YouTube Ads Help Boost Your Soon-To-Be Viral Video

This is the Grand Finale. This video got 100,000 views in just a couple weeks. This combines most of what I’ve shown you so far with a couple of new things. This video is 4 hours and 41 minutes. Contrary to popular belief, viral videos are more likely to be longer. The person that watches the entire video is valuable to YouTube and to you. This is the masterpiece and that took a lot of effort. The kicker for all that was heavy advertising right when the video came out using Google Adwords for Video aka YouTube ads.

hacking course performance

If I jump over to my creative studio, it’s easy to find, it’s the most watched. 94,000 views. Here’s what’s amazing about this is while you see 80,000 YouTube ads, but you also see how rapidly the views are growing for free. YouTube search is the number one traffic source. This video is often sending people to my website because it offers them a preview of this hacking course. The full paid hacking course is 16 hours of video. The YouTube video gives viewers a preview of the course and encourages them to buy it. Out of everyone searching aboutย 1% of them are buying the course. The YouTube ads have given me a higher ranking so they’re coming up in YouTube search. I’ve gotten thousands of free views on it already. Hacking is a popular category on YouTube, and this video is pushing up in the organic traffic.

If you want to get a YouTube video viral for free, you need a massive existing audience. I have 10,000 subscribers. That means I can put a video out and get some traffic on it for free. If you don’t have thousands of subscribers, YouTube ads is a way to getting traffic. YouTube ads has been the key to getting all my videos viral. If you try to make a video without existing traffic, you will be lucky to get a few thousand. The videos from people running YouTube ads get that first few thousand views and then get viral views for free.

That’s where the viral views are because when you pour 85k views into your video, Google’s algorithm says it’s a good video. Regardless of the truth, the video will rank high. Once it ranks high then the truth will be discovered. If it’s not a good video, it will get a drop in the rankings after it gets a boost from ads. If it’s a good video, it will soar to the top and do amazing things.

That’s exactly what I’ve done to get over 100k views on this video in just a couple of weeks. It’s one of the biggest successes I’ve had and it’s carrying my channel.