WordPress SEO 2015 Tips for Maximum Google Search Clicks!

Use these WordPress SEO 2015 Tips in the Video for Maximum Google Search Clicks to get hundreds of thousands of clicks to your website!

Watch the video above for free or click here to get this complete strategy in my Udemy courses!  Read the blog post below for a direct transcription describing the core method I use for WordPress SEO in 2015 and see that I am doing it on this page!

Create The Post with WordPress SEO in 2015 Strategy!

You see now how I’ve gotten exceptional growth in just the last few months in Google organic search using this WordPress SEO 2015 trick. You’ve seen that the green numbers in my webmaster tools showing the clicks are consistently going up. Now the question is how do I actually create these posts in WordPress and YouTube and what can you do to repeat this process.

I’m going to show you this WordPress SEO 2015 strategy exactly what I do to do this live as I do it. The challenging part is I’m doing this for myself which will go live on my website in all the detail. The advantage of that is there’s no theoretical. There’s no this might or might not, this is what I’m actually doing for myself and how you can easily repeat it. If you have something as simple as a WordPress website, a YouTube channel, a screen capture program such as snag it, and then some hosting on your own URL. Which you can get from HostGator for $10 a month or something even lower than that or higher if you want faster speed.

The beauty of this is how easy it is to do. And you might want to scale it up using transcription people on Odesk which I’m doing. But I’m going to show you the whole thing from start to finish. So first, starting off depends on where you’re at. So let’s take a look at this again.

If you’re down here, then starting off’s going to work a little different than when you’re right here. So when I was right here, let’s show you some of the articles I did. This is an example, Ten Steps to get your business to $10,000 a month and this is part of my Udemy course which is 0 to 10,000 a month online.

But this is the type of article I wrote so I just wrote it and I didn’t know exactly who would find it. So I showed you in the past step how I figure out who I’m finding. So if you’re starting out, you’re stuck kind of just doing things like writing whatever article you might want to.

Here’s an article that I wrote, I just wrote about books I read that have helped me. So I didn’t know what kind of search results that would inspire. So if you don’t know what keywords people are looking for then that’s where you start. You start off making a YouTube video about something you want to make. If you do know what keywords people are searching for and I do have a pretty good idea here’s where you start.

I’m in webmaster tools and I want to download this table to see what keywords my website is already ranking for. I want to know what I’m already doing right so I can do more of it. What I want to do now is find what I’m doing right when it comes to SEO. Let’s check out what I’m doing right. Oh Black Hat SEO techniques, I don’t know about that.
SEO plain, now that’s one of the old articles I had on there. Here, now that’s a good one: important SEO terms .So what I do now, is I have a file then I take these terms like this and I put them in a file called validated keywords, I know people are actually looking for these things. So I don’t’ want to do anything like that.

So SEO might not be right so then I try another keyword. That didn’t work do let my try traffic. Increase site traffic, I know I’m showing up for that. Let’s see so that’s the only one. Let’s try website. So this is where I’m doing my keyword research. I’m seeing actually what search results I’m actually showing for so that I can intentionally aim an entire article at that. Best website to buy YouTube views.

So what I’m doing now is trying to find the right keyword to match what I’m doing and if you’re starting out in a new area, it’s challenging because you may not have any good keyword data on it. So I’m in a challenging spot for this particular because I already made this video so if you don’t have keywords to research, you can just do it like this.

So I don’t seem to have much existing data on what keyword I want to use so now I can just go up here and start and scroll down and try and find some articles that relate to what I might want to put up there.

So I’m seeing ranking videos on Google. What I want to do is find some things I’m already showing on, especially that I’m already getting some clicks on and then intentionally aim an article directly at that but I have to have something to start with.

So I’m scrolling through these keywords and I’m just trying to find one that has maybe a click and I don’t see any. Because I haven’t written about this too much already. So since I don’t I might have to just freestyle it but I will keep looking and see if I can find a search term where I’m actually showing already and it looks like all I have is ranked YouTube videos.

Let me try Google. Here’s the nice one. How to rank in Google in 2014, that’s a sweet one right there. That, from my previous keywords that I know that these year-based keywords can be good. That’s a sweet one. So sometimes it just takes a minute to search through and figure it out. Google sites tutorial probably not that. How to rank on Google. This is how to rank on Google. That’s interesting. It’s a slightly different wording but it might be worth it to try a couple of different articles.

I ranked on the keyword Google. Google Adwords sucks. How to rank for Google Hummingbird. That’s a really cool keyword. When you aim at an exact keyword like that, that’s really cool. Rank high in Google, alright, that’s a good keyword. What I will do is I’ll show you, I will do an actual article with that exact keyword title.

This takes a while as you can see but the rewards are well worth it. Some of these keywords you seen I’ve found these keywords before I did an article about it. How to rank YouTube videos and then that worked really well so I did another article on it.

It takes repetition. It takes doing this a lot but you keep doing this like I kept doing it and it’s working really good. So I went though all these already. So I’ve got several new ideas over here on my pad, now the only thing I need to do is figure out which one of these matches what I have. So what I have is a 7800 word post transcribed from a 1 hour 15 minute video.

That goes back to what I said about this strategy, It works because I can talk a hell of a lot faster than I can write. So having success online and in life often is not about miracles or magic. I mean I believe miracles come from your understanding of a higher power. I believe that is a huge part of life, but as it comes to practical things I believe it’s mostly a function of time, effort, systems, and learning. In other words, you can use these things I’m showing you to get the same results if you can build it for yourself.

So if I can talk 7000 words an hour, that’s more than three times as fast as I can write. It makes sense for me to talk first and have someone else transcribe it because that’s how I get the most content out. So that’s what I have here is a transcription. What I want to do with this transcription is figure out where I can break it up into the first post.

I want to chop it into 3 unique posts right here so I’m going to do new post and new post. So I’ve got three new posts in WordPress and what I want to do is chop this up into three different posts that have keyword titles matching the research I just showed you. If even one of those works well, then I’m in business.

I’m in really good shape to have an exciting amount of search traffic continuing to grow. As you saw, you don’t have to do a whole bunch of exceptional things, you just need a couple of keywords and a very small amount of pages to perform really well on your website. So I’m trying to repeat that and I’m trying to figure out in here how I can divide and conquer up.

So it looks like I might have a logical split right here at 2500 words because if I’m going in and saying Let’s show you how this works right here, then it might make sense to split it right there or it might make sense to split it right here based on what I was writing right in there.

So it’s tricky sometimes to match this with what I’m writing because the most important part of the post is at the top so I want to find a split point where I can get a good post in here and eventually I may be able to have my transcribers include all of this in their work, but for now it just makes sense to do it this way, but in the future I will be able to have it divided up more so that I don’t have to do this step on it.

But if you’re just getting started with this, you might just end up doing this yourself or you might just have to get a transcriber to do the whole video. So either way this is something you’ll likely need to know about this.

So what I’ve done is now I’ve dropped this first part in here. So this first thing, I might have to do off the keyword farm and say WordPress posting strategy for maximum SEO results because that looks like a good title based on here I bet that’s something someone else is looking for.

So WordPress posting for maximum SEO results so that’s something I want to give a try here. So WordPress posting for maximum SEO results and now I delete that and try here. What WordPress posting strategy do I use to get incredible growth in Google organic search?

I start by asking this question and then I say watch the video above to see my WordPress posting strategy executed live.

There. So I say watch the video above to see my and I can preview it too. Let’s see what this looks like so I can see I’ve got WordPress posting strategy and I might have it too much. I might woah, don’t want to do that. Change this back in the paragraph, delete, there we go.

In the video above. Now, that’s the beauty of this. Now I just put it up here and now this transcription serves as the content Google has. So I don’t even need to do anything else. I don’t know if someone’s actually going to read this, but I’ve got it all up right there.

And now I start doing the details of the post. And I will want to, I’ll try saving a draft of this to make sure I don’t lose my work. And there, now it makes the post length. So I want to make my post link 75 characters or less. So I go back here and I want to see how long is this URL I’ve got.

I don’t want this URL to be long because then Google won’t like it and it’s all about keeping Google Happy. So it’s exactly 75 characters, so I’m going to delete the four out of here. So now what I do is I just finish up this WordPress post. I click video and I go down here and click Google for the category I scroll all the way down to the bottom.

I have the end fold theme. I really like the end fold theme. Rymar showed me the end fold theme I’ve been using it ever since. It works really good on my website, I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about it.

Here’s what I do next, so now I have the video in here and I’ll put the focused keyword up in here I want to do WordPress posting strategy and I’ll even throw 2014 in the title here to see if it fits.

And then I start off I write this meta description as if it’s an ad. I’m writing this meta description because I want people to click on it. When you see these kinds of things in here like I’m getting the average position of 1.0 and a click through of 70-80 percent. I’ve written the meta description just like an ad. I want people to click on it and I want my keyword to match exactly. I’m going to verbatim paste somewhere in here my exact keyword which in this instance will be here and make sure I include there.

Now I used as many characters as I could and I’ve written this just like an ad. See the WordPress posing strategy that gets me Google organic traffic growth every month in 2014 in this free maximum SEO results video tutorial. I’ve given the key details on why someone would want to read this. I’m saving draft on this.

Now the last thing I need to do is create a quick image for this to be featured on my website and I will continue with that and show you how I do this faster on the next two posts shortly.