Do You Worry About The Future? Stop. It’s Already Prepared

What you will need in the future is already being prepared for you today? This is an amazing thing I’ve already seen in my life. It brings me great peace of mind to see that everything I need in the future is already taken care. I’ll give you some examples from my past so this makes sense.

One way it’s obvious for me is with a problem I’ve struggled with a lot. You can substitute any problem in here to relate. I had a problem abusing alcohol for a lot of my life. When I went to get help for it, I found a room full of people who had been working to solve the same problem in their lives. The help needed was already completely set up. As far back as before I was born. All I had to do was reach out for it.

The same thing happened with dating. I was at the point where I didn’t want to live anymore after several bad relationships. I couldn’t even imagine what life would be like without the girl in my life and I was so distraught. The wife I have now was alive and she was already on a path to meet up with me in the future. She was already going through the things she needed to go through to end up being with me.

Today I need to see how amazing that is. In the middle of my suffering and struggle, I had no idea that the thing I needed were already being set up for me.  All the ground work was being set up for me and already in place for my next relationship to line up. I just had to be ready for it.

I just needed to be open to letting it happen. The same thing happened with jobs. I was frustrated with my inability to get a job and everything was lining up to give me the best job I could imagine. At the time, I couldn’t imagine things working out that well. (Although at 21, I did make a plan to become president.) I had some idea that I could work towards things but I had very little concept of the help I would need today.

My wife and I wanted to buy a car recently. When we went to look for the car, it had already been made. The car we ended up buying was placed at our fingertips. This idea is powerful when applied to today.

Any problem I think I’m having today, everything is already in place for a solution as well. I have to be open to receiving the solution. I have to ask for the solution to be given to me to see that I can have patience for the solution to connect to me.

I’m grateful for this knowledge because I have few problems today. Most of my problems arose out of not having peace of mind. My problems arose out of demanding things out of life right now. When I was at the end of a rope in a relationship, I wanted a new girlfriend immediately. I wasn’t ready to have anything better. Today, I realize that there’s something I should have that I’m not getting then I’m not ready for it. It’s because everyone else isn’t ready for it. It doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. Today, I have peace of mind in seeing that all the problems I had before were already accounted for. Everything I needed was being prepared before I was born.

My wife’s parents were meeting up and getting ready to have a family before I was born. All the concerns I have about things in life seem to fade away when I see that level of planning. Today it’s almost as if life is one big dance and every single move in the world is carefully scripted.

Occasionally, I get a little glimpse to see that this happened to me a year ago now. I was in a grocery store and it was packed. People everywhere seemingly in chaos. It seemed like everyone was going places and grabbing things and the thought just came to me. Everyone in here knows exactly what they’re doing. Everyone in here is going to an exact spot for the exact reason they’re here because this is where they need to be.

Seeing that isn’t random. The lady in front of me pushing a cart is not an accident. This is carefully choreographed. It’s like being an actor in a movie. The whole script for the movie has been written, but the actor in the movie doesn’t have access to the script. The actor playing the role does, but the actor in the movie doesn’t have access to the script.

Look around and see how precise everything is. Pay attention to all the problems you have that have been solved in the past. Think about how they were solved there’s great peace of mind in the future. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything has been aligned perfectly for me to have everything I need the rest of my life. I don’t mean to have 3 meals in front of me the rest of my life. I don’t mean to have a nice house and a great family. I mean to have the things I need each moment and the things I need to be of service each moment. Those things are already lined up.

It might include three meals a day. It might mean some days I go hungry. I have faith that I’m in the right place with the master plan. I only get to see little glimpses of the master plan, a moment where it’s obvious that there is no separation. I’m not a separate body walking around in the world. I am in the world and I am never alone or separated in that world. The whole world is alive and the whole world is responding to me and that gives me a lot of peace today.

I pray that I see all the needs I might have in the future are already being provided for and prepared for today. There’s nothing to be afraid of in the future because everything’s in place today to handle that. I pray that I’m willing to remember the solutions to all the problems I’ve had in the past. I pray to see that for some of the most tragic problems I’ve had, the solutions already existed. All I had to do is be ready for it. I pray that you have the same opportunity today to see that all the problems you have now are already solved. The solution came with the problem. When you’re ready for it you’ll receive it and you can only be ready for it right now. Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a great day.