How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

How do we go from being a lonely solopreneur working by ourselves on our own projects, in isolation, full of uncertainty, not knowing what to do next, scared of what’s going to happen, nobody to talk to, to a friendly entrepreneur online where we’ve got a strong community that supports us through our ups and downs?

A community where we have people we are working with and building our businesses with. After 8 years as a business owner online as an entrepreneur who made the transition from lonely solopreneur to friendly entrepreneur online.

I have 2 different suggestions that will help you make the transition.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

First, if you really just want the simplest easiest way where you can literally just go join a community, pay for it and not have to do anything else for the rest of your life. I’ve got a new continuing education program I just launched. If you want to stop being a lonely solopreneur, join this at or

You will have access to daily workshops and video calls anywhere in the world. You can come to talk to me and the other people that are in the workshops with you. This will give you instant help with your loneliness, get you out into a community of entrepreneurs like me who are doing work online, are friendly, helpful and interested in listening to what you’ve got to say.

You’ll also have access to video courses to increase your earnings. It’s a private Facebook group where you can hang out. That is an easy solution.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

If you don’t want to go through and do the work for the rest of your life or you want something immediately you can do to get started, that is my suggestion and the best part is the cost. It is affordable no matter what stage of your business you are in. The cost is $48 a month or $1,000 for life depending on which one you prefer it.

At every point in my business, I’ve had the ability to pay for that and if you are serious about making the transition from a lonely solopreneur into a friendly entrepreneur online, it’s going to take spending money on things that can give you a really high return. My intention for this group is to give you at least 10 if not a hundred times of a return as to what you put in it.

Now, if you are interested in taking the longer route which is the more detailed solution, what i will do now is explain my path from lonely solopreneur to friendly entrepreneur online without having the benefit of this today.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

I made this today because this is what I needed when I started my business and I didn’t have anything. I didn’t know anything. I still don’t know of anything like this.

I started my business in 2011 to help people with video game addiction after starting a YouTube channel earlier that year and putting up videos that I hoped would make my friends laugh that was pretty trashy, to say the least.

I steadily transitioned out of the real world and real jobs into being a lonely solopreneur and thank God I had a girlfriend at home who’s now my wife and who was available to listen to so many of my ideas.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

#1 suggestion: Having a partner is extremely helpful being a single solopreneur is a recipe for a loneliness disaster.

When you don’t have anyone at home and you work at home all by yourself, you don’t even get out to go to work a little bit, having a partner and dating can be really helpful to work on the loneliness and to get you out there.

I’m grateful that I had a girlfriend and a wife that’s been through all of this and yet my business felt so lonely. At times, I still felt like a lonely solopreneur even with a girl who loved me at home almost every day because doing this work online is very isolating and we normally don’t have coworkers.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

We’re normally just out there doing our own thing, embracing the freedom of it, but we’re also missing out on the companionship that comes with a co-working environment.

For me, this steadily got worse over time as I dropped out of my Ph.D. program where I had a community, I had people I saw at work and focused full-time on my business in 2012. When I started doing that, it didn’t take long for me to get real lonely as a solopreneur.

In fact, I started to distance myself from my loving wife because my loneliness was taking over. I tried to numb the pain of it by drinking alcohol and that was the exact wrong solution because the more I drank, the more my loneliness continued to expand.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

It didn’t address the real issues. Over the next year and a half, I got lonelier and lonelier. I spent more money. I went more into debt. My business had some ups that were quickly wiped out by more grand schemes and bigger downsides.

As I went further and further into the descent with my business, I got to a breaking point where I was close to needing to declare bankruptcy, where my relationship and my wife were at a point where I needed to get sober or it wasn’t going to work anymore.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

Thank God I prayed desperately. I said, God! Please. I’ll do anything to get sober because I loved drinking so much. I knew I wouldn’t be able to give up something I loved that did so much for me or so I thought as long as I was feeling good.

If I was feeling bad, I could be motivated to do better but as soon as I stopped feeling bad, I’d feel good start drinking get real lonely again, etc and then I had a thought when I prayed that going to one of those Alcoholics Anonymous meetings might be a part of the anything you just offered.

When I had that thought, I got excited. I thought, Wow, I can go help other people stay sober which is ridiculous. I didn’t even have a few hours sober myself and I’m thinking about helping other people but that is the big key to going out of loneliness into a friendly is thinking about helping other people.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

I read the comments and I see consistently a line of thinking, Jerry, how do I make money on Instagram? How do I make money on Facebook? How do I make money online? It’s all about how do I get what I want.

When I started to transition out of “How do I” because that’s what I started out within my business too. How do I make $1000 a month online? How do I make $10,000 a month online? How do I build my following? How do I make $20,000 a month online? As long as I thought like that, I was lonely.

When I make the shift into thinking well, how do I help someone else get what they want? That’s when you make the shift into being friendly and it often starts with asking and receiving help.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

For me, the shift started in my entire life when I went to Alcoholics Anonymous and I showed up and said, I’m an alcoholic. After a couple of months, I showed up and said, I hate staying sober. I am going to drink. This is miserable.”

I just thought I should let everybody know but I cared and was friendly enough that I accepted to help. I started taking suggestions and changing my life. I read a book. I got a sponsor. I started getting massages.

I started taking better care of myself, my body, and my diets. I started reading consistently inspirational books, changing, improving, and steadily what happened is, I shifted out of lonely solopreneur who was almost bankrupt in nearing the end of his business into a friendly entrepreneur online.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

When I started my business, I messaged tens of thousands. Yes. I cold messaged and emailed tens of thousands of people online to try and get clients. I got hundreds of clients doing that because I saw the numbers game.

If I message 10,000 people, I’d convert 1% of them and that’s what I did and yet messaging people cold is a lonely business.

When I started my business, I was so desperate and lonely that I was constantly trying to reach out to other people and then I didn’t make very good of the people who did respond and want to work with me.

How Not to Feel Lonely When Working as an Entrepreneur Online

As I transitioned and made this mental transition in my life from how can I help myself and be happy to how do I help other people be happy then the opposite problem happened very quickly. So many people wanted to tell me that then I closed up and became unfriendly.

So many YouTube comments, messages on Udemy, emails, invitation, and opportunities. At one point, I was charging $1,000 an hour to talk to me and someone paid for it. I closed up and became unfriendly.

I was out there and being successful but I started not being friendly because God, so many people wanted things from me. When you think about helping others then you will get a lot of people who want your help. So the key to making that final transition is to just gratefully serve, process, do your best and set healthy boundaries with everybody that comes in.

Contact Jerry Banfield

Now, I have all of my information up. I’ve even got a new contact page where I’ve got a phone number, email or WhatsApp. You can directly contact me today and I’m available to help you.

Now generally, when you contact for free, we will guide you into something like my continuing education program for entrepreneurs online.

The key is community, service and thinking about how you can help others. When you catch yourself in a thought of how can I make money online, try and intentionally make another thought after that that says how can I help someone else make money online.

It’s even better than that when you look at something like this. How can I help thousands of other people make 10 times as much money online and then you’ll make ideas? You’ll do work that makes a huge difference in people’s lives or maybe you’ll make a video.

I’ve made this blog post because I understand that just by watching its video and reading it as a blog post on my website, you might be able to make hundreds of times as much money as you’ve made so far by processing some of these tips.

That’s how powerful the information is and when you give and give and give repeatedly, you make the transition from solopreneur to friendly entrepreneur online. When I’m walking my dog in the morning, I pray, how may I serve today? How can I help today? What videos can I make that help people?

I still have the stuff to sell. It doesn’t mean you completely become a monk and give up all your possessions and forget about yourself. It means the things you do will make a drastic huge difference in people’s lives.

Instead of being a service somebody paid for and they didn’t enjoy which characterizes the first couple of years of my business. I was hustling really hard to get clients who didn’t like working with me (lonely solopreneur) to making things and giving so much valuable way for free that I was swamped with people willing to pay lots of money, sharing, talking and wanting more out of me.

Thus, I hope I’ve helped you see both the short versions. This is the easiest and quickest thing you can do to make a difference today. I’ve seen as an entrepreneur online that the community aspect is very difficult for most of us. Many of us are willing to go through the self-transformation I’ve described.

Many of us are already through that process but the last step is to have a community where you’re staying connected. It’s a community where you’re talking to people.

I’ve literally built the continuing education program into the community I need because when I got into being not friendly online with so many of those requests, I could see I needed a support group, especially when bad things happen.

Even if you’ve been doing really well when something bad happens, it’s easy to slip back into the lonely solopreneur like when I left Udemy. Then I realized that I need a community where I can help support all the other people in it and they can help support me.

Something like Alcoholics Anonymous for Entrepreneurs online and that’s exactly what I’ve made. The benefit is for you. You don’t have to make it. I appreciate you reading this. I hope this is helpful. I’m very interested to see what you have to say.

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