to be here with you.

Everything the millions of people that have watched, listened, or read the things that I have done is integral to what I’m doing. We all are equals here, we’re all working towards the best world we can have today. When I give out of good intentions, I tend to get good things back.

Today, I pray to look at the intentions I have in each activity I’m doing in my life. I pray to continue honoring the faith others have placed in me. I pray to continue honoring that to give to others with no expectation of what I could receive back. I pray to remember  that when I do good, I also receive good even when it has nothing directly to do with me. I pray that you have the same chance today to have courage taking a leap of faith when you know something’s the right thing to do. I pray that you are able to help out when you can help without any expectation of what you can get back in return. Thank you for watching this, I hope you have a great day today.