$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

Do you want to see tips for learning the most ad revenue on YouTube? Do you want to understand how you can make videos that don’t seem to get lots of views when you release them and yet still earn you a lot of money in ad revenue?

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What I’ll show you here explains why people often look at my channel and think I bought subscribers, which I didn’t, I have paid for a lot of YouTube ads, or look at my channel and think “You are not really a full-time YouTuber”. 

I’ll show you a case study on how I made $200 from just 8000 views on a video and the best part is, if you look at it right now, this video did not even make that many views when it came out.

This is what most people don’t understand about my channel and my strategy and this is, if you want to make money on YouTube, if you want to build your channel up, this is what you do need to understand. Let’s look at this video, here’s the video itself. It’s called G Suit Tutorial: Setup Gmail, Docs, Drive & Calendar on Your Website!. If you wish to read the related blog post you can find it here.

If you look at the interaction on it, it’s got about 90 to 30 like to dislike ratio, therefore there are plenty of people who haven’t even liked it, didn’t think it was good but more liked it then people than not. As you’ll notice, the actual engagement rate is only about one percent which is not that high compared to some others. Therefore the stats, looking  at it initially, you might look at this video and think “No way you earned even like 100 bucks on it, let alone 200”. Not only that, but it may earn 1000, 2000 in ad revenue by the time it’s done. 

If you don’t know what G Suite is, it’s Google’s suite of tools for business where you can have a business Gmail, business Google Cloud storage via Docs and Drive and have Google Calendar all integrated. Literally all I did to make this tutorial was I filmed myself live, setting up my own G Suite. I needed to do it anyway and I just went through and recorded it, edited out the part where I dropped my personal information and threw this up as a tutorial. I didn’t even do a good job like I do now, by asking people to subscribe and promoting my channel. I didn’t manage to get any other promotional things that I try and stick to in every video now, I just literally filmed something as I was doing it. 

I will go over here and show you something really important to understand in terms of video views. This video, when it was released on February 18th, looks over the 10 day it’s got 206 views. A lot of people would say this video, at this point, was a total failure, I am wasting my time, nobody’s going to watch this. A lot of the comments I see on my channel indicate to me a low level of experience with running a YouTube channel and understanding how ad revenue comes in and thinking about YouTube search. Thus after 10 days, it looks on the surface, these videos are not going anywhere. 

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

However, let’s look at the first month. over the first month it’s got 342 views on it. Still, after just a month if you look at the ad revenue at this point, after the first month it only made $1.87 in ad revenue. Again you wouldn’t think this was that great of a video that was going anywhere. 

But look what happens after that. If we look at the views, they start going up and up and up and up and up and on this right it’s just going to continue going up maybe for a few months, maybe for a few years. 

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

This is all I do with my channel except maybe occasionally throw out a vlog update. This is my entire strategy as a full-time YouTuber, to make videos that can do this and this is how I’ve got over 17 million views on my channel, YouTube ads and videos like this, maybe a couple million views from YouTube ads to rank videos to give them the best shot like this.

Now, the subscribers have not been that great, in fact this lost me subscribers in the first month, I only got 1 subscribers there but now it’s consistently getting new subscribers every day or so and I didn’t even have a good clear call to action in this video like I do now. I didn’t even ask people to subscribe anywhere in it.

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

If we look at the ad revenue, again $1.87 after the initial first month. The ad revenue keeps going up and up and up and now if you look from one day to the next, this is making as much of it as it did in the first month, making that much in ad revenue almost every single day.

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

Let’s look at how this comes in. What you can see is the traffic from this is YouTube search and that’s what I do, I aim my videos at YouTube search. The majority of the videos I made I aim at people searching on YouTube. I’ve got a tutorial showing how to do this with TubeBuddy. It shows how to go through the YouTube search, find opportunities, as I did with this video, and then aim video specifically to succeed in YouTube search. 

YouTube search is the baseline of how you build an amazing channel. YouTube search is what you do to build a foundation of subscribers and then, as you’ve got a large amount of YouTube search traffic coming in all the time, you can branch out. You can do vlog style videos that don’t have any potential on YouTube search. 

What are the key things you need for your YouTube search? The number one thing you need in YouTube is click through. You need people to see the video and click on it. Because having a thumbnail is very important, this is why I get my thumbnails professionally designed now. I’m going to link you to my graphic designer, you can also just go to uthena.com and look at the graphic design service that is up there by my graphic designer. 

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

The first step you need to get these kind of results is you need a good thumbnail. For this video I did not get a professionally done thumbnail, I literally took a screenshot of myself in the first frame of the video to get this thumbnail out. However, what  works best are professionally designed thumbnails like this because then, combined with a title, that is exactly what you want to rank up. I have this as G Suite Tutorial, which is the exact phrase I want to rank on. I started the video with this phrase and that way it’s telling YouTube exactly what this video is about. When you put a bunch of things in your video that aren’t related to what people will search for, when you title your video in a way there’s no search friendly, it will struggle to rank on YouTube search and you will struggle to replicate this.

When you do your research using that TubeBuddy tutorial that I’ve put up, then you can aim  things at YouTube search and you just start the video with the exact phrase you want to rank on. Ideally you can start the description with it. I didn’t even do that in this one though and it’s still ranked.

One thing that makes a big difference to that is the thumbnail because it’s a two-part thing, when people are searching for it’s both the title and the thumbnail. A good thumbnail plus a good title equals a good click through rat. Once you’ve got a good click through rate then you’ve got people watching the video. If you can’t get people to watch the video then you’re not going to rank on the YouTube search.

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

It’s important in YouTube search to get an initial foundation of views, just 100 views is enough on some topics for YouTube to put it out there. As you can see I’ve just got within the first week I’ve got an initial 200 or almost views within the first 7 days. If it’s not that competitive, this is enough. If it’s really competitive you might need thousands of views within the first month or so to have a chance to rank in YouTube search.

What you can do is use YouTube ads to boost your initial views. Just 100 or a 1000 views on a video will give you a chance, even on a competitive topic, if your video is good, for you to get ranked and replicate these results. For this, just a couple of hundred views were enough for YouTube to test it and search and now put it up towards the top of search results when you look for a G Suite tutorial.

In addition to the thumbnail and the title, the key thing on this is audience retention. This can often be easier with longer videos, however, you want your videos to be as long as possible without going over too much. On this one you can see after a minute or so half of people have stopped watching and after 5 minutes having a third of people still watching it is really good on a video of this length. 

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

The key thing here is the average view duration and the total amount of video watched. It’s better, for example, to have people watch 5:56 of a 10 minute video vs 5:56 of a 31 minute video in this example. However, the key thing here is the average view duration and the percentage, relative to other videos that are in search results. If other videos are averaging 3 minutes watched on a 30 minute video and my view average is 5 minutes watched, YouTube will put my video up higher in the search results. When you combine that with your click through rate on the thumbnail, when you have a good click through rate and then you have a good average view duration, you have a chance to go up very high in the YouTube search results.

The key to having a good average view duration is to be really excited and engaged in the material you’re teaching. I use a standing desk to help out with this. If you want some more tips for how to be successful in teaching online I’ve got a video and a whole system showing how to do that on YouTube. Having a good microphone, having a good quality studio set up, a green screen, all of these help to make your video a lot more engaging and you want a video that keeps people watching as long as possible but, as I’ve done wrong in a lot of videos, you don’t want to put a bunch of unnecessary stuff and constant sale pitches and then turn people off as you’re getting to the end of video.

Thus, when you combine all these things, you’ve got a good thumbnail, you’ve got a good search optimized title that is exactly in what you want to rank on it, when you’ve got the description to match that and you’ll want to include all of the relevant possible search terms because, don’t just think about exactly what you might have someone search for you, you want to think all of the other things people might search for. For example, if someone searches for G Suite Gmail tutorial or G Suite Google Docs tutorial or G Suite Google Calendar tutorial, you want to rank on all those niche keywords as well as the bigger ones and what you have a chance to do in your descriptions. I didn’t even do that well in this particular description. I’ve leveled my game up a little bit in terms of description since then.

You also want to directly ask for subscribers and I recommend and my partner managers recommend adding a specific subscription button like that. Subscriptions are one of the factors YouTube considers strongly along with your minutes watched, along with your click-through, along with your viewer retention. These are signals to Google, which owns YouTube, signals to YouTube that this is a great video. When you combine your video title with a good thumbnail, it they give a good click through rate, you keep the audience watching, you convert viewers into subscribers, you have viewers that consistently watch amount of time and ideally share videos on other websites that bring people to YouTube

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

For example, this video, while it gets most of its views from YouTube search, gets people coming from external websites like Google search, YouTube, Gmail. These are signs to YouTube that this is the video people are sharing outside that are bringing people to YouTube, therefore it’s probably a good video.

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

As you can see on this one the video has 70 thousand impressions with a 7.6 click through rate, which is a pretty good click through rate, and that helps it to rank higher in search results. If you want to be at the top spot in your search, your video will often need a 5 to 10 % click through rate to have a good chance to get to that top spot.

Once you’ve put all this in place then you are in a position to maximize ad revenue, when it is something advertisers want to be seen on. What they are on YouTube are very ultra competitive topics for advertisers, for example, if you are a business and you want to advertise, G Suite is one of those things that you say “Ah, people are learning to setup G Suite, they probably got a business and therefore I really want to have my ads to the audiences that are watching this video”. 

You want to make for the maximum ad revenue videos that are likely to have competitive advertising. That often means a lot of advertisers wanting to aim at the video with not a lot of creators making videos like that or not a lot of options for where to watch those or not a lot of views for the videos might be a better phrasing. By comparison something like gaming is often not very good for ad revenue because there’s so many people watching, so many creators making videos on gaming, that even though there’s a lot of advertisers advertising games, the ad revenue is spread out among so many viewers on different videos. If you have something like a G Suite, which is a business-type tutorial, there’s a lot of advertisers with a lot of money, not a lot of creators, not a lot of potential videos on the exact right subject.

Therefore, if you want to maximize ad revenue, make tutorials on things that are most valuable in the eyes of an advertiser to advertise on.

I fully cover the inside of how I’ve made $200 from 8000 views on YouTube. I hope for those of you who always wanted to know “Why do you have such low views”, this is why. I will go for this. This is my angle. This is my strategy. I trust that when you subscribe to my YouTube channel you will find out all about it. If you prefer to watch on Facebook, my videos are also on Facebook, you can click See First and turn All On notifications.

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If you’d like a video about an idea you have or your own channel, software, product, service, get a sponsored video with me today and I’ll make a video like this for you. These two things, the partner program and sponsored videos help me to be a full-time YouTuber, especially combined with the ad revenue I’m showing you.

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Jerry Banfield

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