WordPress YouTube Marketing Strategy for Web Traffic

Do you want to see how to grow your website traffic through Google organic search with my WordPress YouTube marketing strategy that crushes SEO in 2015? Or how to rank your content higher? Or how to make an exceptional WordPress YouTube Marketing Strategy that will send people to your website with Google? You can count on this video to help you with that.

Take a look at what I’ve done for my website. Last year my website JerryBanfield.com got no traffic to it because it was just forwarding to my LinkedIn profile. I was using my company website which did awful in search. I was really frustrated and I set out to learn what really worked to get good Google organic search traffic.

This year I started out posting new things on my website and was frustrated with the consistent lack of results. You can see most days I just for the first 6 months I just got anywhere from one to ten people visiting my website through Google organic search, most of them were probably me or my mom. Then I started to learn what worked to get traffic so I started a new WordPress and YouTube content marketing strategy that has proven exceptionally well in consistently growing. You can see once I started doing that my web traffic from Google organic search continues to grow steadily.

This is what’s exceptional, if you look at my webmaster tools you can see that out of the 7800 clicks I got this year, 2000 of them were in the last month alone. Not only that but I’m getting double digit growth every single month in my impressions and my clicks and the clicks are going even faster than the impressions. That’s remarkable. The reason for it is this strategy that I’m doing on my website.

You can see all over my website that I’m doing this exact strategy, you can see what I’m doing by all of the blog posts I’ve made and this video explains my exact process in creating the posts and the videos that get exceptional results for web traffic. I’ll give you a short preview.
What I did today, while making this I put up three 2000 plus word, keyword matched blog posts that have a video linked to them . They come up like this.

That last post looks like I need to edit it. They come up like this. They have a video up at the top, but then the blog post down here, but trick is the blog post is from a transcription. So the blog post is unique, but it’s just what I said in the video.

So I’m telling Google what to index and I’m giving the user a good video and I’m matching all that with a validated title. I’m going to show you how to do all that and you probably can get even better results than me. I’m in the entrepreneurship, online advertising, internet marketing niche that is very competitive.

If you do this strategy in a less competitive niche with viral content, you can make this work way better than I’m doing this in my highly competitive niche where everyone’s trying to get traffic. So If you’re trying to make sales online for your store or you’re trying to make viral content this strategy will be explosive for you. If you want to get more than what I’ve offered in this video, all you have to do is go to my website JerryBanfield.com and you can click on my Udemy course, which I call 0 to 10,000 a month online – ten steps that worked for me.

You can see thousands of students have already enrolled and I’ve gotten mostly great reviews for the course. You can get a big discount using the coupon that’s linked directly on the menu on the top of my website and what’s better there’s hundreds of articles on my website showing deep detail, most of them have videos matching that fully explain everything and it’s all for free on my website out in the open. And the best, very best things I have then are in my two Udemy courses which you can get at a huge discount with the coupon.

So thank you for taking a look at this. So here we to, the full exact live as I make and do this strategy giving you everything you need to do it yourself.

Do you want to see how to get traffic to your website like I do from Google organic search. I’m grateful to be growing rapidly on Google organic search. You can see last year my website had zero sessions not even 1 Google search result. This year 7,860, but this is the real magic. Look at this at the beginning and then watch where it is now. You can see I’m getting 80 to 100 a day now and that’s just the beginning. You can see this is trending higher. There’s no telling when this is going to level off or if it will. The question is how do you get started doing this.

Where Did I Start? The Beginning of my WordPress YouTube marketing strategy.

Where did I start? I started actively doing what I’m going to show you right in here. That’s when all the growth started. SEO and getting traffic in Google was one of the biggest frustrations I’ve had in my business and I’m going to make it very easy for you to do exactly this and if you want more details now I’m going to show you even more.

Out of that 7800 I’ve gotten over the last year compared to the zero I got before, take a look at this. This is my last month of search traffic, that’s nearly a whole year in one month. Actually, yes, it’s over a third of all the search traffic I’ve got in the last year I’ve got in the last month, and here’s why.

What I’m getting is month to month growth. This is a couple month ago, this is last month and then look at this month. What I aim to do is keep the numbers in the green every single month because if I’m growing every month that leads to fantastic results.

Now, when you’re getting started, this takes a while because Google wants to test out your content and wants to slowly put you where you supposed to be. Google doesn’t want to risk throwing up things that might not be good for its users, but once you show Google you have great content, Google will keep throwing more and more people at your website and you can see, it’s not even about search terms.

It’s about the volume. You can see no single search term has five percent of the total. You can see some of the things like my name search results, have been consistently counting for about the same amount of traffic but it’s in all of these details. All of these terms where I’ve got a bunch of clicks coming in and I will show you the strategies that worked for me to do this. Because figuring out the strategy was really frustrating but now I’ve got a system that’s ridiculously simple for doing it using YouTube, WordPress, and video transcribers on Odesk.

You can do this entire system totally for free, assuming you have a website.

I recommend you get a WordPress website like mine with a custom URL and get it hosted. It gives you a very professional looking appearance that’s trustworthy to the world for a low price. You can pay $10 for a domain on something like GoDaddy. You can pay around $10 a month on something like HostGator and you can have a professional appearance for just over $10 a month. If you set it up that way and then do this strategy I’m showing you, you can count on consistently growing.

I am thankful to have this kind of growth because if I tried to pay to get these these 2000 clicks that I got for free in the last month it would cost me between 1,000 to 5,000 to pay for those clicks not to mention I would have to spend a bunch of time in Google Adwords optimizing them to get my clicks lower and it would still cost 1,000 to 5,000.

For having value on your website, organic search traffic is one of the biggest, concrete things you have that shows value. If you ever want to sell a website, or have a business sold, or get valued, having that traffic is one of the most concrete things that gives you value.

The power of organic search traffic is it’s free and it’s generally consistent. Look at my traffic over the last month, almost every day around 80-100 results. Some days it’s a little over, some days it dips down to maybe 72, but I’m consistently getting growing amounts of traffic to my website.

Now here’s the simple answer for how I do it. I write content, I write posts on my website that Google loves and I’ll tell you much more about how to do that shortly. So I create content that Google loves and then I share it on Google Plus, there you go.

I just do the little +1 button and I share it. That way Google knows I did it. When I do a new post on my website, I just click on it and I plus one it and there, Google know it’s up there. I don’t have to comment or anything, I just share it and that way Google knows the content should be indexed. Google knows the content is online. That’s how I tell Google where my content it.

User Experience or Why This WordPress YouTube marketing strategy is so effective!

Here’s the key, if you want to show up on search results, you need to have a good user experience. What is a good user experience? Well, let’s do a search together.

First, it generally takes figuring out what people want so what happens you search for something like my name and then my website comes up with all the other search results for me. I’m happy all of the search results are under my control for my name which is beautiful, that’s what you want. Then here’s the first result up here I click on that, then I go to my website. Here’s what Google uses to determine what you should show in search results.

It’s the user behavior, that’s what I just did. That’s part 1, part 2 is what I do next. So if I back out right now and go to another search result that’s going to tell Google that I didn’t like what I found on the last search result. What Google wants is to see a good user experience out of its search traffic so Google ranks each link based on a good user experience. So all I do is create everything based on making a good Google user experience. I try to make everything so that the data Google has says that people love my website. It’s that easy.

The tricks to it of course, I will give you much more detail about “What does Google consider a good user experience” so I just gave you the basics. But for ranking high, the articles that are ranking high consistently have the same approach but it’s because of the good user experience I just told you about.

This is one of my most successful pages. What do you notice on this page? As soon as someone drops on this page, there’s a huge video to watch right here. For Google user experience, the time someone spends on a page is a huge indicator of a good experience if they search for something.

So let me do another search, another of my successful pages is having my Facebook account banned. I have a good resource for this and so you can see Google is showing me up here first, probably because it suspects I’ll click on it after going to the last one. You can see Facebook Ad account banned my website comes up.

A good user experience, according to Google is when someone searches and has a problem, clicks on it, and then stays on the page long enough to get whatever they needed. So staying on this page enough time to read through and figure out what’s going on.

Okay, so I’ve read this page obviously I know what’s on it but for good user experience Google expects a click through and no click back. So they expect the user to go to the page and either interact with the page more or to just close out because Google then says okay, that person got what they needed to when they searched for that term.

So let’s try something else like something like SEO tips. So you can imagine this is a gigantic competitive term. Everyone wants to be on SEO tips because then theoretically there’s opportunities to get more out of that.

You can see all these paid ads are trying to force their way up into the search results but most of the time people go straight for the organic. So let’s say I go right here, click SEO tips your mother would love and these are some good tips on here. So I read through it and I’m like “I already know how to do that.”

Now I go to search result 2 and I stay on here and see these SEO tops are saying the same things I’m telling you. Write great content, unique content, create new content all the time, these are all things I’m going to tell you, create a great keyword phrase. Use a phrase that’s popular, but not too popular. These are all great SEO tips, here’s the thing though, if I back out and keep going to new articles Google’s like Okay, what do you want right here.

This page, you can see how fast I backed out of it because that one, yuck, I don’t want that. So let’s go to Search Engine Watch this time, there’s an ad, I think I’ll back out of that one too. Here, now I’ll go to the Google one. Do you need an SEO, that’s funny Google. Alright, I’ll back out of that one, too.

Now let’s say this one has all the things I like, but it doesn’t so let’s go to a different one. Here we go, so this has some pretty good things on it. So now let’s say you just saw how I searched, I backed out of all those other pages then I’m going to stay on here for a while. Now what does that tell Google?

That tells Google that I did not like the search results I got on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh result but it tells Google I did like this one. Google knows that I do like this search result because I didn’t back out. Google assumes that I’m satisfied with what I found because I didn’t’ back out and go to that other search term.

If you can understand that, you can understand exactly what I’m showing you for my search engine strategy. And I don’t like to say SEO anymore because SEO to me is something that’s done on a page and I will show you how to do that, but my understanding of SEO was more of gaming the system. Now I have an understanding of SEO as applying good on page principles then giving Google everything in the actual content that tells Google it’s a good user experience.

A good user experience is something that I just showed you. When people click through it and stay there and then close out the page, and say “Okay Google, I found what I wanted to. I don’t need to go back and click anymore, I don’t need to go anywhere else.”

So one of the easiest ways to give the user a good experience and to tell Google that the user had a good experience is to start with a video in the top and then to have the exact whatever the search term was to have it down here.

So it’s obvious you can scroll down and read if you want to or you can watch the video. People love videos. The reason people love videos is videos communicate so much more. There’s a voice. There’s a narrator. Especially if there’s screen capture, I always try and do screen capture because there’s so much more depth to screen capture.

As a visual person, I’m in the habit of looking at things first, so a good Google user experience is easiest to get when you have a format like this and everything is carefully done here so I’m giving you an overview of what I did to get these kinds of results and this kind of double digit monthly growth.

So this is an overview of how to do it. Step 1: URL matches the primary keyword. Well, I should say step because I’ll show you actually creating it, but I’ll show you from top to bottom. So, top keyword most closely matching keywords.

Video, right on the page, so that people can watch because if there’s just writing on the page, people are not likely to stay long as you saw on those SEO articles I just Googled. If there’s just writing on a page people are not likely to spend much time on a page and their likely to back out even if the page was good.

If there’s a video on the page, people are likely to spend a lot more time on the page, not just that, but then I’m getting minutes watched on my YouTube channel also and that’s really valuable. Even if people don’t watch the video, it encourages interaction with the page because you have to scroll down. You have to scroll down to get all of the writing. So it encourages immediate scrolling instead of just stopping and backing out.