YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Are you ready to see how to get $0.02 views on Youtube videos with Google ads which I think is one of the very best ways to advertise online to make a high impact. I believe in it so much that I’m doing it myself and I’m going to show you exactly how to do what I’m doing here.

I trust if you want to see my amazing videos, you’ll join us. You’ll hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications and follow what I’m practicing here. This is how I’ve built my channel having to 17+ million views and 285K+ subscribers today. Google Ads help you boost the ranking on a video which in turn tends to get the most valuable views from there.

Thus, Google Ads are one of the few forms of advertising that gets you even more in return than whatever you initially put into it. In fact, I’ve run ad campaigns for $1000 on Google ads for videos that have ranked YouTube videos high, that have sold at tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, based on the organic search placement.

This is the number one strategy I see right now for online advertising which is why I’m doing it myself.

Let’s take a look at exactly how you can do it in the Google ads interface here with me Jerry Banfield. I start fresh and make ad campaigns for 2 of my new videos as you can see. I have a long history of Google ads. I have 5 million impressions and I’ve got $0.02 views on my channel. I’ve spent $170,115.82 in Google ads and an average of $0.02 per view and that has helped me a lot to build my channel.

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The main thing that helps with the ranking is a ton of watch time. The number of time people spend watching the ads, that’s what really helps the video rank higher. Therefore, you want the watch time. Watch time is huge on YouTube plus subscribers. If you put watch time, subscribers and then you like the video and comment on it, this does amazing things to rank a video for organic YouTube traffic.

I’ll hit ‘New Campaign’ and show you how to make a campaign. I have no ads running because I’m constantly cycling my videos. I put ads that are enough to get a video ranked and once I’ve got it tested on the ranking, there’s often not a great return most of the time by dumping more ad revenue into it. All I do is push ads to rank videos unless I’m going on a really competitive term, then I’ve dumped thousands into ranking high.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

For example, I got a video ranked on ‘Hacking’. One word search term and that led to a lot of views and a lot of sales. I put probably $10,000+ into ranking that one. Thus, you don’t need to put a bunch of money into this for it to be really effective and I constantly cycle videos. So, Click on create a campaign and then click ‘Video’. It’s very important to pick the right one.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

You want to pick the exact right kind of ad in here and in-stream is the ideal thing. You want an in-stream campaign. You want the videos to pop up before another video because this is where you get the most minutes watched. It actually takes someone clicking on ‘Skip ad’ and when you’ve got amazing videos like me, a lot of people just won’t click skip ads and will get sucked into me talking for some reason.

So, I hit continue to create the campaign with its default settings.

Now, what we want to do is we have the entire campaign creation from start to finish and I have a system for doing everything from naming campaigns to making the ad, ad groups, and audience. We’re going to walk through all that.

Now before I get farther, if you want hands-on help with this one-on-one video calls, join my Partner Program. You get one-on-one calls and I can walk you through doing something like this if at any point you think, “Oh my God! This is crazy. How does he do all this stuff?” I just have done this a lot so it is how it is.

Now, what we want to do first is we want to think about the first video we want to put in here. I’ve picked out my brand new video which is promoting my sponsored video option where you can have a video on my channel and I’m doing an entire video dedicated to promoting that. So, what I want to do is do an ad for this.

First, this is a good video to run an ad for in my opinion because it gives me the chance to both have minutes watched on the video itself and rank it and also to get the full sales pitch in for the sponsored video. I could make hundreds of dollars just having one person out of maybe a thousand who watch this video and like it.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Therefore, I’ve grabbed the URL first. I’m actually going to do this backward. I’m going to put the video in down here and work my way back up. Thus, I’ve got my video and then I want to click on ‘in-stream ad’.

This clarifies what an ‘in-stream ad’ does. In-stream ads play before, during, and after another video on YouTube.

Then I go down to the final URL and I put the URL I want someone to go to once they’ve clicked on visit the URL. Now, often I will put the actual video on YouTube if it’s a really long video. But because I’ve picked a specific service, I’m going to put the URL to the service itself.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

So, if someone clicks on it then that will take them to the service. So we’ll put it in the final URL and display URL shows someone where they’re going at once they click on it.

I could put a call to action and you can preview how they look on different formats. You only get 10 characters. So, ‘Sponsor Video’ is too long right here.

I want to say something like ‘Get Started’. It’s one character long.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

I could say ‘Learn More’. That’s exactly the right amount. It actually has tabbed out. Thus, with the call to action, you want to just get it so it looks good on mobile. For another YouTube video, I’d put ‘Keep Watching’ or something like that or ‘Watch More’ on the call to action. For this one, I can put ‘Start Now’ and that looks decent.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

On the ‘Headline’, I can say ‘Sponsor Your Video’. Nope, too long. I’m writing these in real-time so that you can see how this works.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

We’ll just put Jerry Banfield in here. So it says, Jerry Banfield and as the URL. I’d like to shorten the display URL because there’s no point in having it say ‘Courses’.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

That’s perfect. The ad is finished. I really like how fast it is to make an ad when you use the ‘in-stream ads’ compared to making say a ‘Google display ad’. Now for the ad name, we’re going to copy the ad name from the Youtube video, paste the ad name and the ad itself is done. That’s all set up.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Now, the next thing we need to do is put a maximum cost per view or CPV bid in for global. I can usually get global views for $0.01 and then I can put the bid up around $0.03 or $0.04 and for this one, I’ll do a remarketing campaign. Since I’ve got conversion tracking, I can track exactly where people are watching this. So on this one, we will do a USA campaign put maybe $0.11 in and see what it is.

Now that I got the video ad done, I’m going back to the top and set the campaign up. So for the campaign, I’ll go back to the video title for the campaign name. We will put your video here and this will allow us to know what actual video this is. Then going forward from there, we have 2 different things.

  • The basic audience to target
  • The location
YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Now what I tend to change on these will be whether it’s remarketing or new. So, this will be a campaign name ‘Your video here’. This is the action we’ll name in the video, the country and after it, I put the basic audience type.

I’ll put $10 a day. I don’t want a start date and an end date. I want a daily budget. So, I switch over to the daily budget from ‘Campaign Total’. I put in $10 a day. I leave the ‘Delivery method’ on the standard. We go maximum CPV for the bidding strategy. You can take off things on the display network and it will help you reach audiences outside of YouTube it says. I will just leave it to let all of this in there. I may test this some more in a future video but right now as long as that watch time is counting on the other places then that will be fine.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

What I’ll do here is, I hit English as a language. I’ve got the United States. I want to do an advanced search. I want to do the United States and similar countries. So, we’re going to do the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. These are all demographically very similar and I’ll hit save.

So, I went in and put 4 countries that are very demographically similar. Once I get actual sales if I get any sales out of the video then I can go break down which specific countries are best but for now, I’ll try these out in all 4 of these different countries that are demographically similar. Now we’ve finished the campaign and the YouTube ad. Now, the thing to do is to do the ‘ad group’.

The ad group allows us to do targeting based on our video. The ad groups where we pick our audience out. What I’ll do is, I’ll put the ad group name as ‘Your Video Here Remarketing’. The key thing that I use, I like to use my remarketing audiences. Thus, I will just go to people who’ve already watched my YouTube views.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

So, I will go over to browse, go down to remarketing and similar audiences. I will pick ‘YouTube users’. Then I will pick ‘View Jerry Banfield YouTube channel’.

This will show an ad to everyone potentially who have already viewed my channel. The nice thing about this is, I know I’m not making a first impression with somebody unless they’re kids on the iPad or something like that. The idea with this is, I am NOT making a first impression with people most of the time because someone’s already seen my channel. The odds of getting more watch time are much higher. The odds of getting a conversion are much higher.

However, it is nice to test out specific audiences but if possible, I try and use remarketing. Otherwise, the thing to do is, just test different audiences and test broad first and try and zoom in if you can figure out exactly what’s going on. The nice thing with doing it this way is since I’m doing remarketing, I don’t have to be too picky on most other things.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

There’s one last setting I want to put. I think it’s very important to put them. It is to put ‘Cap’ and ‘Impression Frequency’. What I do is, I put 1 impression per month. I do not want to hit people more than once with one of my ads. If you’ve watched the beginning of my ad, either watch 10 minutes of it or skip it, I don’t want to try again with you. I want to try once with as many people as possible and this allows me to not waste my ad budget on ineffective areas.

Since it’s already a remarketing audience, I know it’s already the people who have seen my videos before. Then I really don’t want to show the same person the same ad. What I do is, I just cycle ads over and over again. Then that makes repeated impressions on the remarketing audience.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

I like to use the ‘Expanded inventory’. You get a little bit cheaper ads sometimes. I get to help out those creators who are stuck on limited ads and since it’s remarketing, somebody’s already watched my video, there’s no reason not to use expanded inventory. I don’t care what you’re watching. I’ll go ahead and put my video ad in front of it.

Now, I can exclude certain things but I don’t want to exclude anything. There’s no reason to exclude anything. I’ll show my ads on everything and we’ll cap the impressions at once a month. You can test out different devices, however, the costs will be different and the reach will be different. A lot of impressions are available on mobile devices.

Now I’ve got every single thing done. The question is, did I do this right? You also can just create this in parts because then if you lose this, you lose everything. I’ve got this all created and finished. I hit ‘Save and continue’.

I think we did a pretty good job on this I always value your comments and feedback. Also, drop a comment in this tutorial’s video if you’ve got something to say.

Now what I’ll do is show you how to expand on what we’ve started. I’ll hit continue to campaign and it’ll take 24 to 72 hours to get approved. Thus, there’s no reason to camp on your ad and wonder. Just give it a check back in 2 or 3 days, it’ll get approved.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

I’ve now got a new campaign up and what I want to do is copy this same campaign into a global remarketing campaign. This way, I’m coming at it from 2 different angles. The global ads will tend to get a lot of views for a low cost which is great for ranking. Then the USA+ ads will tend to have a better shot at getting me an actual sale and also ranking. The USA+ ads will usually have the longest playtime but it’ll cost more to get that. Thus, I like to balance it out and do both.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Therefore, what we will change on this is the name of the copied campaigns. We will write ‘Your video here world remarketing’. Then all I need to do is go into the ‘Settings’. Now, in this campaign, we’re going to do the opposite of what we did before. We’re going to take the selected countries out, put ‘All countries and territories’ and hit ‘Save’.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Now we’re going to go back to ‘Advanced Search’ and we’re actually going to do the opposite of what we did before. We’re going to just exclude the same 4 countries. That way there’s no double-dipping on the ads. My global bid doesn’t get artificially inflated by the US. I’m able to just exclude these 4 countries and hit ‘Save’.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Now I’ve got the opposite location-wise of the last one. I’ve got everything except the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and this allows me to separately view what I’m getting. I can see how long the video was played by each campaign. I can see the earned views by each campaign and I can even track the amount of sale I’ve got by each campaign. This allows me to focus my ad budget down on exactly what I want.

For example, if there’s no sale on either campaign, I might just turn the US one down or off just to get the video ranked. If there are sales on one or the other I may turn the other one that doesn’t have sales off just to get the most numbers of sales and forget about anything else.

Now that I’ve got these 2 created, I can do a faster process to put another video. Everything else on these campaigns almost will say the same. So what I’ll do is just paste these two campaigns into 2 new campaigns and these will be for the new Start Teaching Online video I did recently. If you’re interested in learning how to teach online, you will love this video. This is a really good video in terms of showing everything you need to get started teaching online. The feedback is good. Thus, we want to get these in here.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

So, the first step is to rename this. We will write ‘Start teaching June 2019 World RM’ & ‘Start teaching June 2019 USA’. That way we know exactly what video it is. We just go rename each of these campaigns.

Now what we do, we go into each of these campaigns. We also rename the ‘ad group’. Make sure to rename the ‘ad group’ on both of these. Since I’ve already got a copy-pasted, I’ll do both of these ad groups now.

I have a maximum of $0.11. I want to adjust the maximum bids on the global ones also. I don’t want to pay as much on the global ones at a maximum of $0.08. If you pay say $0.07 on one view and you pay $0.01 on another, it’ll raise the overall cost significantly. On the global, I’ll put $0.08 maximum and change the bids on both of them. I try and go for quantity on global and keep out some of those really expensive countries.

Now that we’ve got both of these renamed, all we need to do is ‘Edit ad’ and this will actually remove the ad we made and it will put in the new. I’ll put the new video URL. We’ve got everything the same except the ‘Ad name’ & ‘Final URL’. So, I’ll put my video’s title as ‘Ad name’ in it and change the ‘Final URL’ on this because this is a really long YouTube video. It’d probably be ideal to put the YouTube video into this one because then for people who want to watch the full video but still watching their other video, we’ll put that URL for them to watch our video in a different tab.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

I can switch the ‘Call to action’ if I want to. I can put ‘View Video’. Now, it’ll take people to the other video. So, if someone wants to keep watching the video they were on but then clicks on this to go to a different video then it helps people from the ad itself get the video up on another page. Thus, I’ve got it directly to the YouTube URL that way. If anyone clicks on it then they’ll be taken over to the YouTube watch page itself. This is how I like to do a lot of my ads because this helps people to then keep watching the same video they originally saw in an ad. I’ll hit ‘Save and Continue’ on this ad and we are just about done.

Now, all we need to do once this ad is saved is, go copy this ad over and paste it into the other campaign. We’ve now got 4 campaigns and 2 different videos with all 2 remarketing and all 2 global. This doesn’t even take that long and yet when you do this over and over again, it really helps to get a good solid to reach for your YouTube videos. Ultimately you need those minutes watched on your videos if you want anyone to watch them for free.

If you’d like to do a sponsored video, if you want me to show your website, if you want me to talk about what you’re doing instead of just spending on Google Ads for it, if you want me to make a video like this tutorial’s video that you can advertise or I will even advertise it for you if you pay the ad budget separately, just go to and you can get your video like that.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Now that we’ve got that one copied into the remarketing campaign for ‘World’. Now we will remove the ad. Make sure you remove the ad first or otherwise you will get disapproval on your ad doing this strategy. Next, we will paste the ad we just copied from the other ad group and we’ll paste this in now.

In just a little time we’ve been here together, I’ve created 4 campaigns i.e. 2 global and 2 focused on the USA and similar countries and promoting 2 different videos.

Now, the next thing is, how do I judge my reporting? How do I judge whether I’m getting a good ROI on this one?

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

What I do is, I use the reports columns. Now, for you to see all of the reporting columns active, you need to have the YouTube channel and the AdWords account connected which I believe you can do going up into tools. I did it a while ago here’s one of the key metrics I use is, how many minutes of the video was watched and I compare the global time to the US time to decide where to put the ad budget.

By clicking on ‘Columns’, I can change over to ‘Conversion’. So I can see how many actual sales I’ve made in there. I also can go over to ‘Columns’ and click on ‘Audience’. I can see ‘Earned Views, Subscribers, Shares, and Likes’. Those are really good indication collectively that a campaign is working and you can actually set up some of the custom column sets to get exactly what you want in there. Thus, that’s how I judge which campaigns to keep going.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

However, I tend to do if a campaign is not selling or if I have enough sales on something, I’ll often just keep cycling through my ads. And one last point to make, if someone skips an ad, you don’t pay for them. When you see it says 39% view rate, that means I only paid for the 39% of people who did not click on the ‘Skip ad’ right away. If someone clicks on the ‘Skip Ad’ right away, if someone doesn’t at least get through that initial period then it doesn’t count as a view. This is good because lots of people as soon as my face comes up will be like, skip – skip – skip and that’s good because then I don’t have to pay for that. You’re only paying for people who decide to keep watching which is really good because this gets you a good audience on your video.

All right, I think I’ve done a great job by now if I do say so myself of covering this topic and aside from having to edit a part that got butchered because it auto-filled personal information in and I usually don’t edit my videos. My YouTube app partner manager said, “Don’t do long outro”.

So, thank you very much for reading this post. If you found this video amazing, please hit that subscribe button, click the notifications and/or check your subscriber feed to see the videos. I do new videos all about trying to make money online and reach your life’s purpose 3 times a day at 8 a.m, 2 p.m, and 8 p.m Eastern Time USA. I love you. You’re awesome and I also share on Facebook if you’d like to follow there.

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Thank you very much for making it to the end. You are the absolute best. See you in the next post.

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