WordPress Posting Strategy for Maximum SEO Results 2014

What WordPress Posting Strategy do I use to get incredible growth in Google organic search?

If you want to see an awesome WordPress posting strategy for maximum SEO results that’ll bring your inbound marketing to a ridiculous level, I’m going to show you my entire strategy that I use to get tons of posts up in the right keywords to get the right traffic in the video above. You can see on my website the entire system in this video. What I think stands out the most about this system I have is the raw amount of content I can put out with it. Most people I see doing digital marketing, social media, Internet marketing, etc., post 1-3 blog posts per week. Over the course of the year, they’ll do 40-100.


Let’s look at my website. I just started my WordPress website. I’ve had several before, but my newest one – which is my name, JerryBanfield.com – I started this year. I switched into this strategy, and you can see just the sheer amount of new posts I have on my website. In short, I have over 50 new posts in the last 6 months. But, that was often using an older posting strategy. Look how fast I’m cranking out posts now. You can see, there’s four new ones on October 16th, and before that, several more new ones on October 9th and 7th. That’s almost 10 new posts in the last 10 days. Now, I’m going to show you what I do that you might really like. I’m going to show you how I start with a video, research my keywords, get the video transcribed, and just dump posts on my website that have a video with them, which work really well in search results. You can do this with your own website, and if you get any kind of similar results to what I get, you’ll be blown away at how good this works.


The reason it works well is that most of us can talk a lot faster than we write, and for most of us it’s a lot easier to talk than it is to write. What I mean is, I can talk 10,000 words an hour but I can write about 2,000 words an hour. Here’s an example of how I used to do my posts, even just a few months ago. What I would do is start out and write the post from the beginning, and then I would make a YouTube video of it. That would take around 2-3 hours to complete, and this is around a 2,000-word post. The key with this strategy for SEO is making about 2,000-word evergreen posts on the right subjects.


The problem with my old strategy – and what most people do – writing first is that it takes so damn long. Three hours for one post is too much if you’ve got clients and you’ve got anything else going on, you’re going to be lucky to get 1-3 posts up on your blog per week. You might ask right here, “How the hell did you pump out four, all around 2,000-word posts, in one day? And they all have a damn video with them!” Well, what I do is I make the video first and then I get the video transcribed. This is a video transcription. So I actually said this, but I didn’t spend any time actually writing it. I paid someone on Odesk to transcribe this. The reason is that I made my content in the highest form first.


Video is the highest form in my line of thinking about having content because from video, I can pull out audio, from video I can pull out screenshots, from video I can pull out a transcription. You can see when I did it the other way, when I started with writing first, then I had to go up into making a YouTube video and up into narrating the audio for that YouTube video. If you’ll see the YouTube video doing this strategy either had to be based on a presentation, or some of these older videos based on just literally reading what I wrote. So in terms of making a good quality video, it’s not nearly as good if you start with writing and work up to a video.


You might say, “Well, how do I make videos? I don’t know what to do.” What I’m doing right now is just screen capturing what I’m already doing anyway. So I was going to do this work regardless of whether I made a video doing it or not. The beauty of it is, I’m showing you the work I’m doing, so in the process I’m doing work, and I’m making content out of that which I can then have transcribed and put on my website as a blog post. I can also have the audio on my podcast, and the video on my YouTube channel. You can see I’ve got a pretty big YouTube channel for Internet marketing. I’ve got millions of views, thousands of subscribers, and tons of videos on my channel. Well, the issue I’ve been having is how to create most affectively.


How can I get the most done in the shortest period of time? This strategy that I’m showing you that I use with WordPress, and the screen capture I use is Camtasia (that’s by TextSmith – there are other programs you can use). I record my screen – I use Audacity, a free audio editing program – I use Audacity to record the audio so it sounds better, then I upload that video to YouTube. I pay someone on Odesk to transcribe it, and after I have that transcription then I this is what I get out of it – a Word document.


Here’s what’s amazing – look how long this Word document is: 8,891 words. Let’s look how long this video is that I originally made doing this. The name of it was Passive Income on YouTube. This is one of my recent videos. It’s not the most recent, though – it’s not in the most recent 6 I’ve made, even though I just made it a few weeks ago. Here’s my Passive Income on YouTube video. This is an hour and 2 minutes long, and all I did was screen capture my YouTube channel and talk about it, along with searching on YouTube and looking at some other people’s channels. That produces an 8,891-word document. From my way of looking at it, that’s 4-5 blog posts.


I’m going to show you how I actually chop this up into blog posts because the power of this strategy is having my content everywhere. I’m on YouTube, I have a podcast on iTunes. You can see I’ve got 30 podcast episodes up – many of these are an hour long – and I’ve got hundreds of YouTube videos up, and then on my website I’ve got hundreds of blog posts up. Let me show you why I get so excited about this. What I’m looking for is this. I’m in Webmaster Tools now – look at this. Month over month, my search clicks and impressions are continuing to go up rapidly, and all I want to do is keep those in the green. I want them to go up every month, because if the go up every month, over the course of a year that’s insane growth.


What I’m getting right now is insane growth – 36% over last month. Last month was up 50%, and the month before that was up. So you can see I’m up to 1,600 clicks from Google straight to my website. Considering I had just put this website up this year in 2014, that’s incredible. It often takes a while to get things started in Google. This strategy I’m doing is helping me fantastically with my SEO. The average first-ranking Google post is over 2,000 words long. Look at this – that’s 8,891 words. That’s potentially 4 top-ranking posts right there. So while other people are cranking out shorter posts, or not very many posts, the sheer amount of content you can do using this strategy is unbelievable. You can see this is why I do this – 36% increase over last month, which was a big month in of itself, so I’m just trying to keep these numbers going up every month. This strategy helps a lot.


Now the second thing I’ll show you is my YouTube analytics. So in YouTube, I get a ton of results in YouTube search also. I’ll show you my YouTube results over the last year. This is just YouTube search, and you can see my search results have continued to go up. So you can see I’ve got one video viral here, well somewhat – it got thousands in one day. You can see the search results were almost nothing back here and now the search results have continued to come up a lot since then. And here’s an even better example. Let me show you my Google search results. So you can see Google search, in the last month I’ve pulled 3,700 views off of Google search. Look at this traffic from Google search.


Over the last year just making these YouTube videos, the traffic is consistently going up. The whole time, the traffic is going up every month. That’s what I want. So put those strategies together. What I do is I start by making a YouTube video. I begin by making a YouTube video. I do that with TextSmith to record it, Audacity to edit it, and then I use Odesk to get my videos transcribed. But you can get your videos transcribed any way you want to do it – you can hire a friend, you can do it on Fiber, there’s all kinds of ways you can get your videos transcribed. I prefer to pay per video transcription instead of per hour, and then I prefer to hire people that already know what I’m talking about. I hire people that know about Digital Marketing or have a graduate level education, so that their transcriptions are good.


When I’m direct dumping this as a post on my website, it has to be good. If I’m just hiring anyone to make a transcription of my video, I don’t want to have to go back and edit it. I want to be able to straight copy and paste that post as a transcription as a post on my website. So what I want to do is make a YouTube video, take audio and drop it straight into my podcast and then drop that onto my website. So I spend around an hour making a video. That turns into 4-5 2,000-word blog posts, and a podcast in just an hour. It takes a little bit of extra work – I’ll show you shortly how long it takes to chop up a 10,000-word original transcription and drop that into a blog post. You won’t believe how fast it is compared to writing it. Imagine trying to write four of those and then trying to narrate a video out of those posts – it’s a hell of a lot harder. Being successful online is all about working smart, not hard.


Of course, I found this out the hard way but now that I’ve discovered how amazing this works, it works incredibly for building organic traffic and it’s all about the organic traffic. I’m known as the Facebook Ads guy. I’m pretty good with paid traffic, and I’m here to say it’s all about the organic traffic. I’m getting hundreds of people to my new-ish website a day for free, and I’m getting thousands of people a day for free to my YouTube channel. Why would I want to pay for that? That would cost a fortune to pay for that.


And the best part is the organic traffic grows by itself. The bigger my YouTube subscribers get, the more free traffic I get, the more my videos rank higher, the more I keep getting more. It’s the same thing with Google SEO that I showed you. This website of mine is fairly new. I sold my last company website, and put up JerryBanfield.com this year. You can see I’m already pulling 1,600 clicks per month, and I hardly had and trackable clicks when I put my website up.


This strategy is powerful, and all you need is a WordPress-hosted website to do it. I use WordPress with a HostGater dedicated server. I started with a shared server, but as soon as my website started pulling traffic I saw how slow it was, so now I have the dedicated server. A dedicated server means it’s just my website on the server. But you can start off with a nice web-hosting plan from HostGater for like $10 a month, and you can use the C-panel to install WordPress. You can set up your YouTube channel for free. You can use something; I use BuzzSprout to upload my new podcast episodes. You can see I uploaded four of them a couple days ago. Then you can have all those same things online and do this strategy completely. In just an hour or two of work, you can have a ridiculous amount of content online out of that. That’s why this WordPress strategy for nearly anything you’re looking to do is incredibly powerful. If you’re doing a business based online, you can literally multiply your effectiveness anywhere from 5 to 100+ times doing this strategy.  Read the next part of this article at https://jerrybanfield.com/how-to-rank-in-google-in-2014-2015/.

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