Working Through Failure: How Do I Keep Going When I Fail So Much?

That’s an awesome question because I learnt working through failure. I don’t know what else to do. I just don’t know how to quit. I’ve made a decision before that I will do my business.

I will do my business regardless of what else happens and will keep doing my business. It is important to go from $656K debt to financial freedom.

That is kind of a scary thing even thinking about quitting. I can’t just drop what I’m doing and go somewhere else. I will do this as I love doing this and I will do it as long as I love to do it.

It kind of drives me crazy sometimes as yet, I guess I love being driven crazy.

I have so many people that love me and all the comments. All of this is how I keep failing and getting back up because there are so many people in my life that help me get back up.

Working Through Failure: How Do I Keep Going When I Fail So Much?

My wife helps me get back up my mother and my kids. Just this morning I was crying with my son and I don’t even know what I was crying about. The people in my life helped me get back up over and over and over again.

If it was just me I wouldn’t but I’m able to fail just relentlessly because all the love and support I get from other people in my life. So, all the love and support you’re giving me here is a part of that and I appreciate it.

Berry Eakin: Student debt is absolutely brutal these days.

It is. I only came out of undergraduate with $18,000 in student loans. I wouldn’t even have got through on $18,000 in student loans like the first year.

$18,000 in student loans in college was enough to just have a resident advisor job and to have everything I needed and still when I was in college, I lived within my means. I just spent cash.

Working Through Failure: How Do I Keep Going When I Fail So Much?

That’s when I started getting credit cards after college but then it’s a snowball.

I’m doing this as a show where it’s like a journal and I’m just basically talking about what I’m thinking and what I’m going through specifically related to the debt.

Thus, this is all about the debt and going from $656K debt to financial freedom and everything surrounding that.

I am avoiding giving any kind of advice because I trust, if you listen/read all of the stuff I ramble on and on about, I trust you’ll find whatever you need out of that and it will pop up within you.

Working Through Failure: How Do I Keep Going When I Fail So Much?

Some of the things I share are about a mindset. These are the mindsets I have that helped me feel peaceful with my situation. It helps me to remember that money is only as real as all of us make it.

In fact, I had a breakdown one day. I’m like, “That’s it. I’m done with the money, I’m not using money anymore, I’m going to just close all my accounts and screw everybody I borrowed money from”.

I told my wife this too. We were out in front of our house. That was the day I was trying to plan the 484k debt video.

I personally included the mortgage and all of my business and personal debt. I have $484k in debt and then my wife has $172k+ in student loans. Putting that together is the whole debt journey for both of us.

I’ve paid down like $50,000+ of my wife’s student loans over the years too, as well as mine.

I had a breakdown one day pretty recently saying, “I’m not using money anymore as this is a stupid game that all of us are playing and I just refused to play”.

There was a homeless guy that I was talking to and I looked at him like he was courageous. He refuses to play this game of money. He won’t go to work cuz he doesn’t want to and he’ll sleep wherever he can.

That’s a man with courage. He refuses to play this game that all of us feel like we have to play and I thought I’ll be courageous too. I will just stop playing this stupid money game.

Imagine, at some point in history, we didn’t even have money. This is literally just a game we’ve created and playing.

Working Through Failure: How Do I Keep Going When I Fail So Much?

What I came to the conclusion is that it’s not best for me to help other people that I can do a lot more to help other people than by just basically acting homeless. This is important to go from $656K debt to financial freedom.

I have been so afraid of “What would happen when my debt got to the point I couldn’t pay it?”. I mean, I’ve woken up in just terror. I’ve worked too hard and been in so much fear about what if I can’t pay my debt.

The nice thing is thinking about not using money at all. By comparison, it seems like not a big deal. Well, if I totally opted out of the game of money, that would be a decision I made.

It’s like “Nothing the world’s going to do to me as far as money goes. This is as bad as what I could do to myself”.

Muthu Bhai: How do you repay your loans?

Well, I take the minimum payments every single month and right now, I’m focusing on doing new video courses. I’m going to film 2+ new videos for my new TikTok course and that will be uploaded on Skillshare and StackCommerce.

I’m going to make a new Udemy profile and upload it there. Maybe, I’ll put it on some other websites as well.

So, I’m intending to repay my loans through my work and services. I’m intending to do things that you will find helpful and other people will find helpful and that will, therefore, earn money in some way.

Maybe something like this debt series could get good ad revenue. I’m opening myself up to whatever opportunities the universe has in store.

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You can go to I’ll be putting these up if you just want the audio versions of these. I like to listen to audiobooks when I’m walking my dog and my baby in the morning.

Listening to audiobooks is one of the things that makes driving something I’m passionate about.

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I believe those will have a good shot single-handedly to earn a few thousand a months.

Working Through Failure: How Do I Keep Going When I Fail So Much?

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