I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

Would you like to have me, Jerry Banfield, as your coach for the rest of my life, because you will love what I have to offer to build a sustainable business online?

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I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

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I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

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Imagine having me as your coach for the rest of your life to build an amazing business online. I’m so excited to offer my coaching to you and I’ll show you exactly what we’re going to do here.

Jerry Banfield's coaching

First, I’ll talk about “This is my coaching!” What is it and is it right for you?

Next, I’ll show you in my “Case Studies” four clients who’ve done really well with my coaching.

Then, I’ll talk about exactly how to get started, answer some questions, and look at the really coolest system I used to build the pricing for this.

Number one, what is my coaching and why might you want to get started with it today?

Jerry Banfield's coaching

If you want to have your online cashflow be more in the positive direction and/or you need help or you’d like to do better with your creativity. Things like making videos, growing a following, building online courses, developing a website.

These are things I can help you a lot with, especially when combined with some of the personal things like overcoming self-sabotage, living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining beautiful relationships with partners, wives, children.

All of these things have a big impact on business and I’m available to help across the board. If you want to gain financial freedom, if you want to learn about cashflow, the amount of money coming in, how to make more and spend less. I’ve recently done a lot of studying by experience on this one and I’m ready to teach and help.

If you want to make a long-term vision of selling products and services, owning an amazing business the rest of your life, I think you will love my coaching, especially because it’s lifetime.

This is what my coaching involves and what makes my coaching special is it’s a lifetime. It’s not 90 days, it’s not six months, it’s lifetime, one payment, lifetime benefits here, and today is the very best time to get in because this is an outrageous offer when you look at all I’m offering.

Jerry Banfield's coaching

I’m offering one on one calls. You can schedule up to 12 calls a year with me for 30 minutes each. I’m available seven days a week. I’ve got a really broad opening on my calendar. Pretty much from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed with time for me to go to an AA meeting, hang out with the kids and do a little bit of other things in the middle.

I’m widely available for one on one calls. I’ve set a limit there. I can only have a maximum of one of these calls per day, which means again, today is a really great day to get in. I currently have just started offering lifetime coaching in my partner program and there’s nobody that’s booked yet for next month, so calendar’s wide open and it’s going to get crowded quick.

I also have group calls and the same main thing I have been doing for years. In addition to just scheduling one-on-one calls with people manually, I have group calls that are at 4:00 PM every Wednesday Eastern time, currently in the USA.

These have helped us a lot, including me and everyone that goes to them grow and advance their businesses online. Thus, you get one-on-one calls up to 12 a year, plus group calls every week you can go to and private messaging with me. You can send me text messages or Whatsapp or you can get my best email address that actually goes to my phone to ask questions and get help whenever you need.

I am limiting my collaborations going forward to people I’m already working with and my coaching clients because this is where I can get to know you and make some amazing joint ventures, help find the best ways I can help you and I’ll talk more about the kinds of collaborations I’ve done already in the case studies, which we’ll get into right now.

4 case studies

If I was you, I’d ask, “Okay, Jerry, give me some results. Give me some examples of people who’ve done your coaching.”

That’s what we’ll do right now.

First, I’m going to work in order from newest to oldest out of four of my partners here.

Case study 1

Essetino Artists with Jewel Tolentino and Auret.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

They have joined in 2018 when they found me on YouTube, and they have come to most of the group calls, scheduled one-on-one calls, and we figured out some amazing collaborations together.

They are growing very healthily on YouTube with their channel up a 43% in subscribers in 2019 over 2018, and their views up over 12% with over a million new views in one year, even though they’ve uploaded fewer videos.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

The best experience we’ve been through was actually the hardest experience. They got their Fiverr account suspended on a single violation with no previous violations, completely taken down, which was one of their main sources of income.

Fortunately, they had just joined my partner program and started working with me and I hired them for graphic design, paying them about $20,000 since they joined the partner program in 2018 for graphic design, replacing a significant portion of the fiber income single-handedly.

I talked with them about it and helped along with everything else they do in their business where they are now growing and they don’t even need the Fiverr income. They’re building a business that is much better than before. They have an amazing YouTube channel that I love watching and I think you’ll love joining them on YouTube, so I hope you will subscribe to Essentino Artists and follow them on YouTube.

Next, let’s move over to Tomas George.

Case study 2

Tomas George joined me about three years ago.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

Tomas George is an example of what you can do with me if you want to build up a business from the beginning.

Jewel and Auret had been working online years before meeting me or joining the partner program, but Tomas was relatively new to working online. He had just started teaching courses on Udemy and he was hoping his courses could at least pay his rent and his bills.

When he first started working with me, his YouTube channel was fairly new. He said, “Jerry, I’ve seen you’ve done all this online, help me figure out what I can do to take things to the next level.”

We talked a bunch of times and we’ve even met in person a couple of different times. We even filmed a course together and Tomas George, now has on Udemy, 28 courses, over a hundred thousand students, 11 thousand plus reviews.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

He also has two best-selling courses in his specialty, which is music production on Udemy and he has his own Digital Music Masters brand online.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

He not only pays the rent, but he is able to hire people to work for him and have a very comfortable lifestyle and an absolutely outstanding business online.

What’s been amazing with Tomas is he’s been able to help me as I’ve been going through my own learning and growing pains. It’s been awesome to hear Tomas tell me things back then.

I said, “Hey, didn’t I say that to you before?”

It’s like our roles have reversed various times and he’s coaching and helping me, and that is a beautiful part of working together with me in my partner program.

Case study 3

Joe Parys also got a hold of me very early on, starting out online and he is now on Udemy.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

He has over 500,000 students on Udemy, he’s got 89 courses up.

He also just crossed 80,000 subscribers on YouTube, and most recently Joe Parys has been blowing up on TikTok with this video here, up to 1.5 million views including 100,000 likes on it. It’s called, “How I became a millionaire in five years.”

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

I’m grateful that I was a part of his journey to being a millionaire online.

Joe Parys and I have had so many good conversations. We get into these new things like TikTok and there’s such an adventure, and we talk about what’s working and what’s not working.

Joe Parys has been good for lots of laughs on our group calls and he is just encouraging me to learn and keep growing myself.

I’m grateful for all that Joe Parys and I have done together, and he has helped inspire me.

When I saw this video of his on TikTok, I said, “I can do something like that too!”

I had my best video on TikTok, which is up to about 170,000 views right after getting inspired by Joe Parys.

Case study 4

Last case study, I’ll look at, here’s Joseph Delgadillo.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

We’ve been working together for 10 years.

10 years ago, Joseph and I met playing “Call of duty” on X-Box, and Joseph was there, right when I started my business. He was one of the first people I messaged in October 2011 when I thought, “Hey, I’d like to start working online and make a business.”

He said, “Dude, you should go for it, I think you’d do great at it. I think you will love it.”

Joseph helped me from the very beginning of my business all the way back when I had amazing ideas like let’s put Google custom search engine links in library computers because then if people use the search in a library computer and they click on the ads, then I’ll get the ad portion of the ad revenue.

The only thing is when I got my library card and tried to do that on the computers, I didn’t realize that they reset every time you logged in and it took the custom search off.

Yeah, that was one of the many ideas Joseph and I have been through together.

Joseph worked with me before I offered any kind of coaching. I hired Joseph to work in aspects of my business and he learned my business from the bottom up by doing almost every aspect of it himself.

Joseph’s now built a YouTube channel and he’s built a Udemy profile with hundreds of thousands of students based on what he learned working with me, and all that he’s done building on top of that.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

What I love that Joseph did, is an example of powerful collaborations that are possible in my partner program.

I make available all the videos I’ve filmed, including the ones I filmed, and the ones I paid other people to film, and Joseph took this video, which has Private Label Rights, and he used it. I had this video in a folder when I was teaching on Udemy, and this was a failed class of mine because it didn’t make any sales.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

Joseph took the videos out of that folder, stuck it on his YouTube channel and that was the first video. He had over 1.5 million views and that got him rolling on building a huge channel.

He’s consistently used the Private Label Rights content and the Creative Commons license to actually build his own courses and get its copyright. Plus, he’s hired his own people to make courses using the same and improved systems I showed him.

Joseph has built himself an outstanding business online as well.

Conclusion of the 4 case studies

Every single person here I’ve shown you, Jewel and Auret, Tomas George, Joe Parys, Joseph Delgadillo, all of these are members of my partner program and all have built their businesses to full time and employing other people.

Each one started working with me at various stages, from Joseph who never even having thought about having a business online, to Joe Parys and Tomas George fairly early in their businesses, to Jewel and Auret who are fairly experienced in their online business.

Thus, with these case studies you can see what’s possible, and much more when you work with me.

Given this video is already over 10 minutes long, I naturally have given you the quick version of this, the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more stories and more partners and more adventures to talk about, but these are four that I think are very relevant.

Jerry Banfield Partners

When you’re ready to get started, what you can do is go to https://jerrybanfield.com/partners/, my coaching is called Jerry Banfield Partners or my partner program, and when you want to sign up, it is just a one-time cost today for lifetime membership, which includes everything I presented up here.

All of this included in my partner program and more.

What I will do now is show you some additional things that are included in the program, walk you through the exact checkout process and I will show you how I calculated the pricing because if you’re trying to do your own coaching, calculating and scaling the pricing for something like this can be very challenging.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

What do I do when people are buying this? How do I keep raising the pricing steadily over time to reflect the value that you get by joining early versus the proven value that it has later?

In addition to lifetime coaching and training, as I mentioned, you also get both a Private Label Rights license where you can upload my courses on any platform you don’t own, like your own Teachable or Thinkific, you get lifetime access to all of my video courses.

There are thousands of videos and there are hundreds of courses you can use for that, and you get a Creative Commons license to all my videos that you can use.

If you see a video I made and you think that could have been done better, you can edit it and modify it, then put it up anywhere you want and you can even take my videos and mash them into your own online courses that you can upload on any platform, and then have copyright to after you’ve edited at least 20% of it.

There’s a massive income earning potential in just the two of those and I’ve scratched the surface of what people have done with that already.

Jerry Banfield's membership

You get lifetime access to all my courses.

My partner program is about networking. A lot of the best opportunities may come from you networking with a different partner. I may not have something we can work together on, but you might be able to network with a different partner.

What I’m seeing is that partners are consistently working together. Partners are getting to know each other, hiring each other for services, making online courses together and successfully building their businesses together, and what I see as a huge value of my coaching is the ability for you to network with everybody else.

There’s a Facebook group, the Jerry Banfield partners Facebook group. The networking happens a lot in that group and employment opportunities.

Anytime I’m hiring someone, the first choice I make is out of my partner program, just like with Jewel and Auret. When I needed some graphic design done, $20,000 worth, I hired them to do the graphic design for me because I knew them, and I paid them more when I know I could have gotten it less.

I remember getting an email one day from a guy saying that he’d do my thumbnails for 75% less than jewel and Auret were doing them because he lived in a country where that money would go far enough for him, he didn’t need any more than that, and I said no.

Even though I could have paid much less, I value working with people I know and trust, especially who’ve already given me something and worked with me. I like giving back to those who’ve already given to me.

Thus, there are tons of opportunities here.

Now, if you’ve got questions, what I’ll do is handle some common questions people ask:

What are limits on the call scheduling?

You can schedule up to 12 one-on-one calls with me every year, a maximum of one partner per day. That means if someone else’s schedule for that day, no one else can schedule that day.

How many members are there?

I’m not exactly sure. There are about 40 right now. I’ve done different pricing systems, but the last number I saw was 42. A lot of the partners joined under old systems before I had the lifetime coaching benefits and were primarily interested in the Private Label Rights, and thus they don’t actively do much of the coaching and training with me.

Therefore, you might ask, “Okay, if I sign up for this lifetime coaching and training, how many other people are going to be trying to schedule these one-on-one calls with me?”

Right now there’s nothing scheduled a month out. However, based on previous scheduling and people being busy with the new year, once people get it, I imagine the calls will start being scheduled where there will be consistently four or five open spots every week.

Thus, you have got plenty of availability to schedule calls with me right now, which means that since you get about one call a month on average, you want to schedule a call once a month. There’s about at least there’ll be at least 20 if not 25 open spots every month for these one-on-one calls right now.


Then, the big final question, pricing, and for some reason, refunds.

I have not refunded a partner program membership lately because people have been happy with it. but if for any reason you’re not happier than the first 30 days, you’re welcome to a refund.

Now, how do you figure the pricing for something like this and how do you check out?

So, let’s look at the pricing now.

This is today’s pricing.

Jerry Banfield's membership

There is a very high odds that this will be higher by the time you see it. I’ll show you why and I’ll show you how to checkout.

So, there’s also a testimonial on the page from Jewel and Auret in their own words and on this partners page there’s also a listing of more partners.

I’ll show you quick how to check out, and then I’ll talk about how I calculated the pricing.

When you’ve decided that you want to get this.

“This is a ridiculous offer. It’s incredible. Lifetime coaching for currently $2,400.”

I mean, it’s ridiculous. I’ve seen 90-day programs for $5,000 that didn’t offer any one-on-one calls at al.

When you want to buy this, you just click on the “Add to cart” button.

It will put the Jerry Banfield Partners product in your cart right here, and then you can check out.

Jerry Banfield's membership

You can either click on “Proceed to checkout” or you can click directly to one of the credit cards here with PayPal and it’ll pop up and process it with PayPal.

It will take you to the order form, you fill out all this information on this page, you hit “Place order,” and it will immediately give you my best email address and my phone number for Whatsapp, so you can text me.

That’s how you actually go through and order.

Jerry Banfield's membership

If you’re thinking, “Oh Jerry, that’s a lot. I have more specific questions I want to ask.”

What you can do if you have some questions you want to ask before you join, just get a video shoutout.

Jerry Banfield video shoutout

My thinking is if you’re thinking about spending thousands of dollars with me and you’re not sure, just grab the video shoutout first for $38, give me a quick idea of what you’re doing, follow the instructions on this, and I’ll make a quick video for you to give you a reply to any more specific questions you have.

That way you can try spending a little bit of money with me and if you like it, then you can spend a whole lot more, and if you don’t, it didn’t cost you that much to figure it out.

Always start small if you can, and a little video shoutout to ask a specific question or to give it a try is a good way to get started if you’re not up for paying several thousand today.

However, I recommend you do get this ordered as soon as possible because I have a scaling-pricing system.

If you see the price higher than it is now, it’s because someone else already bought it. This is one of the coolest pricing systems I’ve seen before.

I’ve got a simple formula for it.

What I do is every time someone buys a partner program, I multiply by 1.03. which increases the price by 3%.

I’m very grateful that the last partner bought the program at $2,345.67, which is why the price today is $2,416.04.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

After the next person buys it, it’ll go up to 24 hundred, 25, etcetera.

You will be able to calculate based on this exactly how many people have bought it since you joined. I do the pricing this way because of a few different reasons. One, compounding is magic. This allows me to steadily raise the price over time because with all the benefits I’m offering in here, I obviously can’t do this for $2,400 indefinitely.

I have to keep raising the price on this to make sure it is worth it both for me and to qualify the new people joining.

Thus, raising the price allows me to make really good earnings. You can see selling 20 of these at a 3% price ways brings it up to $63,000, selling 30, over a hundred thousand, selling 50, over a quarter million dollars, and selling a hundred of these, $1.4 million.

However, you can see the hundredth person would cost $43,000 to join instead of $2,400 and I’ve been thinking long term with this.

As you can see, the 200th partner, $841,000.

Now, you might look at it and say, “Well, no one’s ever going to pay $841,000 for this,” and I’d have earned 28 million by then selling partner memberships.

Here’s the thing, I’ve done it this way because, and you can get a sample of my coaching here.

There’s an important principle with selling. It is having certainty that the product you are offering is worth the price you’re charging for it.

I’m certain the partner program is worth $2,345 because the last person who joined paid that much for it. Thus, I am certain it’s also worth $2,416 or you could say more accurately, I have a high degree of certainty. It’s worth $2,416 because that’s only 3% higher than somebody else paid for it, and this also brings in the important marketing concept of scarcity.

If I just try to put a fixed price on it, like $5,000, then I have to do these artificial mechanisms to try to get you to see that you need to buy it today. With this system, you can be certain that every time someone else buys it, the price will indefinitely be higher than that and that there’s no lower price that will ever be available again by doing it this way.

Therefore, as a buyer, you can look at it and think, well if 10 other people have already bought this, then I’m pretty sure it must be worth it and at that point the cost is $3,000 and the beauty of this is for me, I have a price, I am certain of its value at every single step that scales with the program.

You might think then, “Okay, well, how are you going to do this if you’ve got 50 people?”

“Let’s say 50 people buy the program in 2020 and the 50th person pays almost $10,000 for it and you’ve made $264,000, great job.”

“How are you going to actually deliver what you just promised in here?”

What I’ve noticed with the partner program over the last few years is attrition. I’ve calculated about how much I can handle and I’ve set the limits based on accounting for a bit of attrition.

Jerry Banfield's membership

I also tried monthly pricing plans and I noticed the attrition was very high on monthly pricing plans where people would join the program and not even do anything, and then cancel. Or join the program and not do anything for months and just leave it, and then cancel.

I see that having an all-in-one-time price like this reduces attrition, but still there will be people as one of the partners that joined in 2019 who paid just a little bit less than this, over *$2,000, which is how we got the price here to get this started.

That partner has never replied to any of my emails and I’m so grateful they purchased. They’ve never followed up with me. It’s been months. I’ve sent them emails. I’ve thought of them. I’ve prayed that they’re doing okay and they’ve never responded to anything I’ve sent.

For some reason, people buy stuff, and then do nothing.

As I’ve done myself, I bought a $500 online course, watched one video in it and I didn’t do anything else for years with it. I imagine out of let’s say 50 people, there’d be at least 20 people who will maybe schedule a few calls and get real involved right away, and then drop off, or maybe a couple more people that buy it and don’t even do anything else.

I’ve also calculated how much volume I can handle and scaling the pricing with it allows me to maintain consistent volume.

I can easily serve 30 more partners, even if 30 partners joined within the next month. I am completely available for that, and I’ve set this up for the long term as the higher I increased the price, I imagine the more it will take to sell it.

This is a no brainer.

I think I could easily, with your help, sell 10 or 20 or maybe even 30 of these partner memberships in a fairly short amount of time given this lifetime coaching.

However, after that, as you can see, the price keeps climbing up more and more. The same person who might be willing to put $2,400 to join this might not be willing to put in $6,000 or $8,000 or $10,000, and the farther down you get on this, you can see the cost becoming more prohibitive.

With that comes the value of my program.

The more people I’ve coached, the more successful case studies I have.

Instead of having one testimonial on this page with maybe eight partners listed, when I’ve got 15 or 20 testimonials on this page, I’ve been taking my time to get those. I’ve at least 10 partners who’d be willing to write something if I would just actually ask for it.

The more I’ve done and ran the program, the more I’ve focused my plan to make my partner program my primary focus instead of all these other things I’m doing online.

Then put the lessons I learned from the partner program out in videos, put interviews with partners out as videos. Thus, the more proven value the program has, the more it’s worth paying that much for.

Therefore what you are looking at buying today for $2,400, next year or the year after that, I imagine someone paying $31,000 for the same thing you’re buying today because it has that much value.

I Will Be Your Coach For The Rest Of My Life!

The thing with this is, it’s a long-term plan. So, I don’t imagine selling an $841,000 membership next week, but in maybe 10 or 20 years, that seems totally reasonable. Hopefully $841,000 in 20 years, it will still be a lot of money.

The idea is, this pricing is something I’m proud of, I’m very grateful for. I’ve looked around a lot to figure out what to price things at and I believe in transparency, and thus, you can see the pricing, and you can see exactly here based on whatever the cost today is, how many people have ordered before you and what you can expect to pay if more people order than you.

For example, if you see the price at $3,900 you know if five more people join, it will be up to $4,600.

This video is almost 30 minutes, so it’s time to wrap this up.

I appreciate all the time you’ve put here today.

I’m imagining since you are one of the very few who started this video and actually watched it this point or maybe you skipped ahead a little bit and wanted to get to the point.

The point is become a Jerry Banfield partner today at https://jerrybanfield.com/partners/.

I imagine you will love it. You’ll enjoy it. You’ll have so much fun working with me.

I’m so grateful for all that you are willing to do and give as a part of my business online. I’m thinking every day about how I can give back and help you.

There are more little perks and things I haven’t even mentioned in the partner program that are a surprise.

So today, I’m so excited.

Thank you for helping me have a business online of my dreams.

I appreciate the chance to serve you and I’ll see you in the partner program.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.